Van Gogh

Van Gogh – Between the wheat and the sky: a story in pictures

Van Gogh – Between the wheat and the sky is “a story in images to highlight the greatness of a witness of our past times, still visible and kept for others today“. Rossella Farinotti awards the film with three stars out of the five available from MyMovies and specifies: “Intense landscapes, precious places that settle in Van Gogh’s paintings; tormented thoughts, colors and use of light that overturn the painting of the time, passionate protagonists who detect episodes and feelings of the period of these elements the story is built“.

Movies for art loversbut it should be specified that some moments are a bit too much for high-ranking critics even if several moments are also quick and intense to reach even a younger audience “. Van Gogh – Between the wheat and the sky airs in the late evening on Canale 5, Click here for the live streaming of the film (Agg. Ruben Scalambra).

Van Gogh – Between the wheat and the sky: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi narrator

Valeria Bruni Tedeschiin the cast of Van Gogh between the wheat and the sky, reached the peak of notoriety in the 2000s with high-level interpretations, a great success even at his debut behind the camera when he directed the autobiographical film “It’s easier for a camel…”. With “Kiss me again”, the film by Gabriele Muccino, Tedeschi earned a nomination for the 2010 Silver Ribbons for the “supporting actress” category.

For having interpreted in 2017 the drama “La pazza gioia” by the well-known director Paolo Virzì, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi has won the “David di Donatello” because recognized as the best leading actress. Many have realized that they are facing a woman who is also capable of becoming a great director. Her first film is “It’s Easier for a Camel…” from 2003 and then she went to work in other high-level films. In 2022 Les Amandiers was released which received positive reviews (Agg. Ruben Scalambra).

Van Gogh between the wheat and the sky, a Canale 5 film directed by Giovanni Piscaglia

Van Gogh between the wheat and the sky is a documentary film work that Channel 5 will broadcast today, 24 August 2022, starting from 11.30 pm.

Directing this extraordinary film is the young director Giovanni Piscaglia from Pesaro. The main and only protagonist and narrator is Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, a very famous actress not only in Italy but also in France. The soundtrack is the work of Remo Anzovino, an excellent composer and a highly regarded pianist in the musical world. The screenplay was edited by Matteo Moneta.

Van Gogh between wheat and sky, the plot of the documentary

In “Van Gogh between the wheat and the sky”Shows the life and the most important events of the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The artist was born in March 1853 in a small Dutch town and died in 1890 under unclear circumstances. As often happens, only after his death did the world recognize the greatness and skill of the painter.

Van Gogh left paintings of inestimable value and the film retraces the different stages of his art and his personal stories. Great credit goes to Helene Kroller Muller, a young art collector who never doubted the genius of Van Gogh. After traveling so much in the major Italian cities to discover art in all its forms, the woman began to buy paintings of his favorite painter, he bought more than three hundred, including canvases and drawings. It was the early twentieth century. “Van Gogh between wheat and sky” is a narration through images to underline the importance of a witness from the past.


Van Gogh – Between the wheat and the sky / A “story in pictures” dedicated to the painter