There are six shows in the Season of the Don Bosco Theater in Gualdo Tadino

GUALDO TADINO – Sara The mother of monstersnew production by the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria inspired by the stories of Guy de Maupassant directed and staged by Lorenzo Collalti, to open Friday 2nd December the 22/23 season of Don Bosco Theater in Gualdo Tadinoorganized by the TSU and the city administration.

The mother of monsters, photo Gianluca Pantaleo

Collalti investigates and builds daily life between madness and irony, just like the French writer does. From the director’s notes: “Through a rewriting of the story de Le Horla (a man confesses through a diary that he is possessed by a vampire), almost as if they were slips, in the protagonist’s crescendo of madness, a series of stories unfold that come to life through associations of thoughts”.

Moni Ovadia

Wednesday 11 January goes on stage Oylem Goylem of and with Moni Ovadia. The Yiddish language, music and culture – that elusive mixture of Jewish traditions and dialects of Eastern Europe – are at the heart of this cult show that Moni Ovadia has staged together with his orchestra since 1993. A representation based on rhythm, on self-irony, on the continuous alternation of tones and linguistic registers, from song to music; a great roundup of humor and chatter, withering jokes and learned quotations, jokes and music that brings together liturgical singing with gypsy sounds.

Tonight, © Stefano Sarghini

The season continues Monday 6 February with It will be by Roberta Skerl, with Paolo Triestino, Daniela Scarlatti and Emanuele Barresi, three actors with a long experience in auteur comedy. The show is an extraordinary story of friendship and, above all, of life, which deals with uncomfortable but very topical issues, with irony, poetry and lightness.

The complete works of Shakespeare

Friday 24 February it’s time to The Complete Works of Shakespeare in 90′ by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield, with Lorenzo Degl’Innocenti, Fabrizio Checcacci and Roberto Andrioli, also directors of the staging. The show, fast and witty, is a light and extravagant immersion in the Shakespearean world, an amused and amusing homage to the great playwright.

Wednesday 22nd March goes on stage A crazy evening. Tullio Solenghi reads Paolo Villaggio (in the cover photo). Solenghi reads aloud the text that has established itself as a milestone for Italian comedy, Fantozzi, to tell Paolo Villaggio in his dimension as an author. “Paolo Villaggio – wrote Sergio Maifredi in the motivation of the Grock International Prize in 2011 – is the creator of some of the most successful contemporary masks: from the paradoxical and grotesque Professor Kranz to the very shy Giandomenico Fracchia to get to the servile and submissive accountant Ugo Fantozzi, perhaps the most popular character in the entire history of Italian comedy”.

Raphael, Matthias-Martelli, ph Lorenzo Porrazzini

Friday 21st April the Season ends with the actor, performer and jester Matthias Martelli and its Raphael, the son of the wind, a compelling and poetic story about a great genius of humanity: Raffaello Sanzio. Martelli, accompanied by the live music of Maestro Castellan, takes up the tradition of juggle theater and storytelling and drags the spectator into an exciting journey, entering Raphael’s masterpieces with images and words, discovering the curiosities, the his loves and immersing himself in the climate of the time.

Also this year, despite the difficulties due to the energy costs borne by the Municipalities, we managed to plan and put in place a very important theater season and with big names in Italian entertainment, and I thank all those who worked on it. – The comment of the Councilor for culture Barbara Bucari – We met various needs and the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria responded with a high quality project”.


The Season includes two subscription formulas: the classic one which includes the 6 scheduled shows and another with 7 shows which, with a surcharge of 20 euros, includes the show Samusa by and with Virginia Raffaele at the Teatro Morlacchi in Perugia, Wednesday 25 January.

Season tickets and tickets

PRE-EMPTION for season ticket holders for the 2021/2022 season from 19 to 25 November.

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There are six shows in the Season of the Don Bosco Theater in Gualdo Tadino – Vivo Umbria