Toga Himiko And 8 Other Anime Characters Who Drink Blood (And Aren’t Vampires)

Blood drinking and bloodlust are common tropes in anime. Villains are made more menacing by their obsession with or fondness for blood. Even besides the obvious suspects for blood consumption – vampires – there are plenty of anime characters who also consume blood. For many of them, it’s not behavior based on nutrition, but rather behavior based on their powers or villainous eccentricity.

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Sometimes drinking blood fuels a character’s special abilities and magical powers. Other times, their affinity for drinking blood is solely a product of their bloodlust. From quirky villains to blood-loving heroes, these non-vampiric characters are bloodthirsty.

9 Toga Himiko’s Quirk relies on blood in My Hero Academia

Toga is too excited in My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga’s quirk allows her to take on the appearance of someone else. However, to do this, the my hero academia the character must consume the blood of the one he wants to transform into. Toga must drink blood to use her powers, but she goes further: she sees violence and collecting blood as a game.

Toga has a machine that can also collect and store blood. He gives her blood when she needs it. Additionally, she becomes obsessed with some of her adversaries to the point of stalking and coveting them.

8 Gatenmaru is a blood-drinking Yokai from Inuyasha.

Gatenmaru Inuyasha

There were many monsters and villains in Inuyasha, many of whom feasted on humans. Gatenmaru was a moth demon who paraded around as a human, even acting as a bandit leader. It drained the blood of its victims with its tongue and it was mainly for its nutrition.

While there were many other yokai and demons in the Inuyasha universe, something about Gatenmaru was particularly frightening to viewers – perhaps it’s the idea of ​​an insect-like monster draining humans of all their blood with its trunk-like tongue.

seven The demons of Kimetsu No Yaiba are bloodthirsty

The demons of demon slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) rely on eating humans and have a fondness for the smell of human blood, which is why Nezuko was tested with the smell of blood. In addition to eating humans for the nutrition they get from their blood, demons in this universe use nutrition to fuel their bodies and Demon Blood Arts.

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Many demons can use their blood as magical weapons. Even Nezuko Kamado, who hasn’t eaten human blood, has this ability. Blood is important to demons for both consumption and power.

6 Boris Tepes Dracula is a descendant of Dracula in Shaman King

Boris Tepes Dracula Shaman King

Boris Tepes Dracula was not a real vampire in shaman king, but eager to be one. So he did his best to pass himself off as a vampire, and he even got mad if someone said he didn’t look like a vampire (or that someone else looked more vampiric than him). His guardian ghost was Blamuro, the vampire hunter.

Boris Tepes Dracula would also drain people of their blood as a method of killing them. Boris was supposed to be a descendant of Dracula’s bloodline, and he took that so seriously that he used his powers to try and become a real vampire.

5 Hidan’s Jutsu is also blood related in Naruto: Shippuden

Hidan body link

Hidan was a particularly tough member of the Akatsuki to deal with, and he even resulted in the death of one of Hidden Leaf’s most famous and respected Jonin. His favorite jutsu allowed him to inflict any wound he received on his opponents. The problem was that he had to ingest their blood, do the Jashin symbol in the blood, and stand in that circle while the damage was dealt.

Because of this, Hidan had a unique kind of bloodlust. Ultimately, he was bested when tricked into drinking another person’s blood, leaving his opponent open to incapacitate him.

4 Arystar Krory III is an exorcist with blood powers in D. Gray-Man

Arystar Krory III by D. Gray-Man was one of the most vampiric non-vampires out there—he looked like a vampire, was from Romania, and had fangs. However, those fangs were due to his innocence. He also drank blood, but it was almost exclusively Akuma’s blood. The only “human” he craved was a disguised Akuma.

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D. Gray-Man’s Krory looked so much like a vampire that everyone around him thought he was a vampire, but he constantly denied this fact. In the end, he became an exorcist and was not killed for suspected vampirism.

3 Frieza From Dragon Ball Z Is Known To Drink Blood For The Fear Factor

freiza pointing

Frieza was one of Dragon Ball Z the most iconic villains. He was also one of the toughest – he had an army and he had a lot of power on his own. Frieza gave Goku and his compatriots a run for their money. He also had a strong bloodlust and was even known to consume blood splashed on him in battle.

Unlike many other anime characters, Freiza gained nothing from drinking blood. Rather, it was simply due to his desire to fight and kill, which is not an uncommon theme, especially for anime villains.

2 The stain also has a blood-dependent quirk in My Hero Academia

Stain observes his prey in My Hero Academia

Stain (Chizome Akaguro) was the infamous “hero killer” who hated the Pro Heroes for their hypocrisy. Like Himiko Toga, he’s a villain of the my hero academia universe that needs blood to activate its quirk, Bloodcurdle. If he consumed someone else’s blood, he could paralyze them.

This is why Stain was able to kill so many heroes unable to use their quirks or even defend themselves if caught alone. In the end, Stain was captured, but not before wreaking havoc on the hero world and killing a record number of heroes.

1 Orochimaru and some of his followers also have an obsession with blood in Naruto.

Naruto’s Orochimaru is infamous for his long snake-like tongue and his penchant for stealing the bodies of young shinobi in order to extend his own life. He experimented on many – and many who worked under him took on the same quirks. Orochimaru was guilty of biting Sasuke Uchiha in the neck like a vampire.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru’s former subordinates might be caught doing all sorts of weird things due to their bloodlust. Anko Mitarashi even licked the blood off Naruto Uzumaki’s face at one point.

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