Vampires invade heroes in Marvel and Captain America has allied himself with Apocalypse in Dark Ages #2

Tom Taylor and Iban Coello have had fun like children freely using the marvel characters in the second number Dark Ages. The comic, which began by proposing the story of an alternate Universe where all living beings on Earth were plunged into the deepest darkness after a catastrophe of cosmic dimensions, has stepped on the accelerator offering us the reconfiguration of the status quo of many heroes and villains of the publisher.

This is what Marvel heroes and villains became when the power went out

Reading this issue and having savored the prologue that was Dark Ages #1we realize that it is at number two where the story that Tom Taylor wants to tell us really beginsbecause it is here where the scriptwriter shows us the board with which he is going to play, making the first moves of the pieces he has arranged.

The night belongs to vampires and werewolves | Image: Marvel Comics

Placing ourselves in this new present, we discover that many of the heroes and villains of marvel comics died after the Unmaker attack and that all electrical energy has disappeared, and so, vampires and werewolves have taken advantage of the prevailing darkness for years, becoming fierce hunters of humans at night.

In this future where civilization has collapsed, heroes and villains begin to make all kinds of alliances and new teams with each other. In this way, we were able to witness the Captain America betraying and kidnapping Tony Stark in favor of Apocalypse, although the truth is that this version of Steve Rogers was actually the shapeshifter Mystic. The captors take Tony to Apocalypse’s lair, where to our surprise we notice that Reed Richards and other Marvel heroes have allied themselves with the mighty mutant.

Tony Stark was kidnapped by Apocalypse | Image: Marvel Comics

Apocalypse’s intention is clear: to reawaken Unmaker to use all the entity’s cosmic power for his benefit, and for this he has encapsulated Magneto, by means of which he is capable of generating electrical energy. Tom Taylor hasn’t revealed to us how Iron Man might help the mutant dictator in his plans to bring back the Unmaker, but for the cover of Dark Ages #3 We can guess that Iron Man will suffer the consequences of Apocalypse’s wrath.

Iron Man is about to suffer the consequences of Apocalypse’s wrath | Image: Marvel Comics

The bets with Dark Ages are great, as this story fulfills all the potential necessary to become an unforgettable dystopian epic. Fortunately we are in good hands, because the screenwriter of DCeased Y X-Men Red has proven to be a master at telling self-contained stories, and as if that were not enough, we have an artist of the stature of Iban Coello, who since Venom he didn’t show so much ease in his drawings, making this comic worth too much just for his drawing.

And you, what kind of alliance do you think the Marvel heroes have made with the fearsome mutant?


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Vampires invade heroes in Marvel and Captain America has allied himself with Apocalypse in Dark Ages #2