The Vampire Diaries: The best and the worst, here is the classification of the characters of the cult series

There are characters that immediately capsize our hearts and then there are the others… Here is the ranking of the worst to the best character of The Vampire Diaries!

The Vampire Diaries is a rather recent series but that does not prevent it from having marked a whole generation! The show started in 2009 and ended in March 2017. Throughout the series, we met many characters that we are not ready to forget. If some were very endearing, others were simply unbearable. The editorial of melty has concocted a classification of the characters of The Vampire Diariesfrom worst to best!

12. Matt Donovan

But why was Matt Donovan still there? Why did he appear in the series? The character was absolutely useless. except for being Elena’s ex-fisherman. It has always remained the same, without evolution, that is to say flat and without interest…

11. Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert has always been Elena’s selfish and melancholy little brother… If he was at the origin of several interesting storylines, he was not really because his character was not developed enough. When he left, it was neither hot nor cold!

10. Tyler Lockwood

Tyler got some pretty cool storylines, but the often stereotypical character didn’t have the best progression. As an important member of the Team, he ended up just being part of the scenery and completely bored us.

9. Alaric Saltzman

We have always loved Alaric, his character was particularly intriguing when he arrived in Mystic Falls. Not to mention, we loved her as Damon’s BFF! In recent seasons, however, his storylines have gone in circles. and were much less captivating. Matt Davis will now play in Legacies, the spin-off of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, he will then perhaps find his little mysterious side.

8. Elena Gilbert

Yes, Elena is the star of the show but we must admit that very often, she was hitting us on the system! She was the damsel in distress who always needed saving and because of whom everyone had to sacrifice themselves… Without forgetting that she played Miss Perfect and didn’t hesitate to lecture everyone else. Luckily, she’s gotten a lot cooler and badass in the later seasons.

7. Stefan Salvatore

It’s not that we don’t like Stefan but there are so many interesting characters in The Vampire Diaries, that we have to make choices! He often introduced himself as Mister Perfect and was also a little preachy around the edges… While he was often heroic, it shouldn’t be forgotten that he was sometimes one of the worst villains as the Ripper.

6. Caroline Forbes

Caroline, it was the small plague of the high school which started to gain confidence in it while becoming a vampire. She evolved in the best way. She was generous, surprising and able to defend itself. A real heroine!

5. Enzo St. John

What’s not to love about Enzo? Like Bonnie, we fell under the spell of the vampire over the episodes. He obviously had a dark side but deep down he was a faithful friend, always ready to help. We would have liked to see him get his happy ending with Bonny!

4. Bonnie Bennett

The witch is unquestionably our little darling! Bonnie was strong, dedicated and above all very brave. She was always there for her friends, ready to sacrifice herself. She deserved so much better than what the show gave her! Bonnie was one of the biggest stars of the series, this witch will be remembered for a long time by like the others.

3. Klaus Mikaelson

If he then became the anti-hero of The OriginalsKlaus was very important in The Vampire Diaries. He was one of the best villains (along with Kai) but we couldn’t help but love him. Sarcastic, bad boy, melancholy, romantic, funny, tortured, the complexity of his character makes him quite simply fascinating and endearing!

2. Katherine Pierce

Manipulative, resourceful, sneaky, ready to do anything to survive, we loved Katherine. We loved her and we loved to hate her too. She was everything Elena wasn’t, we were fans of her badass side. She put pepper in The Vampire Diaries and was one of the best villains on the show.

1. Damon Salvatore

Oh Damon! Let’s be clear, he was the most interesting character of all because it was complex, had many facets and above all, it had a real evolution. If we could despise him at times, we always ended up forgiving him. Like Elena, we would have chosen Damon!

The Vampire Diaries: The best and the worst, here is the classification of the characters of the cult series