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After unlocking Menya Moonspell, players can evolve her four seasons into Godai Shuffle by finding and leveling up to two particular passive items.

Similar to Gorgeous Moon, Godai Shuffle is one of the best “screen-wiping” weapons in Vampire Survivors, and to obtain it, players must level up Four Seasons. Four Seasons is the starter weapon of Menya, one of eight playable characters in the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Menya also serves as a key to unlocking Four Seasons as a permanent weapon for other characters. This unlock is done by surviving 15 minutes on any stage with Menya, identical to how Silver Wind becomes available after players survive 15 minutes with Miang.

As a result, before players consider acquiring the Godai Shuffle evolution, they must know how to get Menya Moonspell to unlock her Four Seasons weapon in Vampire Survivors. To obtain Menya, fans must evolve Silver Wind, Miang’s starter weapon. As noted above, Silver Wind can be equipped by other characters once players survive 15 minutes with Miang, which should be relatively easy on easier stages like Mad Forest. Silver Wind evolves into Festive Winds once players obtain and max level with Pummarola, a passive item that can be found located southwest of the Mount Moonspell starting area.

Evolve Four Seasons to Godai Shuffle in Vampire Survivors

After unlocking Menya with Festive Winds in Vampire Survivors, players can then make Four Seasons available to other units by using Menya for 15 minutes on a stage. The next step is to evolve Four Seasons into Godai Shuffle, an evolution process that requires two passive items: Candelabrador and Spinach. Luckily, both are relatively easy to find on the Mount Moonspell map in Vampire Survivors. If players look at their Milky Way map while pausing, they will see that Candelabrador is directly north of the starting area, while Spinach is southeast of the player character’s spawn point. Alternatively, using Mad Groove Arcana will bring both of these passives directly to players, effortlessly.

Next, fans must survive the horde while maxing out Candelabrador and Spinach to acquire the Four Seasons evolution of Godai Shuffle in Vampire Survivors. YouTuber Nuzzy recommends players use Hurry Mode for faster leveling and only choose one Max weapon, allowing them to focus on building up their four seasons in battle. Nuzzy also advises players to leave the first chest that drops from boss mobs and collect it after Candelabrador and Passive Spinach reach max level for instant evolution to Godai Shuffle. Finally, players should also be sure to get Four Seasons at level 8 in Vampire Survivors; otherwise, the evolution will not trigger properly.

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    Summary: Vampire Survivors is a roguelike shoot-’em-up in which players choose from multiple characters as they battle the hordes of the night to survive and face the ultimate evil that awaits them in the end. Levels are thirty-minute survival excursions where players will wander around a map, automatically triggering abilities they collect to defeat endless waves of enemies. To improve their characters permanently, players can collect gold and complete in-game tasks that will unlock new relics, weapons, and characters as they progress through the game to unlock new levels and upgrades. new difficulties and save additional survivors. Vampire Survivors originally debuted on December 17, 2021, as Early Access and released version 1.0 in October 2022 on PC. The game arrived on the Xbox family of consoles on November 10, 2022.

Vampire Survivors: How To Get (And Evolve) Four Seasons | Pretty Reel