Top Gun Maverick, The Minions 2, The Batman: top 10 of the greatest cinematic successes of 2022

The top 10 of the greatest successes in French cinema in 2022 is there, and you must have seen at least one of the films that make it up! Of Top Gun Maverick to Minions 2Passing by Avatar 2, the spectators essentially voted for the sequels. Alone Unchartedthe adaptation of the eponymous video game, and Tea Batman, the new adventures of Bruce Wayne, do not (yet) belong to franchises. The Reign of the Superheroes of DC Comics and marvel studios cannot be denied, the latter representing 4 of the 10 places in this ranking. Without further ado, we invite you to discover these films that marked the year 2022 and its box office!

10) Uncharted : 2.5 million admissions in France

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, this adaptation of the video game series Uncharted profited from the popularity of its headliner, Tom Holland. When he’s not weaving his web in the franchise Spiderman, the actor does not twiddle his thumbs. The proof with this action film in which he embodies Nathan Drake, a young man who becomes an adventurer of fortune when his brother’s friend mandates him to go in search of the latter. A pleasant guilty pleasure as we like them, which collected 400 million dollars at the worldwide box office!

9) Avatar: The Waterway : 2.7 million admissions in France

In theaters since December 14, the second part of the franchise Avatar has already made a good score at the French box office – and worldwide. Directed by James Cameron, this highly anticipated sequel to Jake and Neytiri’s Adventures in Pandora is going to have to make lots and lots of money to be profitable… For now, the public is there, but will the number of spectators be large enough throughout the film’s release in cinemas for it to be considered profitable? Response in 2023!

8) Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets : 2.7 million admissions in France

The third installment of the spin-off franchiseHarry Potter did not have the expected success in dark rooms. I have to say that the Warner Bros., which produces the saga, continues to accumulate errors of course, whether with this magical world or with the superheroes of DC Comics. We will not hide it, the replacement of Johnny Depp by Mads Mikkelsen in the role of the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald following the accusations of his ex-wife Amber Heard turned off quite a few fans. Ditto for the controversies linked to JK Rowling’s statements concerning Trans people… Hence a mediocre global box office of 405 million dollars.

7) Thor: Love and Thunder : 2.8 million admissions in France

After the success of Ragnarok, Marvel Studios did not hesitate to re-hire director Taïka Waititi. Endowed with a humorous and offbeat vision, the filmmaker knew how to reinvent the universe of the God of Thunder in a way that delighted fans. But this stroke of genius only happened once, and the fourth installment of the cosmic adventures of Thor turned out to be too long, too garish, and too cluttered. A semi-failure on the screen which was felt with a result of 760 million dollars at the box office. Even if the 29th film of the MCU has managed to carve out a place in this Top 10, it has been less successful than Ragnarokwhich ended its run with $854 million in revenue.

6) The Batman : 3 million admissions in France

You had to dare, Matt Reeves did it: to interpret the famous batman, the director of The Planet of the Apes and of Cloverfield chose none other than Robert Pattinson! Even if the actor has for a long time proved his talent and professionalismhe will always remain in the eyes of a part of the public the pale vampire in love with Twilight. A role that certainly propelled him into the star system Hollywood, opening a multitude of doors to him, but which sticks to his skin… Perhaps a little less since the release of this Batman with a very black tone, where he proved to be a Bruce Wayne convincing enough to carry out a very good score of 770 million dollars at the worldwide box office!

5) Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness : 3.27 million admissions in France

The hype was there, but again, MCU Phase 4 disappointed viewers… When Marvel Studios announced that Sam Raimi (the trilogy Spiderman 2000s with Tobey Maguire) would be the director of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the fans let their joy burst out. However, this continuation of the Sorcerer Supreme’s solo adventures, in which he faces his former colleague Wanda Maximoff, does not offer the spiciness and chills that one would expect. As a result, the film painfully climbed to 5th place among the greatest cinematic successes of 2022, when it could have gone much higher… Let’s hope that Phase 5 of the MCU will do better at the box office!

4) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever : 3.29 million admissions in France

By learning the death of Chadwick Bosemanwho passed away on August 8, 2020 following cancer, fans of Black Panther mourned both the loss of a man, a great comedian, and one of their favorite superheroes. While the future of the franchise seemed compromised, Marvel Studios announced the start of construction of a sequel. But which character was going to replace T’Challa in the costume of the African vigilante with the sharp claws? A question answered Wakanda Foreverof which the story, centered on mourning, sees the sister of the deceased take the place of her brother to defend her country. A “transfer of power” to which the spectators reacted positively, which resulted in a worldwide box office of almost 800 million dollars…

3) Jurassic World: The World After : 3.4 million admissions in France

Steven Spielberg’s dinosaurs are still popularalmost 30 years after the release of the first Jurassic Park ! By the time the third part of the saga was released in 2001, the franchise had run out of steam and the public was no longer there. While the story of Isla Nublar and its prehistoric beasts seemed definitely over, it is miraculously came back to life in 2015, in front of Colin Trevorrow’s camera. Worn by the duo Bryce Dallas Howard / Chris Pratt, this sequel was a hit in the cinema, signing the start of a new trilogy, the final chapter of which was released this year. Fans flocked to the cinema to discover this epic conclusion: The world after (Dominion in English) surpassed the billion-dollar mark at the worldwide box office !

2) Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru : 3.8 million admissions in France

You should never underestimate the attractive power of animation in cinemas! No, in 2022, it’s not the firm with the big ears that dominated the box office with its cartoons… Buzz Lightning (Pixar) and Strange World – Avalonia, the strange journey (on Disney+) failed to win the hearts of the public. While the continuation of minions, signed Illumination Entertainment, has approached a billion dollars in worldwide box office revenue! Once upon a time Gru captivated audiences around the world with its colorful and endearing characters. We find the hero of Me, Despicable Me when he is still just a teenager and dreams of only one thing: to join the group of villains called the ‘Vicious 6″. A mission that glued some 3.8 million French spectators to their seats!

1)Top Gun: Maverick : 6.6 million admissions in France

This is THE surprise success of 2022! More than thirty years after the first Top Gunreleased in 1986, Tom Cruise made a remarkable comeback (and remarkable) in the skin of Pete Mitchell, says Maverick, a loudmouth pilot with mad talent. This time, the hero finds himself in the role of the instructor, facing a band of young recruits, including the son of his missing friend, Goose. Between its breathtaking aerial acrobatics and moving characters, the film was a real hit at the cinema, far ahead of its competitors. He received such positive word-of-mouth that he even finished his race in 11th place biggest worldwide box office success with $1.488 billion in revenue. A well-deserved success for Tom Cruise, who did most of his stunts himself!

What do you think of this top 10? In your opinion, should another film have been included, and if so, which one?

Top Gun Maverick, The Minions 2, The Batman: top 10 of the greatest cinematic successes of 2022