Vampire Survivors: how to kill and unlock Leda, the secret character?

Want to learn how to kill and unlock Leda, the secret character present in Vampire Survivors? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will give you all the steps to follow.

Vampire Survivors is a hyper addictive RPG with roguelike elements created by one person. In this game, you have to survive against waves of enemies and it’s really fun.

There are tons of monsters, playable characters, weapons, items, and other bonuses in Vampire Survivors. Plus there are tons of secrets to unearth! Leda is one of those secrets and we will immediately tell you where to find her, how to beat her and how to unlock her.

Where is Leda in Vampire Survivors and how to kill her?

As said before, there are a lot of secrets in this game. This also applies to items, weapons and bosses. Some bosses are very well hidden and it can be easy to miss them, which is the case with Leda.

Leda is a hidden boss in Gallo Tower that looks like a meatball, and if you don’t know where to look for her you might completely miss her without seeing her. What’s more, you have to beat her to be able to unlock her in game.

In fact, the hardest part is finding it! First go to the Gallo Tower, which is the fourth level in Vampire Survivors. There you will have to go to the very bottom of the map. As you get closer to Leda, the corners of your screen will start to darken. You find it as soon as your screen goes completely black, except for a small lit area around your character. All that remains is to kill her, which is much easier than for other bosses.

Attack her constantly and don’t get too far away. It’s very slow and you’re unlikely to get hit unless you don’t move! Be careful though, his blows are deadly, so be careful not to get hit.

Not all characters are effective at killing Leda. It takes a very fast character to both reach and defeat her, so you should use Mask of the Red Death. He is the first secret character in the game to unlock. As Death, you should beat Leda quite easily, but be careful not to get too far from her.

How to unlock Leda in Vampire Survivors?

It is unlocked in the same way as Red Death: just beat it and it will then end up in the shop. It costs 666 coins and you will not regret buying it at all since its basic weapon is the Holy Wand, an advanced weapon. Its statistics are also very interesting:

  • Greed -80%
  • Cooldown -10%
  • Area +10%
  • Power +100%
  • Movement speed -20%
  • Armor +5%

There you go, you know everything about Leda in Vampire Survivors! You can now search for her, beat her and then unlock her to embody her in game. She is difficult to find but easy to kill, and she is then formidable if you decide to play with her!

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Vampire Survivors: how to kill and unlock Leda, the secret character?