Vampire TV series to watch

THE vampires I am fascinating creatures which over the years have arrived on small screen many thanks TV shows. Some of these series are now considered a real cultthat all the vampire aficionados must see. But they are also available interesting new offers. We have selected them for you top 10 vampire tv series that deserve to be discovered.

Why do we like vampire TV series?

Before going to discover the best vampire series absolutely, let’s try to understand why we like vampires so much. These creatures of the night they are described as beautiful, able to charm and fascinate every human being, sensual. But at the same time they are ruthless creatures who would do anything to quench their thirst for bloodcreatures nothing short of terrifying. Just because they seem constantly hovering between opposites, manage to enchant the viewer. Not forgetting that some vampires, despite having lost their souls, are described as capable of falling in love, of being kindto experience human emotions and feelings.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

She is the most loved vampire TV series from the 90sconsidered a cult title. To interpret Buffy we find Sarah Michelle Gellarwhich thanks to this television series has reached the worldwide fame. It’s a high school student like many who discovers, however, that he is actually one chosen. In fact, she is the new one huntress. His job is kill all vampires he encounters and prevent evil from taking over the world. Over the course of the seasons Buffy falls in love with two vampires, Angel with whom he lives a love that is nothing short of romantic and bold, nonconformist and funny Spikes.

True Blood

Between Sky’s best vampire TV series of the 2000s we must surely remember also True Blood, which draws inspiration from novels by Charlaine Harris. Protagonist is Sookieplayed by Anna Paquin, a waitress possessing a powerful telepathic ability. Sookie starts a romance with the vampire Billinterpreted by Stephen Moyer. Their relationship is certainly not frowned upon, neither by humans nor by vampires. Not only that, there are those who want to hunt every magical creature considered dangerous, a group of enemies to beware of.

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the Vampire Diaries

the Vampire Diaries it’s a 2000s vampire TV series. In fact, it came out in 2009. There are 8 seasons available, seasons that are rich in horror elements but also one good dose of romance. Yes, because this is after all one love story. Protagonist is Elena Gilbert who feels an intense love for two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatorea real love triangle in short that keeps the viewer with the breath in suspense from the first to the last episode.

The Originals

Vampires, but not only. Also witches, werewolves and many others terrifying creatures populate the episodes of The Originals. Protagonist an ancient Original vampire family, the Mikaelsons. Not everyone knows it, but it is spin off of the Vampire Diaries.


This TV series instead it is spin-off of The Originals. The protagonists are some students of the Salvatore School for the Young and Giftedamong which Hope Mikaelsonhalf werewolffor a quarter vampire and for a quarter witch. Hope goes all out for try to become a good and kind personbut it is certainly not simple keep your terrible urges at bay.

Van Helsing

This vampire series is based on graphic novels Helsing of Entertainment and is set in a terrifying future. After a natural disaster, the sunlight has been darkened forever. It’s now creatures of the night then to hold the power. Very few humans left on the face of the earthhumans who have to deal with the vampires and many other bloodthirsty creatures everyday. Among them, Professor Abraham Van Helsing interpreted by Hugh Jackman. His goal is to kill all evil creatures that meets on its way and to arrive at Count Dracula and his three wives.


Between best vampire tv series on Netflix we also remember Dracula. It is actually a mini series of just 3 episodesperfect for a Saturday evening different from the usual, full of thrill. Yes, of the thrill, because in this series Dracula is told in the most classic way, a monstrous and bloodthirsty creaturewith a twisted sense of humor to say the least at the same time seductive. In short, nothing to do with the new generation characters to which we are now accustomed, undoubtedly an excellent choice for those who want rediscover the most classic flavor of the Gothic style.

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Among the others interesting TV series about vampires and werewolves of Netflix, we must also remember this French title. This alone is undoubtedly a reason to watch this series, the only one made in Europe indeed. She was aepidemic which took place over 500 years ago to create in man a genetic mutation that led to the birth of vampiresbeings that at first glance they look like human beings like all just that they just can’t stand the sun’s rays and I’m bloodthirsty.

What We Do in the Shadows

Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja and Colin are one staten island vampire family and this series is nothing if not a real one Reality show. Yes, because it is or tourist as if these vampires are followed every day by a television crew intent on recounting their daily lives. As it is easy to understand, this is a series ironic and very funny. It is available on Disney+.

First Kill

If the TV series about vampires, witches, werewolves I am your passionlatest news from Netflix is a title that you absolutely cannot miss. There First Kill storyline is set in Savannah, Georgiaand sees as protagonists Jules and Cal, two girls just sixteen years old among which a passionate and romantic is born love story. A forbidden love story, since one is one vampire who is part of the vampire aristocracy and the other instead come from a family of monster hunters.

Vampire TV series to watch