Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock All DLC & Base Game Characters

Vampire Survivors with its minimalistic but addictive gameplay it is proving to be one of the most enjoyable action games of recent years. One of the most interesting aspects of the Italian developer’s game poncle is being able to face endless hordes of monsters of the night with a varied cast of characters, each characterized by different passive skills and bonuses. Taking advantage of the launch of Vampire Survivors also on iOS and Android mobile devices (it is also available on PC, Xbox and Game Pass), in this guide we will explain how to unlock all characters.

At the moment in Vampire Survivors are available 49 playable characters between the standard game and the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC. Most of them you’ll have to unlock by completing specific requirements, such as upgrading a weapon to a specific level during a match or by killing a set number of enemies. In some cases you will first have to open coffins hidden in the levels and marked with a question mark in the Milky Way Map, which is unlocked in the Dairy.

Once these conditions are met, characters will become available for purchase, with base prices increasing by 10% for each warrior obtained. Also, if you want, you can use cheats to unlock characters, using certain ones password from the secrets menu, which is unlocked by obtaining the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane in the Pit of Bones stage.

Below we have divided the Vampire Survivors characters into standard and special, base game and Legacy of the Moonspell DLC.

NB: We will update the guide with new characters and terms in Italian as new Vampire Survivors updates come out. Characters from the DLC and some from the base game are not yet available on mobile devices.

Secret Characters

Between the effects of the weapons and the enemies crowding the screen, it’s easy to feel disoriented in the first few games

In addition to the characters mentioned above, there are also gods in Vampire Survivors secret characters, of which the unlock information is included only in the “secrets” section, with vague indications on how to get them. Usually it is a question of killing hidden enemies within stages or seeing easter eggs activated.

Exdash Exiviiq

  • How to unlock: only via password (in this case also by typing it from the main menu) or alternatively by collecting four-leaf clovers, even if the probability is very low. Unlocks for 777 coins
  • Password: x-x1viiq
  • Starting weapon: Ebony Wings
  • Passive bonus: nobody
  • Starting Bonus Stats: Max Health -23, Movement -10%, Area -10%, Speed ​​-50%, Duration -10%, Cooldown +10%, and 100% Luck


  • How to unlock: defeat a Stalker, Drowner or Trickster after obtaining Exdash. Once done, Toastie will appear for about half a second at the bottom right of the screen: press “arrow down” + “Enter”, if you hear a jingle it means that you have done everything correctly and you have unlocked Toastie.
  • Password: Sandwich
  • Starting weapon: Pigeon
  • Passive bonus: nobody
  • Starting Bonus Stats: Max Health -99, Movement 20%, Power -10%, Area -10%, Duration -10%, Cooldown +10%, and Luck +100%

Smith IV

  • How to unlock: after obtaining Exdash and Toastie, type “spam” in the main menu: a hidden 30 second countdown will start. Enter the character selection menu and type “spam” again, do the same also in the stage selection screen and once the game has started type “humbug”. Unlocks with 777 coins.
  • Password: maybeimastallion
  • Starting weapon: Vandalier
  • Passive bonus: nobody
  • Starting Bonus Stats: Max Health -93, Movement – +20%, Power -10%, Area -10%, Speed ​​-50%, Duration -10%, Cooldown +10%, Luck +100%


  • How to unlock: open any coffin you have already opened before. It unlocks with 5000 coins.
  • Password: igotjettheedgeofsoul
  • Starting weapon: random
  • Passive bonus: appears with one of eight different names and completely random stats
  • Starting Bonus Stats: random

Boon Marrabbio

  • How to unlock: you get the yellow sign in the forest
  • Password:
  • Starting weapon:
  • Passive bonus:
  • Starting Bonus Stats: here

Avatar Infernas

  • How to unlock: using the password or with a specific procedure. Once you defeat the final boss of Vampire Survivors go to the Library with Inverted mode turned on. Get the Pigeon and Ebony Wings weapons, then head west (to the right). As you progress you will come across a Trickster who is playing the piano, eliminate him. Now you will have to play a melody with the piano following the order suggested by the Pigeon and Ebony Wings. Once done, the stage will darken and numerous enemies will appear. What you have to do now is survive and in the process find and open nine coffins scattered throughout the level. Once done Avatar Infernas will appear as an enemy, you just have to defeat him. Unlocks with 666 coins.
  • Password: kalvaslam
  • Starting weapon: Flames of Misspell
  • Passive bonus: begins with Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire. Gains Curse +0.5%, Power +0.5%, Movement +2% and Cooldown -0.25% at each level, unlimited. At higher levels it becomes uncontrollable due to the high speed of movements.
  • Starting Bonus Stats: max health +60, Power +50%, Luck +50%, Magnet +100%, 1 Resurrection and 10 Resort

Minnah Mannarah

  • How to unlock: after getting the Yellow Sign, enter the Dairy and collect the cheese. It is located west of the Armor item, marked with a chicken icon on the map. Once done, 7 werewolves will appear, defeat them to get the character. Unlocks with 666 coins.
  • Password: foldinthecheese
  • Starting weapon: Bloody Tears
  • Passive bonus: Power increases as you level up, but its stats change between Power, Speed, Duration, Area, and Cooldown every minute.
  • Starting Bonus Stats: Max Health +50, Recovery +0.5, Power -70%


  • How to unlock: start a game in the Torre del Gallo, possibly with a fast-moving character and activating the Hyper mode. Move south without stopping until you see the edges of the screen go dark, the music is replaced by wind noise and the letters “IAMALIVEHERE” appear. At this point Leda should appear as an enemy, who you will need to defeat, but be careful she is difficult to spot in the chaos as she is slow and cannot teleport.
  • Password: iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme
  • Starting weapon: Holy wand
  • Passive bonus: nobody
  • Starting Bonus Stats: Armor +5, Movement -20%, Power +100%, Area +10%, Cooldown -10% and Greed -80%

Peacock Cosmos

  • How to unlock: after unlocking the Yellow Sign and Zi’Assunta Belpaese. Start a game of Cappella Magna with a character with 0 Eggs. Get the Peachone and Ebony Wings weapons and head north past the Corona and Tiragisu items, until you come across a Tanto Fried Nduja on a balcony. Pick up the item and Cosmo will appear. Approach him to get it. Unlocks with 666 coins
  • Password: the seehouse
  • Starting weapon: Peachone and Ebony Wings
  • Passive bonus: gains Recovery +1 and Luck +1% at each level. Gains a Resurrection every 100 levels. He can only use his starting weapons, which are upgraded every 5 levels starting from level 10 up to 40. Each time Cosmo is resurrected a Rosary effect is activated.
  • Starting Bonus Stats: max health -80, Recovery +1, Movement +30%, Luck +20%, Resurrection +1


  • How to unlock: In the Molise map, use the Celestial Dusting weapon (O’Sole’s starting weapon) to attack the plants, which heals them rather than harming them. Once you have recovered 100,000 plant health points, you will hear a musical tune: it is the confirmation that you have unlocked Peppino. You just have to buy it for 666 coins.
  • Password: pinociampino
  • Starting weapon: Soul Eater
  • Passive bonus: Start with Small Area (-60%). Gains Area +10% at certain levels up to 21, up to a total of +60%, thus resetting the malus.
  • Starting Bonus Stats: max health +20, Armor +2, Area -60%, Magnet +100%, Movement -100%

Big Trouser

  • How to unlock: In the Moongolow bonus stage, collect all 16 floor objects on the map and level them all up. Once done manually quit the game to get the character. It unlocks with 5000 coins
  • Password: and arrived the roaster
  • Starting weapon: Candyboxes
  • Passive bonus: gains Greed +1% at each level and increases the duration of the Gold Fever status
  • Starting Bonus Stats: Movement +30%, Greed +20%


  • How to unlock: After earning the Yellow Mark, start a match on the Green Acres bonus stage with Hyper and Hurry modes active. Take exactly 18 steps south and 18 west (just move diagonally), at which the appearance of the map will change drastically. Numerous eye-shaped enemies will appear, kill 128 of them to get MissingN0. Unlocks with 66,666 coins
  • Password: rightninetyseven
  • Starting weapon: Ax and Death Spiral
  • Passive bonus: random stats
  • Starting Bonus Stats: random stats

Gains Boros

  • How to unlock: In the Pit of Bones map, head north past the Silver Ring, to find a flower ring that heals your character. Stay inside for 10 seconds, until you hear a musical tune. Now you just have to unlock the character for 666 coins
  • Password: highfive
  • Starting weapon: Heaven Sword
  • Passive bonus: gains +2% Growth at each level
  • Starting Bonus Stats: none


  • How to unlock: is obtained by surviving 15 minutes in the Boss Vent stage using only one weapon. It unlocks with 5000 coins
  • Password: second evolution
  • Starting weapon: bracelet
  • Passive bonus: gain Curse +1% at each level. He can find weapon evolutions in any chest
  • Starting Bonus Stats: max health +200, Power +30%, Resurrection +2

Mask of the Red Death

  • How to unlock: you will have to kill Death, easier said than done, as he is lethal, has a meaningless HP number and when hit he approaches the player rather than being knocked back. To take him down requires great firepower and weapons that can block him, such as the Orologion. Unlocks in the shop for 666 coins
  • Password: ablasphemousmockery
  • Starting weapon: Death Spiral
  • Passive bonus:
  • Starting Bonus Stats: max health +155, Movement +100%, Power +20%


  • How to unlock: on the Tiny Bridge map, advance 20 spaces to the right. The Scorej-Oni will appear as an enemy. Eliminate him and you can unlock him for 5,000 coins
  • Password: notsureitsthunder
  • Starting weapon: Lightning ring
  • Passive bonus: gains a Ring of Lightning every 8 levels (maximum 6) which also fires when the character takes damage. The weapon upgrades every 12 levels until it reaches power rank 8 at level 84.
  • Starting Bonus Stats: Max Health +8, Movement -20%, Area +20%

Vampire Survivors: How To Unlock All DLC & Base Game Characters