Vampire Survivors

The most trendy game of the moment in flesh and fangs!

Vampire Survivors, it’s kind of crazy hype when in writing, we weren’t fighting to take the test. The first visuals were a bit scary and looked like a rough-hewn mobile game. As it’s about vampires and it’s common knowledge that I like it between Vampire The Masquerade, Castlevania and the recent Evil West… In short, I’m getting into Vampire Survivors.

The vault lottery!

And there, it’s the slap! Nah, but not like the visual slap or like the game is so beautiful! Vampire Survivors remains a pixel game (and not licked pixels) but it’s like tasting a drug, it’s like fishing in Fortnite! We don’t want to stop playing Vampire Survivors when we start a game.


The principle is giga con: we choose a hero to start (more than forty are available in the end), then one of the courses (5 basic plus variants and bonuses). Each character has a starting weapon and a small bonus. The first character is a local “Simon Belmont” with his whip, but we have mages, knife throwers… Then we land on the map in a kind of top view and we have to survive the waves of monsters. as long as possible. The more time passes, the more the creatures are numerous and angry. But, the more monsters you stumble, the more XP you can have to grab a weapon or a bonus to choose from 3 random ones. Ditto for chests that give money and random abilities. The money will boost your stats or pay for a character at the end of the game because Vampire Survivors is indeed a roguelite.

Get out of mimes!

But a roguelite that makes me take a sentence from a Riggs test: “Engineers have developed a controller with buttons, triggers, haptic feedback, etc. ” And I play… only with the left stick (or the directional cross). Indeed, except to validate an option or a menu, I only move because as in some shoot’em ups, our character throws the sauce all alone. For some weapons, you have to look in the right direction to “aim” but for the rest, it sends everywhere. Car Vampire Survivors is a bullet hell roguelite that does not lace. We try to survive and zigzag between the hordes of monsters while knocking them out. The conditions follow one another, the monsters too and each game, we tell ourselves that we will succeed in surviving one more minute!

Yeah, I’m not bad at billiards!

The worst part is that it works. It’s hard to explain why and how, but you become addicted to the game. In another genre, it reminds me of when I was playing Gauntlet on the NES, I was playing, I was nawak but I was stuck. Here, it’s the same, when I launched the game, I said to myself: “it’s good, I understood the principle, 5 minutes of play will be enough for me”. Bah… Maybe 5 minutes will be enough but 50 minutes later, I still had the pad in my hand. And there, when I write to you, I want to relaunch it immediately after writing my article.

Take some “magic powder”!

The worst part is that Vampire Survivors is in the Game Pass, it’s like offering free drugs at the subway exit! Drugs even for addicts to success because there is a slew of them just waiting to be unlocked! Like what, a game may not be beautiful, it may have a super basic gameplay but be super addictive! Good… Now that it’s done, I’m just going to take my dose, not much, just 5 minutes… But before that, you’ll have to rate the game and that’s the hardest part because basic said, that it’s not beautiful and that the gameplay is limited but it is effective with a lifespan and a fun so addictive that to use a sentence that we say for certain games: “we won’t dream of it the night eh! (Finally though)” .

A successful game…

Vampire Survivors – The game that has long teeth!