The Vampires Diaries, a slightly dated TV series that does not leave a bad taste in the mouth

The story of hate and love of the Salvatore brothers, between misunderstandings and complicity in The Vampires Diaries.

The Vampires Diaries is a TV series consisting of 8 seasons, for a total of 171 episodes, aired between 2009 and 2017 based on the series of fantasy novels of the same name published by the American writer Lisa J. Smith and subsequently continued by other authors.

The story revolves around the protagonist, the high school student by name Elena Gilbert, who lives in Mystic Falls, a fictional town in Virginia and her two brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore, vampires since 1864. Elena and Stefan meet at school, where he notices Elena’s striking resemblance to an old acquaintance of his, Katherine Pierce.

When he invites her home, her brother Damon also immediately notices the girl’s undeniable resemblance to that woman. The one who long ago, more precisely in 1864, turned them into vampires because of her. The Salvatores were nineteenth-century boys who one day had the fatal encounter with this woman, already a vampire at the time even if no one was aware of her.

Vampires have always been considered dangerous creatures, to kill immediately. So whoever was, did everything in his power to keep it hidden. Also, she Katherine had to blend in with humans because she was being chased by another vampire due to a wrong she had done to him centuries ago.

For this reason his true nature was well hidden from others, excluding some exceptions, such as the Salvatore brothers. They both fell madly in love with it and she took advantage of it without hesitation. Stefan was the first to transform into a vampire and later forced his brother Damon to transform as well, so as not to have to endure his death (while he had become immortal) and remain alone forever.

But when Damon becomes a vampire too, between the two opens an almost unbridgeable crack: Damon will blame his brother for a long time for having condemned him to a cursed life, full of suffering, pain and death. Not that for Stefan it was a life of roses, in fact he too had dark moments, so much so that he earned the nickname “Ripper”: his mark were corpses, dismembered and bled, reassembled together as if they were rag dolls.

But one does not know the vicissitudes faced by the other because once transformed, they took different paths for many decades; to avoid feeling too much pain (because being vampires all emotions, both negative and positive, are amplified) they have adopted a technique that consists in turning off feelings and not feeling anything. Damon, on the other hand, managed, in one way or another, to control himself better than his brother was doing.

The Vampires Diaries

After years apart and apart, in different cities, the Salvatores find themselves in their old family home in Mystic Falls. They then decide to try to re-establish a fraternal relationship but the arrival of Elena upsets the plans because it brings to mind old wounds and misunderstandings.

As then, they both fall in love with the exact copy of the vampire who condemned them centuries ago. But the love between Stefan and Elena is too strong, even if with the passage of time, however, the two boyfriends will move away until the complete breakup.

But although Elena and Stefan have separated, the universe always attracts them to each other, because they are destined to be together for eternity. And like them, so are all their previous doppelgangers. Despite the rivalries in love and thanks to the numerous adventures, all on the verge of death, the two brothers manage to get closer and closer, healing those old wounds and misunderstandings that have dragged along for more than 200 years.

The TV series boasts numerous writers and directors, including Caroline Dries, Julie Plec and Brian Young, and directors Chris Grismer, Joshua Butler, Michael A. Allowitz and Marcos Siega. Small curiosityJulie Plec, in addition to being the screenwriter who managed to convince the dubious producer Kevin Williamson to develop the series, also directed 3 episodes, among which we trace the ending of the TV series.

The Vampires Diaries

Just as we have a generous script and direction, the cast is no exception. In fact, many actors took part in the making of this work. The love triangle around which the whole story revolves is formed by Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore, played respectively by the Canadian-born Bulgarian actress Nina Dobrev and the two US actors Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder.

Behind this triangle, a fourth element hovers, a woman, named Katherine Pierce, very important for the fate of the three protagonists, as well as Elena’s doppelganger, always played by Nina Dobrev. Elena has a younger brother named Jeremy Gilbertpersonified by Steven R. McQueenwhile her two best friends are the witch Bonnie Bennett (a fact of which everyone is in the dark, including Bonnie, for some time) and her peer Caroline Forbes, played by actresses Katerina Graham and Candice Accola respectively.

In the cast there is only one actor who remains unchanged until the end, or Matt Donovan, the ex-boyfriend of Elena, embodied by Zach Roerig. I emphasize the rarity of the case because he is the only character who does not change his human nature for the duration of the story. To conclude, among the protagonists of the series, we finally have the werewolf Tyler Lockwoodplayed by the actor Michael Trevino.

Personally, I really appreciate dynamic stories, where there are broken relationships that eventually rebuild themselves, or vice versa. In this case we started from two brothers who wanted their mutual death to two brothers who are willing to kill anyone who threatens them.

Also, of The Vampires Diaries I liked the fact that although a woman has immediately upset, even if involuntarily, the delicate precarious balance that exists between the two brothers, finally resist the brotherly love that binds them. Another thing that struck me a lot is that the two actors who play Salvatore, Paul and Ian, have become great friends even off the set. Indeed, they consider themselves brothers and they have also created their own line of bourbon (the whiskey drunk and preferred by the Salvatore brothers) called “Brother’s Bond”.

If you visit their site, there is a sentence that says: ” Our friendship’s true bond strengthened while drinking bourbon, both on and off-screen for over a decade. Brother’s Bond is a nod to our on-screen characters, our shared love for great bourbon, and a reflection of the brotherhood we have formed over the years. “

Or: “The true bond of our friendship was strengthened by drinking bourbon, both on and off the set for over a decade. Brother’s Bond is a reference to our characters, our shared love for a good bourbon, and a reflection of our brotherhood that we have built over the years ”.

The Vampires Diaries

This sentence sums up their relationship both outside and inside acting. They became good friends during the shoot, chilling out with some great bourbon and eventually made their own collection. to establish their bond with the characters of the TV series and their brotherhood went beyond the “ciak”.

Rarely do we see actors become great friends on the set and continue to be so for a long time even years after the end of the film or series shot together and it is something that makes me so happy.

To conclude, if you are passionate about fantasy, horror, romance and supernatural, The Vampires Diaries is the TV series made for you. Many characters, many stories that intertwine with each other for an exciting adventure with a bittersweet flavor. And I assure you that if you look at it, your canines will become more pointed! Seeing is believing.

The Vampires Diaries, a slightly dated TV series that does not leave a bad taste in the mouth