The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries… 10 series reunions that are sure to make you cry

When two (or more) series characters meet after a long time, it’s often an opportunity for the writers to make the fans cry. The proof with these 10 scenes in front of which we challenge you not to cry!

Update: this article: “Outlander, The Vampire Diaries… These series reunions that are sure to make you cry” was released on October 30, 2018.

Sansa and Jon in the series Game Of Thrones


These were particularly awaited by all fans of Game Of Thrones and the scene is all the stronger since Jon and Sansa weren’t that close when they left each other in season 1. Suffice to say that the reunion between the King in the North and Arya should also make us let go of some tears…

Claire and Jamie- Outlander


© Starz

If we suspected that Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire would eventually end up in Outlander, the wait was not difficult to say the least and as much to say that the emotion was at the rendezvous when the heroine finally passed the door of the printing office. Granted, fans may not have swooned like Jamie, but it didn’t go far.

Ragnar and Bjorn in the series vikings

vikings, lagertha, ragnar

© History

When Ragnar refuses to choose between Alsaug and Lagertha, the latter decides to leave Kattegat and Bjorn accompanies her. We have to wait for episode 4 of season 2 to see the two characters return and therefore witness the reunion between Ragnar and his first son. We feel that they are Vikings with a tender heart at bottom.

Clarke and Lexa- The 100

Clarke Lexa the 100

© The CW

At the end of Season 3, Clarke travels to the City of Lights, resulting in a reunion with Lexa. This moment finally offers fans of Clexa more beautiful moments between the two women, though it doesn’t last too long as Lexa sacrifices herself so Clarke can stop ALIE. This reunion will have the advantage of offering an ending scene worthy of the name to the most shipped couple of The 100.

Damon and Elena- The Vampire Diaries

damon elena vampire diaries

© The CW

At the end of season 6, Elena is plunged into a deep sleep, from which she will not wake up until Bonnie dies. – thank you Kai. A subterfuge found by the screenwriters to explain the departure of Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries. Lucky for them – and the fans – the actress returned for the very last episode offering a beautiful reunion scene, especially between Elena and Damon.

Klaus and Hope in the series The Originals

the originals, klaus, hope

© The CW

Klaus Mikaelson has never really been able to spend long moments with his daughter Hope. The latter being a totally unique being, a trybrid that is both witch, werewolf and with vampire blood, she has already had a whole bunch of enemies from the height of her 17 years. In episode 3 of season 4, they have their first meeting since Hope is no longer a baby and the emotion is at its height for Klaus, but also for the fans of The Originals.

Amy Pond and the Doctor – Doctor Who

dr who, amy pond,


This is a very short but particularly intense reunion for all fans of Doctor Who. Before regenerating, the Eleventh Doctor played by Matt Smith has the chance to see his dear Amy Pond one last time. #Chills

Clarke and Bellamy- The 100

the 100, clarke, bellamy

© The CW

The characters of Jason Rothenberg’s series continue to be separated by various events, wars and other nuclear threats. At the end of season 4, Clarke is separated from all the others and we have to wait for the third episode of season 5 before she finds Bellamy, during a very moving scene.

Daryl and Rick in the series The Walking Dead

daryl, rick, the walking dead


The start of season 7 The Walking Dead wasn’t the happiest for Daryl, taken prisoner and tortured by Negan for several episodes. And when he finally manages to escape and reunites with the rest of the band, fans are treated to the most touching hug between Rick and Daryl, and everyone couldn’t hold back their tears.

Eleven and Hopper in Stranger Things


© Netflix

In season 4 of Stranger Things, everyone in Hawkins, including Eleven, believed that Hopper had died from the explosion of the Russian scientists’ machine in the season 3 finale episode. In reality, Soviet soldiers had captured and imprisoned him. in a prison in Russia where prisoners are devoured by Demogorgons. After a somewhat chaotic rescue attempt orchestrated by Joyce and Murray, Hopper ends up returning to Hawkins at the end of season 4 and thus finds Eleven, his adopted daughter. A touching reunion that all fans of the series were eager to see.

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Marion LeCoq

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The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries… 10 series reunions that are sure to make you cry