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Very Italian and very funny Vampire Survivors (available on Xbox Game Pass) is one of the most interesting phenomena of this 2022 video game, thanks to its ability to conquer the public with a very simple and immediate gameplay, which game after game becomes more and more engaging and makes it impossible to let go of the controller.

In particular it is progression built on unlocking new content, whether playable characters, levels or skills, make this little indie gem irresistible. Specifically we will talk about the characters present in the game, which can be unlocked using the coins that we will collect during our games.

Vampire Survivors unlock characters

Some of the cast members of Vampire Survivors However require extra steps before they can be “purchased” and added to the ranks of usable characters. Thanks to the list that you find below, you can find out how to get access to each fighter.

  • Anthony – Available immediately.
  • Imelda – Available immediately.
  • Pasqualina – Available immediately.
  • Gennaro – Available immediately.
  • Ark – Raise the Fire Wand to level 4.
  • Brings – Raise the Lightning Ring to level 4.
  • Lama – Survive 20 minutes with at least 10% Curse.
  • Poe – Raise the Garlic to level 7.
  • Clerics – Recovers a total of 1000 HP.
  • Summary – Earn 5000 coins in one run.
  • Krochi – Defeat a total of 100,000 enemies.
  • Christine – Raise the Pentagram to level 7.
  • Stab her – Find and open the coffin in the Mad Forest.
  • Joanna – Find and open the coffin in the Inlaid Library.
  • Poppea – Find and open the coffin in the Dairy Plant.
  • Concetta – Find and open the coffin in the Gallo Tower.
  • Damn – Defeat a total of 3,000 Skeletons.
  • Horse – Defeat a total of 3,000 Lion Heads.
  • Ramba – Defeat a total of 3,000 Milk Elementals.
  • Or sun – Defeat a total of 3,000 Dragon Shrimps.
  • Ambrojoe – Defeat a total of 6,000 Stage Killers.
  • Zi’ssunta – Find and open the coffin in the Cappella Magna.
  • Sigma – Complete all items in the Collection.


It is a series of characters that can be obtained by fulfilling special conditions, which are suggested on the page of Secrets once unlocked. To access the page you need to obtain the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane defeating him Sketamari in the Bone pit.

To get access to Secrets ahead of time simply enter the Collection and click many times on Yellow sign until the message “Now you are a magician”.

Vampire Survivors secret characters

From the page Secrets it is also possible to “cast spells” (literally cheat codes) which will allow you to instantly unlock these characters. Here is the complete list:

  • Exdash Exiviiq – type the spell “x-x1viiq”
  • Toasties – type the spell “sandwiches”
  • Smith IV – type the spell “maybeimastallion”
  • Random – type the spell “igottagettotheedgeofsoul”
  • Boon Marrabbio – type the spell “fettinepanate”
  • Avatar Infernas – type the spell “kalvasflam”
  • Minnah Mannarah – type the spell “foldinthecheese”
  • Leda – type the spell “iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme”
  • Peacock Cosmos – type the spell “lhovistoio”
  • Peppino – type the spell “pinociampino”
  • Pants Lone – type the spell “earrivatolarrotino”
  • missingN▯ – type the spell “rightninetyseven”
  • Gains Boros – type the spell “highfive”
  • Gyorunton – type the “secondevolution” spell
  • Mask of the Red Death – type the spell “ablasphemousmockery”
  • Scorej-Oni – type the spell “notsureitsthunder”

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Vampire Survivors, how to unlock all characters |