The Vampire Diaries: Why Fan

With a wide cast of creatures, vampires, witches and doppelgängers, fans of The Vampire Diaries have chosen their favorite character who, to the surprise of some, turned out to be one of the bloodiest villains on the show and they have chosen him for this curious reason.

Based on the book series by L. J. Smith of the same name, The Vampire Diaries follow the young Elena Gilbert (interpreted by Nina Dobrev) while trying to choose between two vampire brothers: Stephan (Paul Wesley) Y Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). The program created by julia plect It was a great success worldwide, managing to obtain eight seasons and reaching its end in 2017. However, after all that time, the fans have chosen their favorite character and who, curiously enough, is a villain.

The Vampire Diaries: Who Was Actually Your Favorite Character On The Show?

It is true that Caroline Forbes (Candice King) demonstrates one of the best character development arcs in The Vampire Diaries. Later becoming a vampire, and the town of Mystic Falls would be nowhere without Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham), who saves the day every time without fail.

But with a wide range of characters to choose from, many fans of the drama have always picked Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore as one of their favorites. However, the reality is that there is another one that is very popular, so much so that it managed to be part of the spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, TheOriginalswe refer to Klaus Michaelson (interpreted by Joseph Morgan).

From the first moment that Klaus Mikaelson appeared, viewers were surprised by the great personality and performance of actor Joseph Morgan.. The star character was a werewolf-vampire hybrid, who is desperate to achieve his goals by any means necessary. But, ever since he arrives in Mystic Falls, Klaus sets his sights on Elena and things get complicated.

Klaus was looking for Elena’s doppelgänger blood, as it was the only one that could break his curse and allow him access to his werewolf genes. Even though this meant murdering her in a bloody ritual. But, Joseph Morgan’s excellent performance and ability to access Klaus’s emotions made him a fan favorite.

“This man acted in every one of his scenes on the show as if he were performing for Shakespeare himself,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

The Vampire Diaries: Fan Favorite Character Is Klaus Mikaelson

“This man could slaughter an entire town and in my opinion he had his reasons for doing so,” another fan noted.

Despite all the atrocities Klaus committed in The Vampire Diariesthe character goes to New Orleans to reclaim his family’s home in the spin-off TheOriginals. Where Klaus goes from being an unrepentant monster to a loving father. Although he still has flaws, his daughter makes him reexamine his selfishness, demonstrating a great development in his story.

One of the most significant aspects of Klaus’s character is his relationship with Caroline, which is why fans of the Klaus universe The Vampire Diaries, they never stopped supporting him ever since. Although other fans differ, a vote by the Reddit social network, indicated that Klaus Mikaelson was everyone’s favorite over Elena and Damon.

The Vampire Diaries: Why Fan-Favorite Character Is A Villain