thrilling October at Cinecittà World

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– Themed shows, movie sets and 13 scary attractions for the largest Halloween party in Italy in the Cinema and TV amusement park.

All ready to Cinecittà World for the event of Halloween largest in Italy. Saturday 1st October at the start of the longest party of the year that, until Monday 1st November, will make children and adults live the most fun and frightening experience ever in Rome Cinema and TV amusement park.

Zombies, ghosts, witches and vampires will accompany visitors on a journey through the new attractions and those that will dress up in horror for the occasion. With the party atmosphere brought in main street fromHalloween Show the immersive journey begins, with a thousand facets, designed for an audience of all ages, between themed musical animations, shows and the frightening Zombie Walk.

Last year’s figures tell of an important success – declares the Chief Executive Officer Stefano Cigarini for this reason we have decided to replicate the format, extending it: Halloween will be celebrated throughout the month and with the three great evenings of 29, 30 and 31 October, the biggest party will be in Rome with the evening openings “.

There is a destination at Cinecittà World that the most daring, those who have the courage to cross the door into the dark, cannot miss: Hell, there roller coaster in the dark who will lead the guests in the most feared Dante’s circle, “Leave all hope you who enter!” suggested the great poet.

But the real Halloween surprise has the taste of the unexpected for visitors to the Park, there will be someone who will have the courage to go down to the Manikomio? There is time to decide on the next stage, open from 29 to 31 October. Meanwhile, every day, in Horror House you can walk alongside the worst cinematic nightmares of all time, from The Ring to Nightmare, from the Exorcist to Friday the 13th, at Lord Voldemort’s lair inspired by the Harry Potter saga.

TO Clownstrophobiathe circus where anything can happen, nightmares of the caliber of IT and Joker are expected, are cinema fans ready to experience minutes of terror?

The Capital Amusement Park offers an attractive solution even for the less courageous who do not want to give up an unforgettable adventure: the submarine U-571 Erotikahaunted by sexy vampires, is confirmed as one of the most popular themed attractions for boys.

Cinecittà World is the perfect place to make even brave little guests experience a unique journey. Sara Oggy Oggy to welcome children who can play ‘Trick or Treat?’ with the adorable blue kitty from the series airing on Frisbee. Those who want to transform themselves and become a nice little monster will find their paradise at Monstrous face paintingto then continue a special adventure to discover the characters of the fairy tales who live hidden in the Bewitched Wood. For older children do not miss the addictive comic live show Scary Tricks, special effects of horror cinema e Gangs of Halloweenthe live show at Teatro1 with the most famous horror films in history.

The grand finale satisfies everyone’s tastes with Halloween Nights of the 29, 30 and 31 October. The park will be open from 11 in the morning until late at night with live shows, themed dinners and DJ sets to dance all together.

The last night rappers are highly anticipated by Generation Z Noyz Narcos and VillaBanksaccompanied by many other guests.

Cinecittà World practical information:

Cinecittà World and Roma World are a Rome, Via Irina Alberti SNC (SS Pontina, exit Roman Castle), 10 minutes from the GRA. The parks are connected to Rome (Metro B Termini and Eur Palasport) by a daily service of bus.

For purchase of tickets (from € 15), park + hotel package € 49 and shuttle

thrilling October at Cinecittà World