‘Wednesday’ is a high school youth comedy with touches of mystery and an exceptional leading lady

Netflix premieres ‘Wednesday’the series about the Addams familywhich jumped from comics to television in the 60s and to the big screen in the 90s, and which Tim Burton now takes up from the perspective of one of his iconic characters, the sarcastic and macabre eldest daughter ‘Wednesday’.

all eight episodes focus on the adolescent years of the protagonist when Wednesday Addams enters the Nevermore Academy, after being expelled from her eighth grade for releasing piranhas into the pool to get revenge on the boys who bullied her brother. “Here the only one who tortures my brother is me”, she warns her in the scene in which she releases the fish. The new center is the place where his parents studied and fell in love Gomez and Morticia Addams, played by Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who hope that their offspring will feel much more integrated there because they will not be the weirdo. In fact, it is a school for outcasts who end up grouping themselves into families of monsters and mythological beings and young people with magical powers: mermaids, jellyfish, vampires or werewolves… Even so, the older Addams continues to be a free verse that does not he finds his place although he will end up making friends.

Nevermore is like Howarts in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga and ‘Wednesday’ is comparable to high school youth fiction with its popular characters, their rivalries between students, their sports competitions and their first loves with dance included. Yes indeed, all wrapped up in the gothic aesthetic that connects the Addams Family to Tim Burton. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are the showrunners and producers of the series and both agree that the director was always the first choice for the project. “Tim Burton and Wednesday Addams are the perfect couple,” they say in a making-off video published by Netflix. The series generally maintains a casual and humorous tone, but it is true that it has the odd scene that is not suitable for a child audience and that must be taken into account.

The choice of Jenna Ortega to give life to Wednesday Addams is most successful. His interpretation (it is recommended to see it in the original version) lives up to the iconic character that Christina Ricci he built for the cinema and yet, looking at Ortega there is no temptation to compare. The actress, whose beginnings are in the Disney factory, maintains the rictus of the pale and monochrome young woman, who enjoys everything that she has to do with her death. Intelligent, lonely, a virtuoso of the cello and very sarcastic, she tries to master the visions that she, like her mother, has begun to experience in the journey towards maturity that her passage through Nevermore entails. Like any teenager trying to escape the shadow of their parents and, above all, from Morticia, whom she resembles more than she is willing to admit.

The characteristic aesthetic of a filmmaker as iconic as Tim Burton is perfectly integrated with the style of the most classic Addams Family and its essence is maintained in the series. Also, Burton has included several nods such as the participation of Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 90s; and the unmistakable snap of fingers. The plot includes a mysterious investigation that leads the protagonist to go through passageways and explore the past to find out what or who is behind the murders that lead the sheriff and the townspeople to suspect the “weird” inhabitants of the school.

‘Wednesday’ is a high school youth comedy with touches of mystery and an exceptional leading lady