Vampire Survivors: how to kill and unlock Death?

Do you play Vampire Survivors and want to know how to kill Death and unlock him? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will explain everything about this fearsome boss.

Vampire Survivors is a hyper addictive RPG with roguelike elements created by one person. In this game, you have to survive against waves of enemies and it’s really fun.

There are tons of monsters, playable characters, weapons, items, and other bonuses in Vampire Survivors. There are also fearsome bosses to fight, and Death is one of them! Feel free to keep reading to learn all about this opponent.

Where to find Death in Vampire Survivors?

In Vampire Survivors you spend hours trying to survive as long as possible, and sometimes you will have to face bosses. The most difficult is undoubtedly Death. And in addition there are two different ones!

The first is Red Death, also called The Reaper. It is the ”final” boss of a game, which appears at the end of your 30 minutes of play. It is possible to defeat it but it is very difficult. The second is White Death, also called White Hand, which is the real Death in the world of Vampire Survivors. It spawns once Red Death is beaten using a certain build. But it’s not possible to beat him, so don’t even try to confront him.

Without preparation, it’s almost impossible to beat Red Death, and you’ll probably have to experiment with different builds and combos before you can beat him.

How to kill Death in Vampire Survivors?

Death appears on the map when the time limit is reached. This boss inflicts 65,535 points of damage with each hit and has a life gauge of 655,350 points. Which is much more than the player at the time Death appears. It is therefore necessary to opt for the best weapons.

One of the best combos is the Infinite Corridor and the Crimson Shroud. These weapons are so powerful that if you defeat Death with them, White Hand will appear to kill you. But it’s worth it !

To collect these weapons, you must have Clock Lancet and Laurel in your possession, then find the Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right to evolve them. But before that, you must have the Yellow Sign to be able to unlock them. You will find it in the Moongolow level.

Once you have Infinite Corridor and Crimson Shroud, Death will be almost as easy to beat as other enemies in the game. You will be protected from deadly attacks and deal heavy damage to this boss. Enough to kill him quickly!

How to unlock Death in Vampire Survivors?

Just beat it and then buy it from the shop for 666 coins. His basic weapon is the Death Spiral and here are his stats:

  • Power +20%
  • Max Health -255
  • Movement Speed ​​+100%

There you go, you now know how to beat Death to unlock him and then play with him in Vampire Survivors!

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Vampire Survivors: how to kill and unlock Death?