Top 20 of the best video games of the year 2022, we really geeked

It’s the end of the year and inevitably we make big assessments to look back on what happened during 2022. As I am one of the only ones in the editorial staff who touches on something other than Fifa in terms video games it is up to me to make the famous top of the best video games released this year, and it is with undisguised pleasure that I invite you to go and see all of this.

Note to reader: I can’t put all the games and play them all, so of course there are omissions, things that spoke to me less than to you and that’s okay, 2022 was rich for gamers, let’s rejoice we.

Tied: Elden Ring

Did you enjoy being undressed by the fire giant and getting beaten up by Malenia? Me too. Because the game was globally everything we expected of it: a huge universe, a more measured difficulty (thanks to the open world effect), a wonderful artistic direction and a complete lore for whoever wants to be interested in it. Kisses my splinters and be careful behind you, there is Raddan eating a sandwich.

Tied: God of War Ragnarok

YEAH EX AEQUO YEAH. Well in real life the game is sick, there’s more freedom on the different universes, the story is once again incredible and without messing around in “Give me God of war” mode you really have to hang on to the difficulty. The game is beautiful, well acted, well written and brings a touching conclusion to this segment in the Nordic lands.

Horizon: Forbidden West

You’re going to accuse me of favoring Playstation exclusives, but no, in real life I don’t care, the game was simply really magnificent (probably the biggest graphic slap of the year in the open world) and brought enough new things to keep players interested in the universe. The gameplay was still as efficient as ever and walking around the ruins of San Francisco was rather exhilarating.


OH THE CUTE LITTLE CHAAAAAAAT. No kidding, never playing a cat has been so cool, plus it’s a French studio. The game is very nice and even if the story is not its greatest originality, the artistic direction and the animations of the feline clearly do the job. Big favorite of the year.


Watch out for the fight. Who said you can’t make a truly original fighting game? My cousin, and he swallowed his snot well when he played Sifu for the first time. I managed to get to the fifth level without losing a year and despite that I still can’t fuck the final boss, but how cool and beautiful is it (artistic direction sick). Congratulations to the studio, French once again.

A plague tale: Requiem

Third French game to find its place in the top 10, and it’s not to be chauvinistic. The continuation of the adventures of Amicia and Hugo is worth a look, even if the 30fps stings the eyes a little on X-Series (not tested on PC). But we finally have a tricolor studio that can tickle the big shots in the middle and their big productions. It was not perfect in every way, but the adventure manages to reinvent itself and above all the scenario remains addictive until the striking conclusion which should stay in your mind like the song The final countdown (sorry).

As Dusk Falls

Here is a damn original little nugget in the style of a photo novel whose artistic direction hits the mark. A nice big multi-branching interactive drama that should appeal to quite a few gamers and sits in the game pass (at the time of writing this top). It’s typically the kind of game that can be divisive though, so find out before you checkout if that’s not your genre.


A very cute and at times devious Zelda-like that promises a few great hours of play. And believe it, it keeps its promises as it has garnered close to perfect ratings from the major specialized media. If it’s your cam, go for it with your eyes closed.

Splatoon 3

Multiplayer as we would like to see more often: for those who know the first two games in the series you will not be out of place, for others it is a question of bombarding other players with guns filled with paint. Said like that it’s not necessarily incredible but there is something very satisfying I assure you.


Here is a good proof that video games can really be original, and by original we mean something positive, not original like an oyster and apricot fougasse. Lots of dialogue, a medieval universe, Bavarian settings and a sordid murder case on which you will have to investigate: here in a few words what awaits you Penance which could put off people who don’t like to read too much but is really worth a look.

Return to Monkey Island

Whole years of waiting for the continuation of this saga which will have marked the world of video games with its sweaty hand. If we can blame a few things on this third episode, it must be said that for the fans the pleasure of returning there was present, even if the artistic direction has changed a lot and was not unanimous.

vampire survivors

Small nugget of the indie game which had a particularly considerable success, vampire survivors is a pixel-art game in which you have to overcome several waves of enemies. Personally, I haven’t tested it, but it seems that it’s super nice, like when your neighbor comes to drop you a clafoutis with plums to apologize for having slept with your wife.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Fighting in 2D way Metal Slug Where Streets of Rage but with the Ninja Turtles, it’s a pretty selling concept for a lot of players nostalgic for a time when games were sold in the form of cartridges and where 2D gave pride of place to video game productions. A good stress reliever that pleases while perhaps remaining a bit too generic.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Throw your controller in my face ’cause I’ve never tested one Xenoblade Chroniclesbut it seems that the third installment is in all respects excellent and that it finds its place in the top, which I respected by including it and giving you the trailer to get an idea.

Bayonetta 3

The return of the bespectacled witch was eagerly awaited by many players, and it is only those who have a Switch which have been heard. Unsurprisingly, we find there a good big beat’em all at the Devil May Cry with a heroine who strikes lascivious poses fighting against hordes of enemies while sporting rather suggestive leather outfits that you wouldn’t want to find in your dear mother’s closet.

marvel snap

We could make a top of the games that make you addicted and marvel snap would find its place there as it is the equivalent of crack but on smartphone. Collectible superhero cards to make your perfect team and go fried against everyone, that’s what you can do marvel snap and there it does its job well.

The Quarry

Well, everyone has their own opinion, personally I found The Quarry much less successful and pleasant than Until Dawn (from the same studio) and overall I don’t really understand its place in the top twenty games of the year but it appears in all online rankings so it was probably a hit with some players. A summer camp, somewhat stupid monitors and werewolves, here is the program of the game which has some good scenes.

High on life

If you like games where the characters talk a lot (here guns) and the crazy world of Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty) then chances are you’ll have a good time playing High on life, even if we regret a small lack of originality in the construction and in the powers of the weapons. But in reality it’s still very funny.

The Callisto Protocol

It’s not dead spacein the sense that it’s not AS GOOD as dead space. It’s short, it’s a bit rushed, the script doesn’t shine with its originality BUT it’s still fun. To be considered on occasion or at a reduced price because we still have a good time, everything is not bad, and just for the atmosphere and the graphics it is a great success.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple

So I didn’t test the beast, but according to a colleague the game would be one of the funniest of the saga despite stupid bugs and graphics that are starting to date. Personally I relaunched Witcher 3 with the Next Gen update so I’m far too busy on Skellige to have time to try and catch Sandshrews in the pampas.

Good and inevitably I left plenty on the floor like OlliOlli World, Cult of the lamb or even the two “remakes” like Last of us Part 1 or the excellent Stanley Parable but hey, we had to choose. We meet at the end of 2023 to find out where Hades 2, Spiderman 2 and Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be found.

Top 20 of the best video games of the year 2022, we really geeked