Ubisoft Forward: lots of news for the future of Ubisoft video games

The long-awaited has ended Ubisoft Forwardthe event of Ubisoft which outlines the situation of the company showing what are the next videogame releases and future projects in the pipeline. The news announced are manythe most anticipated were the news regarding the new chapter of Assassin’s Creed and more information of Skull and Bonesthe new project where every player can relive his adventure in the dangerous world of pirates, we have deepened the title in nostri precedenti articoli. Below you can find a summary of the main innovations presented at theUbisoft Forward 2022.

Assassin’s Creed Showcase, the next chapter and the future of the series

Let’s start immediately with the hottest and most anticipated topic of the whole event, the new chapter of one of the iconic series of Ubisoftconfirms the rumors previously released and therefore it will be the new one Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The next title in the saga is set in 9th century Baghdadthe hero is the character of Basim Is’haq, first known in the latest title in the series Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The new Assassin’s Creed Mirage was born as a project for pay homage to the first chapters of the sagaso we can expect a Old-fashioned gameplay focused on Stealth and combat with a more relevant use of the hidden blade. We will relive the story of Basim leaving since he was young and since he became a Occult, below the presentation trailer.

The news related to the world of Assassin’s Creed does not end here, on the occasion of theUbisoft Forward The future of the post-Mirage saga has also been revealed, a future rich in content as we will have a Assassin’s Creed RED (codename of the project) that will bring players back to life the period of feudal Japan in full open-world RPG style (developed by the same team as Odyssey), followed by a Assassin’s Creed HEXE (codename of the project). Instead Assassin’s Creed INFINITY (codename of the project) will be a new project (it would appear not to be a video game) which will act as a hub for players from various experiences of the titles of the saga, the details are not well known at the moment. For those who want to have fun with video games even on mobile devices have announced Assassin’s Creed JADE (code name of the project), an adventurous triple action RPG A set in ancient China. Can’t miss the announcement that Ubisoft is working with Netflix to create a live-action adaptation of the saga.

Ubisoft Forward, Assassins Creed Mirage, Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones, more and more news!

With regard to Skull and Bones we had an argument nei nostri articoli the interesting game news presented but the contents do not end here since during the‘Ubisoft Forward they showed a game trailer and another trailer related to the historical context where it is set. From the first we can see how much they are the naval battles and the various customization possibilities are scenic our ship to better prepare for the boarding and sinking of enemy fleets. We find ourselves in the end of 1600, the pirates are taking over the seas and have become a danger to the naval trade of the biggest world powers.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, announced the third DLC

It’s about to arrive there third expansion from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope which will bring a long list of new content including the character of Rayman which will be joined with Rabbid Mario and Rabbid Peach. In the shared game trailer we can see how Mario and his friends are busy in the try to save the planet Earth Flora from the evil Cursa. We just have to wait for the October 20 for the release of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and the new DLC available with the game’s Season Passin addition, a fairly long preview has been published showing part of the fight with the Boss Torcibruco.

The Division, news with the new season of the series

News coming soon for The Division and The Division 2given that the new “Season 10: The Price of Power”Will be available from September 13. With the new Season the agents will be able to start a manhunt to try to find General Peter Anderson, a leader of the True Sons who plans to make new alliances and then take a strong stand against the division. The series has many new features in the pipeline since The Division Heartland will arrive on PC, console and cloud between 2022 and 2023. Work continues on the new mobile title The Division Resurgenceyou can find more information in questi articoli.

Ubisoft Forward, The Division Resurgence

Brawlhalla, the new Crossover is coming

Brawlhalla continues to expand with various innovations, not long before the arrival of the new epic crossover from Brawlhalla-vania which will be available from October 19 and will allow you to start a fantastic event and add to the extensive free fighting game rooster two new characters: Simon BelmontEpic Crossover for Jhala, is a 17th century vampire hunterarmed with his vampire-slaying whip, and Alucard, Epic Crossover for Ezio and son of Dracula, brings his skill in sword and dark magic to the battlefield.


Just Dance 2023 Edition, get ready to dance even more

Nobody can not know Just Dancethere are those who love him and those who hate him but surely he too has played his part in the history of videogames and on the occasion of theUbisoft Fordward 2022 they announced that the November 22 will arrive Just Dance 2023 Edition on Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The game will have a completely different aspect with a platform of “dance on requestand brand new options available, including online player mode and a revamped user interface.

Just Dance 2023

Rainbow Six Mobile: the testing phase begins in the closed beta

The world of Rainbow Six has expanded easily over the years starting with Rainbow Six Siegeto then land in a new game context with Rainbow Six Extraction (qui trovate la recensione) and finally the future is dedicated to the new title for mobile devices Rainbow Six Mobile that we have already seen in questo articolo. The testing phase of the Closed Beta will begin on September 12, will be open to Android users in the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Singapore and India. In this test, i will be present new systems of progress and unlocking of operators, 16 operators, the Bomb and Presidio modes and the Bank and Border maps. At launch, Rainbow Six Mobile will have 5v5 matches, cross-play and voice chat for iOS and Android devices.

Ubisoft Forward, Rainbow Six Mobile

The Crew 2 prepares for Season 6 Episode 2

An important news will arrive on September 14 on The Crew 2 with the new Season 6 Episode 2as for the first time ever i will be introduced icy tracks with nine new events game to test the driver’s driving precision. The new Motorpass of the season adds 50 levels of rewardsincluding special edition vehicles such as Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo Glacier Edition (Hypercar), Mazda RX-3 Supercharged Edition (Street Race) and Dodge SRT Viper GTS Lightning Edition (Street Race).

Riders Republic, get on your BMX in the new Career mode

The event Ubisoft Forward carve out a little space for another hugely successful title by Ubisoftalso for Riders Republic (recensione in questo articolo) the September 14 it is an important date since it will arrive the Season 4: Freestylin‘. With this new Season the new BMX sport complete with Career mode and special events. The Canyonlands area will have a sector entirely dedicated to BMXin addition, players can also try their hand at Vans Waffle Cup and Red Bull Uncontained events to demonstrate skill with the handlebars.

Trackmania: console release announced for 2023

This summary article dedicated toUbisoft Forward 2022 ends with an announcement concerning Trackmaniawhich (already available on PC) will officially come out in early 2023 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Stadia and Amazon Luna. The new free racing game will offer players 280,000 tracks created directly by the community full of treacherous curves and obstacles, giving the opportunity to compete and join together with the community of over 10 million people.

Ubisoft Forward: lots of news for the future of Ubisoft video games