Tv Programs Tonight Saturday 17 September 2022: Live film in prime time

Tonight on Rai 1 at 21.25 Arena ’60 ’70 ’80 and… ’90 Also this year the Arena di Verona is transformed into an open-air disco to celebrate the Italian and international music of the 60s, 70s and 80s, to which this year the 90s are added. On stage Gloria Gaynor, Paul Young and Richard Sanderson. There are three planned bets. At the helm we find Amadeus (60).

Tonight on Rai 2 at 9.00 pm Special Tg2 Post The programming day of the prime-time special of the news program directed by Gennaro Sangiuliano changes once again. The analysis of the political situation continues in view of the political elections scheduled for 25 September. In the lineup services and interviews with the protagonists.

Tonight on Rai Tre at 21.20 Guess who’s coming to dinner In the episode «An octopus in the heart» Sabrina Giannini (57) continues her journey into sustainability. There is talk of animals such as hedgehogs, octopuses and frogs: for their protection our country has never made a real effective policy, and in the meantime poaching and poaching put their survival at risk.

Tonight on Rete 4 at 21.25 Inside Man Detective Frazier (Denzel Washington, 67) is dealing with robber Russell (Clive Owen), who is barricaded in a bank. But over time he realizes that there is something wrong with the story. The policeman’s suspicions seem confirmed by the arrival of an ambiguous negotiator (Jodie Foster).

Tonight on Canale 5 at 9.20 pm Tú sí que vales At the start of the 9th season of the talent led once again by Belen Rodriguez, flanked by Martin Castrogiovanni, Alessio Sakara and Giulia Stabile. The jurors Maria De Filippi (60), Rudy Zerbi, Teo Mammucari and Gerry Scotti the task of selecting the best. At the head of the popular jury there is always Sabrina Ferilli.

Tonight on Italia 1 at 21.20 Pan – Journey to the island that is not there England: Peter (Levi Miller, 19), raised in a gloomy orphanage, is transported by magic to a fantasy world populated by pirates, warriors and fairies. There he will meet new friends, but above all he will face the ruthless Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) and his crew of ferocious buccaneers.

Tonight on La 7 at 20. 35 ON THE AIR The latest moves by the coalitions engaged in the election campaign are at the center of the in-depth study conducted by Concita De Gregorio and David Parenzo, which tonight extends to cover the entire prime time.

Tonight on Tv 8 at 9.30 pm AUTUMN IN NEW YORK (Usa ’00) by Joan Chen with Winona Ryder, Richard Gere LMM The mature Will falls in love with the young Charlotte, the daughter of an ex. At first, he is afraid to let go, but then he gives in to love. The girl, however, is very ill.

Tonight on Nove at 21.25 NINE TALE: GRASS – STORY OF A MASSACRE Tonight the 2nd part of the special dedicated to the 2006 massacre is on air. The following year, the spouses Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, neighbors of Raffaella Castagna, were accused of having committed the massacre.

Tonight on Mediaset 20 at 21.05 CHALLENGE AMONG THE ICE (Usa 1994) by and with Steven Seagal, John C. McGinley LMM A well technician in Alaska discovers that an oil company is exploiting the territory, endangering the life of the Inuit. He thus decides to intervene …

Tonight on Rai 4 at 21.20 A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN (GB / Usa / Fr. / China 2017) with Joe Cole LMMM The true story of the English boxer Billy Moore, locked up in the most notorious prison in Thailand. In a world of drugs and violence, he finds himself fighting in Muay Thai tournaments.

Tonight on Iris at 9.00 pm INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE (Usa 1959) by Alfred Hitchcock with Cary Grant LMMMMM Mistaken for a spy, Roger Thornhill is hunted down by a dangerous organization. A charming woman seems to want to help him, but can he trust her?

Tonight on Rai Movie at 21.10 SUN (It./Pol. 2019) with C. Segaluscio, S. Drzymalska LMMM To raise money, Ermanno, a young drifter, agrees to pretend to be the father of Lena’s little girl, a Polish girl, who will be sold to her uncle’s family. But an unexpected bond arises between the two boys.

Tonight on Italia 2 at 9.15 pm THE NIGHT FLIER (Usa 1997) by Mark Pavia with Miguel Ferrer, Julie Entwisle LMM Richard Dees, a good assault reporter, is on the trail of a vampire who travels at night aboard his own light plane and lands at out-of-the-way airports.

Tonight on La 5 at 9.10 pm FOURTH DEGREE Also this week the network re-proposes the episode of the Friday investigative program of Rete 4 conducted by Gianluigi Nuzzi, flanked by Alessandra Viero. Among the regular guests, the former public prosecutor of Bergamo, Carmen Pugliese.

Tonight on Cine 34 at 9.00 pm THE IMMORTAL (Italy 2019) by and with Marco D’Amore The story of Ciro Di Marzio, one of the protagonists of the «Gomorra» series. Surviving the gunshot of Genny Savastano, Ciro is forced to leave Naples and Don Aiello entrusts him with an assignment …

Tonight on Rai 5 at 9.15 pm FATHER AND SON The show is a comparison between generations, taken from the book “The lying down” by Michele Serra. The protagonist is Claudio Bisio, engaged in a monologue that, with tones that oscillate between the tragic and the comic, makes an x-ray of the father-son relationship

Tonight on Rai Premium at 9.20 pm ENRICO PIAGGIO – AN ITALIAN DREAM (It. ’19) by U. Marino with Alessio Boni 1945. The Piaggio factory is in ruins and thousands of workers risk their jobs. Enrico Piaggio, one of the owners, reacts by designing a practical and affordable vehicle: the scooter.

Tonight on Real Time at 21.20 SISTERS ON THE LIMIT Tammy makes a life-changing decision. Amy begins to see her desire to change fulfilled, but unfortunately it doesn’t last long; meanwhile, Chris faces the repercussions of emergency surgery.

Tonight on Giallo at 21.10 SOKO – MYSTERIES AMONG THE MOUNTAINS (15th st., Ep. 8) “15 minutes” with J. Seeböck, J. Cencig Shortly before the start of the annual summer festival, a man is killed. To find him, two characters who were supposed to perform during the party. To follow, ep. 9.

Tonight on Top Crime at 21.10 POIROT (3rd st., Ep. 6) «The phantom killer» with David Suchet Hercule Poirot receives an unusual request for help: a woman is convinced that a tree in her garden is possessed by a laughing ghost. Poirot tries to unravel the mystery.

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