Tim Burton and a ‘crazy’ television debut with ‘Merlina’

HomerMorticia, pericles Y merlin. Those names have resonated for decades wherever they go.

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It turns out that they are the names, nothing more and nothing less, of a very particular family, one that has a Butler similar to a zombie of more than two meters called Length and a hairy guy named Thing. If they are the mad addams.

Living in the street number 0001 Graveyardfirst appeared on television in 1964. Its impact on popular culture was so great that hanna Barbera decided to take the characters created by the cartoonist Charles Addams to cartoons. After the above, they had three films, one in 1991another in 1993 and the last in 1998.

So, more recently, Universal Studios decided to make an animated film about the dark and disturbing family in 2019.

With a great cast of voices led by Oscar IsaacCharlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz and Finn wolfhardthe studio renewed for a sequel in 2021.

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Now the gloomy hue around each characterthe relationship between the supernatural and the human or the twisted sense of humor of the franchise sooner or later it was going to fall into the hands of the person who perhaps knows those elements best in Hollywood: Tim Burton.

And it is that if you compare the first tape of The Addams family with Beetlejuice either man scissorhands, you will see a lot in common. Misunderstood beings living in a dark bubble within a colorful outdoor environment.

It was because of this that one family member in particular caught the attention of the filmmaker fully. Merlina, the eldest daughter, became the great inspiration for him to direct a television series for the first time.

Starring Jenna Ortegaa new adaptation of the great classic from 1964, in which the young woman with braids and a black dress goes to a secondary school designed for monsters and deranged youth. sirenswerewolves, vampires and gargoyles will be your classmates.

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The show explores never-before-seen aspects of the teenager. see her fell in lovesocialize or stop your urge psychopath to have a “normal” life they make production a trip complete to the unknown.

Its main actress had the great challenge of reincarnating the character that had already been played by Lisa Loring (1964) Y Christina Ricci (1991-1998). Keeping his face without noticeable expressions, but still conveying something, was Ortega’s task. “She is not completely expressionless, but in the midst of that coldness, her gaze becomes deep as an ocean. It was so amazing to see her. The truth, for me, seemed like an impossible challenge; however, she did. It was like she could read every character’s mind, almost like she knew what we were thinking. She was pretty cool,” noted Emma Myers, who plays Enid sinclair (Merlina’s roommate at school), in dialogue with THE HERALD.

On the other hand, Percy Hynes Whitewho was in charge of giving life to Xavier Thorpe (one of the protagonist’s suitors), mentioned exclusively for this medium that working with Burton was “amazing”. “He is a phenomenal director. He is responsible for the show being so incredible. He is undoubtedly the great point to highlight. It was incomparable.”

The rest of the cast is made up of: Catherine Zeta-Jones appears as Morticia, Luis Guzman What Homer and Isaac Ordóñez like Pericles.

Tim Burton and a ‘crazy’ television debut with ‘Merlina’