Vampire Survivors: MissingNo, how to unlock the secret character?

Update of 02/21:
As of Update 0.2.13, which arrived on February 20, 2022, the character MissingNo is no longer available and has been replaced by Death, or Red Death.

MissingNo, the playable boss of Vampire Survivors

Stats MissingNoIn vampire survivors, different characters are offered to players to perform their runs, the latter offering their own skills and statistics. However, while a hidden and secret character, called Exdash Exiviiq, can be recovered after performing a small manipulation, another character, which you have already had the opportunity to meet in game, can also be unlocked. Indeed, the independent developer, Luca Galante, had the idea to make playable the boss who kills you, normally systematically, after 30 minutes of play.

This character, called MissingNo in reference to Pokemonoffers statistics that will undoubtedly allow you to experiment vampire survivors in a completely different way since all set completely random each time you return to the character selection screen. As a result, you may end up with a MissingNo monstrous, crushing the waves of enemies before they even approach him, or with a gruesome version where each enemy crossed will turn out to be a mini-boss.

How to unlock MissingNo on Vampire Survivors?

MissingNoTo recover MissingNo, the one and only way is to manage to kill him when he arrives at the thirtieth minute of your game. However, as you will have noticed, the boss does not really give you time to breathe and, unless you are extremely lucky and play with the decor of the library, your various attempts will be in vain. Obviously, for the smart ones who would have thought of it, the Pentagram object, on good timing, does not allow you to kill Death, otherwise called MissingNo. Therefore, it is better to use much darker techniques to achieve its ends.

Of course, it is important to specify that the technique for appropriating MissingNo in vampire survivors is considered to be of cheatedsince it is mandatory to modify the game files to hope to play this character.

I confirm that I want to cheat and see how to unlock MissingNo

  1. Quit Vampire Survivors if currently running.
  2. See you in your Library » Steam, right click on Vampire Survivors, select « To manage ” then ” Browse local files “.
  3. Then go to the folder “ resources > app > .webpack > renderer “.
  4. Make a backup of the file ” main.bundle.js by copying and pasting it into the same folder.
  5. Once the backup is done, open the “ main.bundle.js original with a text editor such as Notepad++.
  6. Search for the string ” p_poe.png (without the quotes) with the feature ” To research » of your text editor.
  7. In continuity, you should encounter, a few characters later, the properties ” maxHp », « armor ” and ” regen ” with the following respective values ​​” 0x46 », « 0x0 ” and ” 0x0 “.
  8. Set them as is” 0x46000000000 », « 0x1000000000 ” and ” 0x1000000000 “.
  9. Then search for the string “Garlic.png” (without quotes).
  10. A few characters later, change the value of ” power ” putting ” 1000000000.5 ” en lieu and in place of ” 0.5 “.
  11. Save the changes made.
  12. Launch Vampire Survivors and select the character Poe, the Onion Old Man.
  13. Do your 30-minute run, without evolving the Garlic into Soul Eater, and kill the final boss. Good game, MissingNo is now available in your character list and playable.
  14. Remember to put the ” main.bundle.js in order to find the values ​​of Poe and Garlic by default.

As a reminder, vampire survivors was released on December 17, 2021 on Steam, although its developer had offered many versions before on the project’s page.

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