Vampire Survivors is free on mobile and definitely worth playing

The smartphone version of Vampire Survivors is a success and it is above all thanks to the monumental efforts of the developers.

In the family ofdie and retry” (hear “die and try again“), vampire survivors is a true nugget of fun and satisfying gameplay. The title released on October 20, 2022 on PC has met with monumental success on Steam, and it is deserved. This game with pixelated graphics of a simplicity that is reminiscent of the Super Nintendo or the NES proposes to embody a vampire hunter facing hordes of monsters. There’s only one thing to do: move while your character is auto-attacking. You have to be skilled enough to avoid enemy attacks and gain experience to become stronger and stronger.

This mechanism coupled with the improvement between two parts like the greatest rogue-lites make this little game an addictive adventure. We start again and again without ever getting tired. Of course, such gameplay is absolutely ideal for mobile games. The smartphone version of vampire survivors was therefore quick to point the tip of his nose on December 8, but this reactivity is not only due to this evidence. For the developers, releasing this port was a real race against time.

One version to rule them all

vampire survivors on mobile should have taken longer to reach us. The idea for this adaptation did not take long to germinate, but the creator of the game Luca Galante could not find a partner for the publication. The problem: the business model.

Shortly after the initial success of VS, I started looking for a partner to work on the mobile version of the game. Unfortunately, none of the people I was able to talk to agreed with the monetization I wanted for the platform: non-abusive.

By wanting to offer the game for free and without microtransactions to satisfy players, the Poncle studio teams had a hard time convincing external development studios. This could have greatly postponed the release of the title on smartphones, but it was not without counting on malicious developers wishing to ride the wave of the title’s success.

Many copies have started to appearthus pushing for the development of this port by the developers of the original. “A large amount of clones, not games like Vampire Survivors but scaled copies with stolen code, assets, data and progression started appearing everywhere“, explains Luca Galante.

Finally, the development of the game had to be carried out at high speed, which generated “a lot of pressure on the teams who weren’t supposed to work on this project originally.“Despite everything, the efforts paid off and vampire survivors now stands out as one of the best games on Android and iOS.

It is possible to play it without having to spend a single penny. The title generates money by offering an entirely optional pub for a free resurrection per game, as well as for doubling the bet after Game Over. If you are looking for something to occupy your journeys by public transport, this nugget is just waiting to entertain you! The game is also available on PC and console via Game Pass.

Vampire Survivors is free on mobile and definitely worth playing