The weirdest video games of 2022

The weird games they have a “what do I know, what do I know” that we all love. Whether it’s their crazy premise, complex gameplay, or being so absurd it’s hard to believe they’re real, there’s something magical in proposals of this type. Thus, 2022 It was not going to be less and, in the same way as other years, it has been full of some titles that only the developers know under what circumstances they were devised. And surprisingly, all of them have been a success… in the most particular sense of the word.

So, next we will talk about proposals with aliens who smoke humans, simulators that allow you to be Jesus Christ, an emissary from hell who has to prepare a cake for Satan or a golf player who is the victim of a curse. And this, as you will see later, are just some examples of the rarest games released during 2022. Thus, if you thought you knew the craziest proposals of the year, we invite you to take out a pencil and paper to see how many of these you had written down.

The top of the rarest games of 2022

Trombone Champ -PC

We couldn’t start the list with anyone other than Trombone Champ, a title that conquered the players and the specialized press to the rhythm of the trombone. Although he arrived without making much noise, the great moments he gave away on social networks and the fun of his premise made him an instant success. For this reason, among the rarest games of 2022, it is inevitable to talk about a proposal that has not stopped gaining popularity since its premiere. Adapting the popular proverb: in the absence of Guitar Hero, well it’s Trombone Champ.

Autopsy Simulator

Autopsy Simulator -PC

Yes, this proposal is as macabre as its name suggests. In Autopsy Simulator, life gives you surprises, the main mission is perform autopsies to different corpses. However, Woodland Games’ proposal goes a step further and adds a certain dose of delivery through the possible causes of death of the bodies examined. Be that as it may, Autopsy Simulator has earned a place in its own right among the rarest proposals of 2022. After all, it could be seen as a extreme version from Surgeon Simulator either the trauma center saga.

weird games 2022

What is George Washington was a Girl? -PC

We are barely on the third game on the list and we have already reached one of the greatest follies of the year. In this curious title available on Steam, the main premise is almost as crazy as the name. As its description says, here the player assumes the role of georgia washingtona heroine who will have to prevent a wicked version of Mozart get settled successfully his plan to destroy Antarctica. As if that were not enough, other historical figures such as Beethoven or Roosevelt also appear in the title… in their own way.

weird games 2022

I Am Jesus Christ -PC

How could it be otherwise, another simulator it sneaks back into the list of the rarest games of 2022. However, this experience has managed to stand out above others of its genre since, as you may have guessed, puts you in the shoes of Jesus of Nazareth. Therefore, you will be able to live different passages of your life while multiplying loaves and fish, turning water into wine and, for some strange reason, you move planks of wood with the power of your mind.

High On Life 5683509

High on Life – PC, XSeries, XOne

When High on Life, the new proposal from the creators of Rick & Morty, was announced, many showed interest in what justin roiland had in hand. However, when immersing themselves in his proposal, no one imagined that they would have before them one of the most fun games of the year. Thus, his talking guns, the B-movies that can be fully enjoyed or have aliens smoking humans These are reasons enough for, as we have decided, High on Life to have earned its place among the rarest games of 2022.

weird games 2022

The Bible -PC

The Bible is, as its name indicates, The Bible. Of course, in its version for steamwhich is why they had to give it a twist to make it more interactive and, in the end, give him “something” of a video game. For this, those interested in this proposal will find a complete narration of the entire work, the possibility of jump between old and new testament and questions to see if you have paid attention to the content of the title. Without a doubt, an experience that deserves its place among the rarest games of 2022.

weird games 2022


IMMORTALITY is the new proposal of Sam Barlow, a developer known for his particular experiences capable of offering a different vision of the industry. here through an interactive movie trilogyproposes a story that players will have to decipher: What happened to Marissa Marcel? According to the events of the title, Marcel shot three feature films that never saw the light of day. And after this, he disappeared without a trace. Therefore, players will have to solve the mystery of a game as rare as it is unique.

weird games 2022

Peepo Island -PC

Streaming fever has not stopped growing in 2022. For this reason, many content creators are looking for ways to interact with their chat through fun and unique proposals. Thus, under this premise Peepo Island emerged, an experience available on Steam that puts streamers a unique challenge: escape from peepo island. However, the greatest particularity of this adventure is that viewers will have the opportunity to put their content creators in trouble, something they can do by getting in their way to prevent them from escaping the island.

weird games 2022

Cursed to Golf – PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, XSeries, Switch

Although it was born as an demo, it didn’t take long Cursed to Golf to become a reality. In it, players will have the opportunity to discover a rather curious roguelike which presents a different challenge: you will have to be the best at golf. Thus, within a genre with so many proposals, this one was able to arouse the attention of the players thanks to his platform touch. For this reason, it has earned a place among the rarest games of the year.

weird games 2022

Hell Pie – PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, XSeries, Switch

In Hell Pie the mission is simple. On the occasion of Satan’s birthday, the player will take the role of a demon who will have to find the ingredients for your cake. However, everything begins to make a rather bizarre sense when angels that serve as weapons or platforms that punish mistakes begin to add to the equation. Without a doubt, Hell Pie is one of the strangest titles of the year for its ability to combine, incredible as it may seem, a crazy humor with demons, cherubs and birthday cakes.

weird games 2022

sprout -PC

One day, Vampire Survivors saw the light and people fell in love with its premise. And, by chance, all those decisions led us to the existence of brotatoa game in which you adopt the role of a potato (or potato, as we say in the Canary Islands) that shoot automatically. In the same way as in the proposal starring vampires, in this the only mission of the player is to move around the map as he obtains skills and levels up. And, despite its simplicity, many are unable to stop playing a proposal nominated for the Steam Awards 2022.

weird games 2022

Dread Delusion -PC

If you have to define Dread Delusion using examples that we all know, it could be said that this game is a skyrim with touches of Dark Souls and horror titles that also use a graphic section similar to that of the first PlayStation. And, if that’s not weird enough, few experiences are. From mushroom forests to undead mausoleums, anything is possible in a game where you madness and power they go hand in hand.

weird games 2022

Hyper Demon -PC

Hyper Demon is, for our fellow 3DJuegos PCthe FPS more bizarre, frenzied and ugly of the year. And, in view of what it offers, it is a more than accurate description. Although it is not suitable for photosensitive people, since it has a viewing angle of 180 degrees to which numerous brightness and light effects must be added, this experience is an unparalleled proposal that manages to combine fun and madness in equal parts. Therefore, those who immerse themselves in its premise discover one of the most surprising titles of the year.

weird games 2022

CubeLoop -PC

CubeLoop is described in your steam token as an immersive cooperative experience designed for multiplayer. In it, cooperation and ingenuity will be very important to be able to solve the different challenges that arise. Unfortunately, if players fail to overcome this, they will meet with the worst of fates: death awaits them inside the CubeLoop maze. Without a doubt, one of the most bizarre proposals that have come out in 2022.

weird games 2022

Mortuary Assistant -PC

At the end of summer, a horror premise became popular that many classified as One of the best of the year. The Mortuary Assistant, available since August 2, is an experience that takes those who have the courage to play it into a dark proposal instantly scary. Right now, more than 3,000 reviews on Steam they celebrate the virtues of a title that, although there is not much noise, has managed to be placed among the strangest of the year.

weird games 2022

crypt -PC

crypt is so extremely rare that, even in your steam token, invites you not to play it. However, the fact of being disgusting with the player, added to the fact that it is free, has attracted the attention of many users. Thus, although it warns that it is a “psychological torture” and point out that it is intentionally unpleasant, this has failed to scare off users trying to figure out what it is. And, therefore, Crypt is one of the rarest games of 2022.

weird games 2022

pupperazzi – PC, XOne, XSeries

We close the list of the strangest titles of the year with pupperazzia proposal that can be defined in a simple way: it is like pokemon snapbut with dogs. Thus, this title bases its premise on photographing dogs that walk the stages or sleep peacefully. In the midst of all the gore, absurdity and madness, disconnecting by taking photos of dogs never hurts. And, therefore, Pupperazzi has the honor of closing our list of the rarest games of 2022.

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The weirdest video games of 2022