Vampire: The Masquerade – Sabbat: The Black Hand review


- Kind : Additional context
- Size: Book of 136 color pages, cardboard cover
- Authors: J. Achilli, AA. Alexander, K. Khelil, K. Muammar
- publisher: Arkhane Asylum
- Cover illustration: Mr. Kelly
- Interior illustrations: T. Arfet, E. Emka, M. Kelly, M. Simonetti
- French version: Yes
- CPAP: 40 euros


“No sect arouses so much fear of its vocation, so much revulsion at its ideologies, as the Sabbat.

The self-proclaimed sword of Can wages a war, a war of the ages, a holy war, a war of Genna, against the legendary progenitors of the clans, the antediluvians.

According to the text of the Book of Nod, the Sabbat seeks to avenge Can’s ancient betrayal at the hands of his rebellious infants, and seeks nothing less than the destruction of the antediluvians and the subjugation of the mortal world a cruel hierarchy at the top of where the vampires hang.

This book is a guide to the antagonistic Sabbat fanatical cultists. It includes in particular:

- A description of the paths to Enlightenment, the foundations of Sabbat identity.
- Information on the war of Genna and how the Sabbat opposes the terrible antediluvians.
- New tools to flesh out your chronicles, including powers of discipline, versatile antagonists, and the terrifying Ritae of the Black Hand.”


After a Introduction (5 pages), the book is divided into 5 parts:

- Light the fire (8 pages), gives the constituent elements of the Black Hand, from the virtuous supremacy of the Blood, towards the endless conflicts.

- Apostates from a cruel church (52 pages), lists the Paths and Disciplines of each.

- A living flame (20 pages), describes the life of an Antitribu, the objectives of the Sabbat, the reality of the Ways, as well as the titles and roles within the packs.

- The war of the Ghenna (14 pages), details the history of the wars and describes their current situations.

- Storyteller Resources (22 pages), delivers the secrets of elements of the universe of the domain of the Sabbat, themes and elements of scenarios featuring them.


The Sabbat sect, and its fanatical followers, rest upon the Dark World the sword of Can. Like Damocls, it threatens the established order experienced by the player characters.

The version of this 5th edition is above all an antagonism, a vampiric supremacy, they give themselves entirely to this fight (note the irony of those who take up the fight against oppression by making themselves mere pawns of a fanatical servility, any resemblance to the extremist parties of our world is of course purely coincidental).

The storyteller will have free rein to animate them according to the needs of their game, as the Sabbat has suffered a great collapse, especially after its failed Second Inquisition. The walls are shaking and only hatred seems to unite the various members of the Black Hand now.

These enemies will therefore make it possible to tackle even stronger themes than usual: monstrosity, blind fanaticism, sacrifice, extreme and blind violence, alienation, inhumanity, the liberation of the Beast within, and the devilry of the antediluvians!

Vampire: The Masquerade – Sabbat: The Black Hand review