These heroes weren’t around when their streak started

Here are 13 originally secondary characters who rose to prominence in the hearts of fans but weren’t there when their series launched.

Whether they became memorable villains, best friends, anti-heroes, sidekicks to our favorite heroes and heroines, they weren’t all there when the series launched! Check out 13 fan-favorite series characters who weren’t there in Season 1.

Michonne (The Walking Dead)


Revealed to the public in season 3, Michonne Hawthorne (Danai Gurira) lost her boyfriend and her young son during the zombie invasion told in The Walking Dead. Extreme survivor, very good fighter, she meets the group of Rick Grimes. At first very suspicious, she will end up respecting him and even getting into a relationship with him. His ability to kill zombies and his extraordinary resistance make him one of the most beloved characters in the series. His hunting list is also one of the most extensive among the survivors.

Klaus (The Vampire Diaries / The Originals)

Annette Brown / The CW

In Vampire Diaries S02E19, actor Joseph Morgan brings to life an antagonist who will make a lasting impression on fans of the series: Klaus, who gives his name to the episode. Real name Niklaus Mikaelson, son of a werewolf and an original witch, he is very powerful and unscrupulous, and one of the original vampires. Little by little, his humanity will appear to the point that he will become an anti-hero and even one of the heroes of The Originals.

Eddie (Stranger Things)


Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) is one of the supporting characters in season 4 of Stranger Things, leader of the Hellfire Club, a Dungeons & Dragons club at Hawkins High School. He witnesses the first manifestation of Vecna ​​in the small town and will find himself hunted down, wrongly accused of a crime. Eddie faces the bats of the upside down world, but does not survive their multiple bites, not without having shared a moving moment with his “pal” Dustin. He liked the fans so much that a crazy theory imagines his possible return!

Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation)


We have to wait for the season 2 finale to see Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) arrive in Parks and Recreation. First presented as a zealous civil servant who came to make budget cuts and lay off staff without any remorse, especially in the service of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), Wyatt will show himself to be much more human over time. In contact with Leslie, whom he will end up marrying, he will also assume his passions for nerd.

Benjamin Linus (Lost)


Benjamin Linus (remarkably played by Michael Emerson) appears in the middle of season 2 of Lost under the pseudonym of Henry Gale, which he usurped. From then on, he will show it to the survivors of Flight 815, in particular because he holds (or believes he holds) several secrets of the island and that he will stop at nothing. King of manipulation, he will pay a heavy price for taking big risks in the name of what he thinks are the rules of the island. A captivating character until the end of the series.

Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad)


Lawyer Saul Goodman first meets Walter White in Breaking Bad S02E08 and will show up more or less regularly until the end of the series. Crooked, corrupt, compulsive liar, able to get anything if you pay the price, Saul will benefit from his spin-off and prequel show: Better Call Saul, aptly named after the title of episode 8 of season 2 mentioned above. .

The Punisher (Daredevil)

Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Main antagonist of season 2 of Daredevil, Frank Castle aka the Punisher is played by Jon Bernthal. A very striking character by his violence and his questionable and contested methods, he will be entitled to his own series, soberly titled The Punisher, which will have two seasons. Bernthal will give his all in the two Netflix series, declaring in 2021 than the anti-hero “runs through his veins”.

Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


It was September 29, 1997 when James Marsters first appeared as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. First conceived as a villain for a handful of episodes in Season 2, he became a fan-favorite series regular and a fan-favorite character. The series will also give him a conclusion worthy of the name, before bringing him back in Angel, the Buffy spin-off.

Brienne (Game of Thrones)


In episode 3 of season 2 comes a new knight in Game of Thrones. Her name is Brienne of Torth and she finds herself tasked by Catelyn Stark with bringing Jaime Lannister back and exchanging him for her daughters, Sansa and Arya, who are being held in King’s Landing. One thing leading to another, this character without fear and without reproach, devoted to his duty and living an unrequited love touched the spectators and his interpreter, Gwendoline Christie, is now in the cast of the Addams Family series Wednesday.

Castiel (Supernatural)

The CW

Castiel (played by Misha Collins) arrives in Supernatural during season 4. He is an angel who, after bringing Dean back to life, joins forces with the Winchester brothers. His appearance reminiscent of Colombo, his humor and his strong character make him an unmistakable character, who will not be without making mistakes (especially when he releases the Leviathans, the first monsters created by God, in season 7). He will help Sam and Dean even in their fight against God, in season 15, broadcast in 2020.

Marlo Stanfield (The Wire)


Young and ambitious, sometimes vicious, Marlo Stanfield wants to be Baltimore’s “Prince of the City” at any cost. Starting from the bottom of the ladder, he wishes to become the king of the local underworld, godfather of drugs by supplanting his main competitors, the Barksdales. In one season of The Wire (he arrives at the start of season 3 played by Jamie Hector), Marlo makes everyone agree and achieves his goal. In just 12 episodes, he becomes one of the best villains in the history of the series. He will also be present in the following seasons of the show, proof that he now had to be reckoned with.

Katte Sharma (The Bridgerton Chronicles)


Played by Simone Ashley, Kate Sharma marks the spectators when she arrives in season 2 of the Bridgerton Chronicles. She is based on the character of Katharine Sheffield in the literary saga and finds herself in a love triangle made up of Anthony Bridgerton, in search of a wife and whom she rejects before developing feelings for him, and of his sister Edwina, on whom Anthony sets his sights, and who seems apparently made for him. It is her obvious chemistry with the eldest of the Bridgertons that will win the support of the public but also her adaptability, her strength and her ability to get the best out of the people she meets.

Amy (The Big Bang Theory)


Amy Farrah Fowler is played by Mayim Bialik and joins The Big Bang Theory at the end of season 3. Howard and Raj think that this neurobiologist registered on a dating site would be perfect for Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and organizes a meeting between the two. It will take long seasons for Amy to unlock a Sheldon who doesn’t want to hear about a girlfriend. In season 11, Sheldon will finally ask her in marriage and she will win a Nobel Prize with her husband. Not bad for a character added during the series!

These heroes weren’t around when their streak started