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Legacies is it over? Julie Plec has already rebounded. The specialist in vampire series continues to develop them and this time for Peacock by adapting Vampire Academy, the novels by Richelle Mead. Each episode of Vampire Academy kicks off with a little history lesson about the mythology of the series. It’s a smart way to gradually reveal more about the universe (which we already know if we’ve seen the 2014 film). In any case, from a narrative point of view this idea is well seen because it makes it possible to develop the universe without having to tell everything in the present. You still have to wait a few episodes before you feel comfortable. That’s probably why Peacock uploaded the first four episodes, to soak us in the universe and see the actors become more comfortable with their characters. Vampire Academy has the advantage of bringing some new blood into the vampire series without creating anything shiny.

Despite their class differences, two young women, who are preparing to enter the royal vampire society, bond a deep friendship during their training at St. Vladimir’s Academy.

We immediately find the universe and the atmosphere of Julie Plec’s series. Vampire Academy was co-created here with Marguerite MacIntyre, also from The Vampire Diaries universe. What I often liked about Julie Plec’s work is her ability to transform novels into entertaining series. Despite all that there may be nice in these first four episodes, we are far from the very punchy side of The Vampire Diaries. The latter had known how to quickly immerse us in her universe, which is not necessarily the case with Vampire Academy. It’s nice but not brilliant either. The series takes place in a universe populated by creatures but everything focuses on the bond between Lissa and Rose. Lissa is a Moroi, a deadly vampire who occasionally drinks blood from willing humans and Rose is a Dhampir (half-Moroi, half-human) whose sole purpose is to help Moroi have offspring. There’s a lot of information in these early episodes which in one sense is nice for setting the pace but a bit confusing in others.

Our two heroines fight with personal and literal demons as they study at St Vladimir Academy. The death of Lissa’s entire family creates a bit of emotion, except that’s not exactly what Vampire Academy wants to focus on. The series inevitably lacks depth on this and fails to become endearing as it should be. Lissa and Dimitri form a bit of an Elena / Damon duo without there being any real chemistry between the two. It’s a shame to have a mediocre cast that fails to fully attach us to the characters. The dilemmas of each can give something interesting over the episodes. I almost want to have hope after the fourth episode which is probably one of the most interesting at the moment. Vampire Academy is not perfect but it has ideas and a desire to do great things and embrace its universe. However, it will be necessary to muscle everything quickly.

Rating: 5/10. In short, an introduction that has potential but lacks the charisma of other Julie Plec creations.

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Vampire Academy (Season 1, episodes 1 to 4): school of vampires – Series and film reviews, news – Breaking News, it’s overflowing with gossip