Tsu season, seven regional exclusives in Foligno

The opening with Giuletta and Romeo

The 22/23 theatrical season of Foligno opens on Wednesday 23 November, at 9 pm at Politeama Clarici, in the name of dance with the Ballet of Rome and its Romeo and Julieta show freely inspired by the tragedy of William Shakespeare, with 12 dancers on stage, choreographed and directed by Fabrizio Monteverde through an energetic and overwhelming style. With 350 performances and 200 thousand spectators, it is today the most acclaimed Italian dance show ever.

The Mother of Monsters by de Maupassant

Sunday 27 and Monday 28 November at 9pm, at Spazio ZUT! Lorenzo Collalti brings his own scene The mother of monsters based on the stories of Guy de Maupassant – considered one of the founders of the modern tale – with an unprecedented dramaturgy, capable of investigating and constructing daily life between psychosis and irony, just like the French writer does. “Through the story of Le Horla(a man confesses through a diary that he is possessed by a vampire) – explains the director – as if they were slips, in the crescendo of madness of the protagonist, a series of stories unfold that come to life through associations of thought ”.

Edith Piaf’s singing drama

Tuesday 6 December at 9 pm back to Politeama Clarici with the director’s latest work Leonardo Lidi: The Seagullthe first stage of a trilogy dedicated to the Russian playwright Anton Chekhov which will continue with Uncle Vanya and The Cherry Garden. In The Seagull “The dramaturgy of love and the absence of it is staged – explains the director – a refined drawing of characters and emotions”. On stage a cast of 10 actors: Giordano Agrusta, Maurizio Cardillo, Ilaria Falini, Christian La Rosa, Angela Malfitano, Francesca Mazza, Orietta Notari, Tino Rossi, Massimiliano Speziani and Giuliana Vigogna. The Season continues Saturday 7 January at 9 pm at the San Domenico Auditorium with an engaging and exciting singing drama: EDITH PIAF. The nightingale no longer singsby and with Melania Giglio directed by Daniele Salvo. Through an unpublished and never represented text, the show traces the days that preceded the historic performance of Édith Piaf on the stage of the Olympia, from the end of 1960 until the spring of 1961; a story, enriched by songs performed strictly live – among others L’accordéoniste, La vie en rose, Milord – which represents a tribute to one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking voices of modern song.

The Oblivion

Tuesday 17 January at 9 pm, at the San Domenico Auditoriumthe director Serena Sinigaglia brings on stage Suppliants and faces the tragedy of Euripides with seven extraordinary actresses through which the theater becomes a powerful rite of active memory. “I have always loved the classics: with them I learn what theater is and what the human being is. – explains the director – The speech so dear to Euripides, which speaks of pacifism and love between peoples, of pain and pity of these mothers who have lost their children, of an entire country that has lost its heroes, is intertwined with a subtle political reasoning, capable of making this tragedy unique for antiquity “. At Politeama Clarici, Thursday 2 February at 9 pm, on stage Oblivion Rhapsody the amazing show by Oblivion, the musical-theatrical comedy group – composed of the five actor-singers Graziana Borciani, Davide Calabrese, Francesca Folloni, Lorenzo Scuda, Fabio Vagnarelli – which brings to the stage an unprecedented and surprising acoustic version of his omnia opera.

There is also Gianmarco Tognazzi

Wednesday 22 February at 9 pmatSan Domenico Auditoriumthe award-winning director Maria Grazia Cipriani fit the text of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi as a dream of Geppetto, for a show that becomes a journey into the dark areas of consciousness. “A dreamlike, nocturnal adventure of a definitive night, where the day is only recited by sarcastic thunderstorms … and the fate of the great puppet turns out to be, literally, theatrical”. It’s still, Friday 17 March at 9 pm, at the Politeama Clarici, Gianmarco Tognazzi is the protagonist of the original and brilliant comedy The honest ghost written and directed by Edoardo Erba. Alternating realistic moments with Shakespearean scenes, the work is an original way of re-reading theHamlet from the point of view of the ghost; but above all it is the story of a special friendship, so strong that it even eludes death. It is an act of love for the theater, where any conflict becomes acceptable because it is redeemed by poetry.


Thursday 13 April at 9 pm, at the Politeama Clarician evening dedicated to dance with Ballade from MM Contemporary Dance Company. A new show composed of two unpublished choreographies signed by two Italian authors, Mauro Bigonzetti and Enrico Morelli: Ballade by Bigonzetti is a full-fledged portrait of the Eighties, a decade that has now lost its temporal boundaries to become a symbol of an era, while Elegy by Morelli tells of our current era, a period that never before brings vertigo and bewilderment, but also the renewed hope of a new beginning. The Season ends Friday 28 April, at 9 pm at the San Carlo Theaterwith Tropicanaa project from Frigoproductions with direction and dramaturgy Francesco Alberici. Tropicana is a song from the Italian Group: after having dominated the charts of the summer of 1983, it becomes a symbol of summer tout-court, an ode to light-heartedness and group dance par excellence. But what is this song really about? Using the piece and experience of the Italian Group in a paradigmatic way, the show opens a reflection on the relationship between art and the market. On the stage, the identity of the Company overlaps that of the Italian Group, in a short circuit between real and imaginary identities.

Tsu season, seven regional exclusives in Foligno