Vampire Survivors: an on

Like blood for vampires

Numbers that jump on the screen showing the damage you do, garish colors, huge number of enemies and appreciate how they disappear with each whiplash, magic or even flying bibles… Ugh! Gratifying. Not only that, the level of progression is dynamic and entertaining, with roguelite elements where our decision may make us reach a higher level and end up surrounded by hundreds of monsters.

But what is it about vampire survivors? This title is an indie roguelike role-playing game developed and published by Luca Galante, also known as poncle. In it we can choose between different characters with particular abilities, Y in each game survive a wave of monsters that are changing, every certain time and levels. The different weapons automatically attack enemies that, when defeated, drop gems to level up.

We will decide between what improvements for the characters we want, from more health, more armor, more luck?, or more speed, among other classic options. There are even chests that appear when we defeat a particular enemy. Everything is non-stop moving on an infinite map?

The cycle of addiction

The gems to gain experience when we kill the enemies do not disappear in this gothic world of terror, calm, what does fade is the time when playing it. It goes by very fast. Die, play again, die, improve, restart. A cycle that generates a dopamine when we see enemies disappear that make us more powerful.

They are sensations that overflow this casual and small work, and that many gamers seek to pass the time. Welcome, right? Like any good roguelite, you have to get equipment as you play, decimating any horde that approaches.

It’s that simple, or not…

Axes, boomerangs, the aforementioned bibles, and more revolve (or not, depending on your decision) around you. Lightning strikes from the sky, areas of water that generate damage appearing in every corner, even small pigeons try to annihilate everything in front of you.

vampire survivors It doesn’t let your eyes rest with the variety of objects that keep appearing on the screen in the form of pixel art. As we move, we have more and more items at our disposal, a system that is somewhat reminiscent of the mechanics of LoopHero.

There are other similar examples like MagicSurvival, Crimsonland and even the ARPG version of vampire survivors called Chronicon. But none that has been in an Early Access period like this has offered as much without requiring additional payments. What do I mean? 7 characters, 24 weapons and 14 power-ups, 10 pills, 34 achievements and 2 stages. And elements that will be added, as time goes by.

Also, vampire survivors was originally coded with HTML5 and then released on for free on March 31, 2021. Several months later, it was released on Steam for a rock-bottom price. On December 17, 2021, to be more exact. On this platform he managed to reach a peak of 77,061 players, and reaching the top 30 of the most played, is no small thing.

You have to play it to feel it

It’s just us and the computer. The screen that illuminates us is focused on the pixels that move in front of us. The option solitaire gives us the possibility to move using WASD on keyboard, as well as joystick or touch screenwhile all the character’s actions are automatic.

Diagonal movement is not vital, but it is important to escape certain enemies. So if you are not used to the keyboard, thumb control is always a good alternative. As for the touch, it would be an eventuality that fits perfectly in the launch of the Steam Deck No? Being simple, it easily adapts to all options. This is confirmed: less is more.

vampire survivors

only 1 person

poncle is a person working on this title, he defines himself as a web and game developer with 7 years of professional experience and some more as an indie. His creations are made from scratch or using various graphics engines available, with a focus on optimization, VFX and eye-catching elements.

And a good future is on the way. In one of the interviews what they did to him, he commented that 9 evolutions left on upgradable weapons, maybe an “endless mode” will be added for later, there will be 5 maps in total, and 8 players left to be shown. In addition, a curious question from some gamers appeared: Does the map have borders? He said you can walk for 30 minutes and not find an edge.

Although the dear Luca has come so far with, according to him, a budget of 1,000 euros, it is known that the development will continue until the end of the early access period, and that the price will increase a little when important content arrives.


But even so, being a very good and cheap work even for the prices of Argentina (ARS $39.99 without taxes), many wonder How else can I help this developer? You can support people who are working or have worked in vampire survivorsfor example, get an illustration of Alessio Grecoor some pixel art in the Twitter from Twiranux, or check this sound design.

Likewise, one of the best ways to help these small launches that give us great joy is word of mouth. In this case, it is the “screen to eyes” thanks to these words that you just read. Are you going to try it?

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