These are the best anime of all 2022

Find out which are the best anime released during 2022.

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This 2022 has been one of the best years for anime and manga. Partly thanks to the last autumn season, which has been loaded with great works, of which we have also made a ranking of the best anime here. However, it is also necessary to highlight the success at the national level, since in the 28th Manga Barcelona more than 100 new licenses for new works that will arrive in our country soon were announced, as we told you in this article.

We have wanted to say goodbye to this great year by reviewing all the projects released during 2022. Specifically, we have highlighted the best anime of 2022, and we have included both first seasons and sequels. Next, we will tell you what we have found to be the best anime of 2022.

The best first seasons / original anime of 2022

My Dress Up Darling

We begin with the romantic comedy of the year, animated by CloverWorks, a studio that this year has redeemed itself after releasing controversial works such as ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ or ‘The Promised Neverland’. During this first season, we see the first encounters between doll dress maker Gojo Wakana and failed cosplayer Marin Kitagawa. Although it may seem like the same old story, the relationship of both characters is so special that, after watching its 12 episodes, this anime will surely have melted your heart.

The Heike Story

Now let’s move on to a historical anime, based on a 13th-century Japanese epic poem, and that the alliance between the unique Science Saru studio and the emotional Naoko Yamada has made it one of the best anime of 2022. The protagonist, Biwa, is a an orphan girl who is adopted by an important man from the Heike clan. She, through her particular heterochronous eyes and capable of seeing the future of people, will tell us from within the life of the privileged centuries ago and the political and military problems that the Taira clan had to face.

Spy x Family

Despite the fact that his manga was already very popular, this anime, the result of the collaboration between CloverWorks and Wit Studio, has positioned it as one of the best known in the world. With a spy father, a hitman mother and a telepathic daughter, this peculiar family must hide their secrets and help prevent, consciously or unconsciously, the imminent war between two neighboring countries. Whether it’s thanks to Anya’s hilarious expressions, the constant hyperbole, or the heartwarming moments where the three leads look like a real family, Spy x Family is one of the best anime this year, and when compared to the manga in the one that is based, is infinitely better.

Spy X Family

Summertime Render

This intriguing series, which fully adapts the manga of the same name, is masterfully produced by the OLM studio. The plot begins when Shinpei returns to the island where he grew up to attend the funeral of a great friend who is practically like a sister to him. However, after learning some details of the death, suspicions arise that a murder may have occurred. This thriller that also incorporates supernatural elements is probably the most underrated series on this list, which is a real shame given the impressive quality of the series.

Lycoris Recoil

We come to the first original anime on the list, animated by the renowned studio A-1 Pictures. The series revolves around an organization that, recruiting orphaned or abandoned girls since they were babies, has created the “Lycoris” program. They are in charge of preventing terrorist attacks, which means seeing young women armed to the teeth and shooting dozens of thugs and traffickers at close range. Although at first it is quite shocking, after a short time it becomes something hilarious. However, the tender relationship between its two protagonists and the background of the organization is what makes ‘Lycoris Recoil’ present on this list.

call of the night

We return to the adaptations, in this case of the homonymous manga, and to which LIDENFILMS is in charge of giving life. This beautiful anime is a romantic comedy, starring the insomniac Kou Yamori and the vampire Nazuna Nanakusa. After meeting one night, he decides to fall in love with her so that he can also become a vampire after she bites him. The most notable in this series are the technical aspects, since the lighting, the backgrounds, the animation, etc. they are all outstanding. But above all that is the direction, which is simply masterful.

The Tatami Time Machine Blues

With only 6 episodes, the shortest anime on this list is a sequel to ‘The Tatami Galaxy’, which was directed by Masaaki Yuasa and whose studio Science Saru animates this series. The plot, as can be easily deduced from its title, of time travel. It all begins when the protagonist’s friend submerges, thus breaking, the only remote with which they can control the air conditioning, all this during a hot summer day. His particular and great style brings a great personality to the work that, added to its history, makes it a unique series among all the best anime of 2022.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

As a prequel to the infamous ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, this series animated by Trigger arrived a few months ago to redeem the saga, and also make many give the video game a first or second chance. The young David Martínez, after a fateful accident in which his whole life collapses, decides to install a dangerous implant. When he joins a group of Cyperpunks, his life takes a 180º turn and the young man will begin to live for real. Above all else is his chaotic style and animation, which come in handy in this fast-paced story. Likewise, we must highlight his varied soundtrack and that wonderful opening, performed by the British band Franz Ferdinand, something that is rarely seen in anime.

Bocchi the Rock!

This series is the only one focused on music among the best anime of 2022, whose adaptation is carried out by CloverWorks. In it, Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou wants to be part of a band and become successful. Unfortunately, his extreme social anxiety prevents him from achieving it, however, after meeting a cheerful battery, his dream begins to materialize. Because its protagonist is extremely introverted, and the series represents this aspect perfectly, a large part of its viewers have fallen in love with anime when they see themselves reflected in it. In addition, all the technical aspects and the script are 10, making the series one of the best anime of 2022.

Chainsaw Man

We finish off the list of the best anime whose first season has been released in 2022 with the groundbreaking series adapted by MAPPA. After merging with Pochita, his pet, and becoming half-human, half-demon (chainsaw), Denji begins to work in the demon hunting corps, where he must learn to socialize while fighting madly with numerous demons and a few other antagonists, behind which there is the Gun Demon.

chainsaw man demon sword

The best anime sequels of 2022

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2

We open the section of the best anime sequels with the most recent batch of Shingeki no Kyojin episodes, now with a criticized adaptation by MAPPA. If you still don’t know what this well-known series is about, which is the most popular on MyAnimeList, it’s already taking you a long time to start it and get captivated by its great plot. As for this part, it improves significantly in terms of technical aspects compared to the previous one, although there is still a lot of work to be done to do justice to this great series. Most notable is the direction, which together with the music are the main features that save the seemingly endless anime.

Vanitas no Karte Part 2

We go from a land with titans to sophisticated 19th century France, in an anime full of vampires and animated by Bones. After a few adventures in Paris, Vanitas and Noé travel to Gévaudan in this second part, where they must put an end to a fearsome beast that was believed to be dead for decades. Here, despite having introduced numerous differences with the first part, the dynamic that we fell in love with from the beginning and that is basically the soul of the entire work is maintained. Even so, we must clarify that it does not seem better or worse than the previous batch of episodes, but simply different.

Vanitas no karte anime

Shadow House Season 2

Again, we have a CloverWorks adaptation, in this case a story with supernatural elements and even horror at some points. Although the initial concern, which was the test known as the debut, has now been dissolved, now a fearsome being has appeared in the mansion and, given the havoc she is causing, Kate decides to investigate for herself. Unlike what happened with ‘Vanitas no Karte’, here the change with respect to the previous season is not so present, although it is obviously present.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 6

The well-known Bones studio with this season 6 of the well-known series has had, and taken advantage of, its opportunity to redeem itself after the criticized 5th. From episode 1, the story comes together, with all the pieces to start the ‘Paranormal Liberation Front Arc’ in place. After giving us one, for the most part, a great adaptation of the best arc of the series, now there are another 12 episodes left where we will see the consequences of the merciless war that has just taken place. As Bones has accustomed us to in practically all his productions, the technical aspects are spectacular and do not disappoint at practically any time.

Boku no Hero: Schedule and where to see episode 6 of season 6.

Mob Psycho 100 III

We mention Bones again that, despite having aired two of his biggest anime in the same season, it was confirmed that this season has been complete for months. As you well know, this has been not only the third season of the anime but also the final one. Although it has hurt all of us enormously to fire Mob, Bones has left us more than satisfied with, above all, an exaggeratedly good animation. Although, if it weren’t for the fact that the rest of the aspects are equally up to scratch, this season obviously wouldn’t be among the best anime of 2022.


To Your Eternity Season 2

We go from an emotional ending to an equal or more dramatic work that, taking into account that Drive makes an adaptation of Yoshitoki Ooima’s manga (‘A Silent Voice’), does not surprise us at all. After witnessing a string of deaths of the most varied nature, our protagonist travels to an island to, apparently, give himself and, above all, us, a rest from so many misfortunes and prevent all our salary from going to buy handkerchiefs. The main change this season has not been, far from it, that the studio is different, but only the natural evolution of Inmo as he is constantly learning how the world works.

And you, dear reader, which of our best anime of 2022 takes the gold for you? Do you miss any series? Tell us through social mediawhere we remind you that you can follow us and find out the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.

These are the best anime of all 2022