Tolkien deconstructed to the aroma ‘woke’ and dollar shavings

It’s times like this when Chesterton’s absence is especially painful for me. Now, in this September 2022, in which he would give a hand to be able to read what the good-natured giant had written about the rings of power, the new Amazon series. He might have said: “How can a series in which no one smokes be considered Tolkinean?” And with this argument he would have been enough to demolish the most expensive TV series in history.

Yes, I know. I already know that Tobold Corneta started growing a real pipe tobacco many years after the fact that this series was invented. But let’s do with Tolkien what we want, well, what do you want me to tell you, better with tobacco. More catholic, less woke up.

Because what is happening with the rings of power is nothing more than a new step in the deconstruction of the great stories that is at the base of the ideology woke up and that we have been enduring since the late 1980s. Jorge Soley in his Manual for understanding and resisting cancellation culture (ACdP/CEU Ediciones, 2022) explains that this deconstruction is «a mode of literary analysis that guts the fundamental creations of our civilization so that, by showing us their spoils, they try to convince us that, deep down, they were all perverse works, destined to perpetuate terrible injustices».

Thus, after many years of pick and shovel, they have already managed to deconstruct, for example, Fairy Talessuperheroes and even vampires, now transformed, by virtue of this ideology, from monsters into perfect boyfriends.

Today it was the turn of the most important Catholic literary creation of the 20th century: The Lord of the rings, which is being deconstructed for three main reasons. In the first place, to show us that originally it was already perverse because in it there was not enough racial diversity. For this reason, to alleviate this injustice, they have filled the series with characters of the black, Latin or Asian race. It woke up here it is not so much that Durin IV’s wife is black or that the elf Arondir is Puerto Rican. Do not confuse. It woke up is in what no one can say that this does not seem good because if he did, he would be considered an evil racist who must be canceled for the good of humanity.

Second, because according to theory woke up of unconscious bias, as well as racists we are all sexist even if we don’t know it. That is why they must convince us that Tolkien’s work perpetuates another serious injustice since, unconsciously or not, it is and has always been profoundly heteropatriarchal. To do this, they have focused all the plots of the series on female characters to a greater or lesser degree of empowerment, surrounded by heteropatriarchal structures of the most dandruff that can be imagined. You only have to see how they have painted poor Gil-Galad and Elrond himself, two authentic gentlemen who give grime, or to Elanor, the hairy hobbit whose character arc looks suspiciously like Moana’s.

We know how much Galadriel owed to the author’s devotion to the Virgin Mary, to the point of claiming that the elven lady was “Immaculate”diego white

But where you see the duster at all is with Amazondriel (pronounce it in esdrújula to give it a more Tolkinean air), because calling that character Galadriel would be exaggerated.

Tolkien said in his letters (no. 142) that the religious element of his narratives he was absorbed by the story and by the symbolism. In other words, his narratives contained a symbolic element of a religious nature and, more specifically, as he made it very clear, Catholic.

Therefore, in the third and definitive place, the series must convince us, through Amazondriel, that Tolkien’s work is wicked and perpetuates a terrible ultimate injustice. That which the Catholic faith commits with those who have a dark side calling them (don’t miss it) “sinners”. Thus, our beloved heroine must reject the light of Heaven to embrace her dark side, just as they reveal to us that she was recommended to her by her brother at the beginning of the first chapter, and give up the happy dream caused by the opium of the people to remain wake up. And from that concept of Catholic sin finally deconstructed, she will forge her legend: Amazondriel, the authentic feminist warrior of social justice of Middle Earth.

Those of us who love the work of the old Oxford professor know how much Galadriel owed to the author’s devotion to the Virgin Mary, to the point of affirming that the elven lady was “Immaculate” (letter no. 353). Compare Amazondriel to Tolkien’s Galadriel and use this example to realize how terrible it is to change or ignore what Tolkien wrote. By changing history, we hopelessly eliminate the religious element absorbed into it.

I guess that Soon some LGBT character will appear in the rings of power to palliate the unjust absence of the same in Tolkien’s work and, then, the deconstruction will be consummated.

What do you bet that if we continue to watch this series, at some point we will come to understand Sauron’s motivations for forging the One Ring and that we will end up feeling sorry for him? If he had no choice, poor thing, with how badly the elves treated him. It will be in one season, it will be in two. But we will see. I play a pint. Or better yet, a good pinch of Tobby Corneta’s tobacco. Just to annoy.

  • Diego Blanco Albarova is the author of ‘An unexpected path. Unveiling the parable of The Lord of the Rings’ (Ed. Encuentro, 2016)

Tolkien deconstructed to the aroma ‘woke’ and dollar shavings