There are far too many meme templates to be able to make an exhaustive list. That’s why we decided to talk about the memes that have reached such popularity that they are now better known than the work from which they are taken. For the little culture point, we will tell you the context of all these cult extracts.

The Rock by car – “The Bewitched Mountain”

The film tells the story of Sara and Seth, twins with extraordinary powers. They attempt to evade an organization pursuing them and suddenly appear in Jack’s cab (you guessed it, it’s The Rock). As they teleported into the taxi, we better understand the shocked face of the actor on these images.

Charlie freaks out – “It’s always funny in Philadelphia”

In this episode of It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie and Mac decide to take a job just to have social security coverage. Charlie finds himself in the mail sorting department but being illiterate he does absolutely anything and thinks that all the letters sent to the State of Philadelphia point to a fictitious person, so he starts trying to investigate a stupid conspiracy on a background of fictitious employment and it has become cult.

First time? – “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”

Without knowing the film, this excerpt makes no sense. We see James Franco, the noose around his neck, saying to the guy next door: “Is this the first time? “. So yes, this is probably the first time he’s going to be hanged in public. In fact, the character is a cowboy who does a lot of stupid things like robbing banks and who always ends up getting away with it, he was already on the verge of being hanged from a tree in another scene. Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t end well for him.

Why Can’t You Just Be Normal? – “Mister Babadook”

If you only saw the scene of the weird kid screaming in the backseat of the car, you might not know it’s from the movie. Mister Babadook. His mother asks him desperately, “Why can’t you be normal?” because she doesn’t see that the child is haunted by his terrifying imaginary friend.

Dawson crying – “Dawson”

Dawson, it’s a stupid series for teens from the late 90s whose main character is called Dawson (super original). In a super poorly acted scene, Dawson tells his girlfriend that they should break up because yeah yeah she has to go follow her dreams. At the end, he cries and it’s hilarious.

The Handshake / Arm Wrestling – “Predator”

The world’s most famous tussle that has become an inexhaustible meme template comes from the movie predator. Originally, it’s just a handshake to say hello between Dutch and Dillon but it becomes a real improvised arm wrestling. We understood that you were actually muscular, that’s enough now.

The kid crying on a bench – “Neverland”

Those who have never seen the film do not know why this child cries, why Johnny Depp comforts him and what is said between the two characters. SPOILER: The little boy has just left his mother’s funeral and the man, who is the author of Peter Pantells him that his mother has gone to imaginary land and that he can visit her thanks to his imagination.

Nicolas Cage – “Kiss Me, Vampire”

Kiss Me, Vampire really isn’t a good movie but it gave the internet that now iconic Nicolas Cage meme that seems to say “nooo, really? sarcastically. In fact, this is not at all the point of the scene: the character is in the process of terrorizing his secretary whom he has been harassing for months. Less fun.

The Depressive Dad – “Coraline”

Coraline is one of best animated movies on this planet and this almost criminal to explain the scenario to you. To give context to this meme, let’s just say that Coraline’s dad writes a gardening magazine that he wants to get published, and he’s a not-so-nice and really tasteless guy.

No God No! – “The Office”

This meme is an exception in this ranking since it is difficult to say that The Office is not a known series. However, I had to talk about this moment because the whole world knows this GIF, even those who have not seen the series. So why is Michael Scott so pissed off? Because he just found out that Toby, who used to work in human resources, is back in the company. Not cool for Toby.

Always the SAME thing (lol).