These are the series that will arrive in January 2023 on Movistar Plus+, ATRESplayer Premium, Apple TV+ and the rest of the platforms

Are you already a millionaire? If the jackpot has touched you this week, perhaps you will park the issue of the series for a season. But, if this is not your case, and you are among the common mortals who have not eaten a tail in the lottery, surely it comes to you to know what will be the premieres that you can get hooked on starting this week. Among the novelties is ‘Christ and King’, the ATRESplayer Premium series which will tell, fictionalized, the story of the marriage formed in the 80’s by the well-known lion tamer Ángel Cristo and the spectacular actress Bárbara Rey. If you want to know more, keep reading.

ATRESplayer Premium

‘Christ and King’ T1 – Sunday, January 15, 2023

Jaime Lorente and Belén Cuesta are the actors who play the protagonists and, around them, we will see a large number of well-known characters with whom the couple was related. Popular, rich and famous lived a fleeting courtship and after a few weeks they got married, however, behind the glare of the spotlights, success and money hid a toxic relationship marked by addictions, infidelities and mistreatment.

'Cristo y Rey' will arrive at ATRESplayer PREMIUM in January 2023.


‘Dear Edward’ S1 – Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Produced by Emmy-winning Jason Katims and starring Emmy-nominated Connie Britton, it is an adaptation of Ann Napolitano’s acclaimed novel Dear Edward. It’s a heartbreaking story that celebrates life and talks about survival, resilience and connection, while asking what it is that makes us human.

'Dear Edward'

It tells the story of a 12-year-old boy named Edward Adler, played by Colin O’Brien, who becomes the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash. In the tragic accident he loses his entire family. Now, like other affected people, he must try to make sense of it and unexpected friendships and even romances will be formed.

‘Truth to be told’ T1 – T3 – Friday, January 27

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer returns as Poppy Scoville, the investigative reporter turned crime podcast host who must tackle a new case. Frustrated by the lack of mainstream media attention to the disappearance of several young black women, she teams up with an unorthodox college teacher to search for clues that seem to lead them in the direction of a sexual exploitation ring.

Movistar Plus+

‘Happy Valley’ S3 – Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The famous agent Catherine Cawood will try by all means that the rapist of her daughter and father of her grandson does not manage to have contact with her son. But this one is already a teenager and might have a different idea. She boils with frustration and impotence thinking that the person to blame for the suicide of one of her two daughters, the other a heroin addict, might not end up leaving her life.

But the worst thing is that an unexpected murder will force her to reestablish contact with Tommy Lee Royce, that’s the name of her former son-in-law, keeping her from feeling any kind of peace and reopening a wound that could spoil her imminent retirement.


‘Interview with the Vampire’, by Anne Rice T1 – Thursday, January 12, 2023

New Orleans, 1900. Louis is a poor black man who suffers discrimination and is fed up with life. For this reason it will be impossible for him to refuse to accept the offer to be the assistant of the vampire Lestat. The position comes with super powers, but also with a huge price that he must pay as he deals with the presence of a new vampire named Claudia with whom he will end up locked in an eternal battle of revenge and redemption.


‘Transplant’ S3 – Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Hamza Haq stars as the brilliant Bashir Hamed, a battlefield-trained emergency doctor who is forced to leave his native Syria, along with his sister Amira, to settle in Canada as a refugee. In this third season, he will face a healthcare system full of imperfections that will force him to make extreme decisions in extreme situations and fight alongside his colleagues to save the lives of his patients.

'Transplant' series

These are the series that will arrive in January 2023 on Movistar Plus+, ATRESplayer Premium, Apple TV+ and the rest of the platforms