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Unfortunately it’s only 8 episodes. The highly anticipated first TV series signed by Tim Burton. And it could only be a character from the Addams family. Wednesday it’s a pleasant distraction from the proliferation of real serial killer stories or costumed vicissitudes. American critics were disappointed. We do not. That’s why we recommend you to see it.

Today is Wednesday day. That is the TV series that Tim Burton dedicated to the little Addams house. 8 episodes streaming on Netflix not to be missed. That’s why we liked it so much. Netflix photos

Wednesday’s plot

After a series of disasters at school (the scene with the piranhas in the pool is beautiful), the teenager Wednesday Addams is shipped off to boarding school. As you can imagine, not just any. but Nevermore Academy. At the time of her also attended by dad Gomez (Luis Guzman) and mother Morticia (Catherine Zeta Jones). Being different among the different (or “outcasts”, as the students are called) is not easy for the little girl.

Who does everything to escape. But when a series of unexplained deaths seems to involve her firsthand, she Wednesday she is determined to go through with it. The supernatural serial killer (yes, there’s one here too) is dealing with her. But when you’re surrounded by mermaids, werewolves and vampires, it’s hard to pick just one suspect. Unless the culprit is one of the “normal” inhabitants of the town of Jericho, where the Nevermore is located.

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Emma Myers as Enid, Wednesday’s colorful roommate who can’t transform into a werewolf. Netflix photos

Jenna Ortega, perfect Wednesday (despite Christina Ricci)

The very young protagonist of Wednesday is the actress Jenna Ortega. Seen in the Disney series Harleys in between (2016-2018) and in horror films Scream (2022). In a word: perfect. He embodies the character as we remembered him from the films of the early 90s. But without imitating Christina Ricci. Shady, ruthless and intelligent. In all 8 episodes we see her smile only once. We can’t wait for a second season just for her!

And have Ricci in the series, as Professor Marilyn Thornhill, does not involve a continuous and unfair confrontation. Talent of the actresses, of course. But also of Tim Burton and his team. Which, even visually, put them at opposite poles.

Enid, much more than a roommate

If that’s true Gwendoline Christiein the role of principal Larissa Weems, is very good, who impressed us the most was Emma Myers. Who plays Enid Sinclair. Aka Wednesday’s bliss-and-rainbow roommate. But don’t think about the stereotype of the cheerful ditzy who doesn’t “understand” her new wacky schoolmate. He is a well-rounded character. With its own strength, its own history and its own vision of the world. Often complementary – and therefore interesting – on a Wednesday. Of course, friendship with Mano does the rest…

Tim Burton and Jenna Ortega Netflix Wednesday

Tim Burton and Jenna Ortega on the set of the tv series Wednesday. Netflix photos

The good and the bad of Wednesday

Wednesday it’s not a masterpiece. But it’s a good series. That takes off like a rocket, thanks to the direction of Tim Burton. And it ends by declining, when he gives way to the others. The ending, a lot supernatural, that’s the part that worked least well. And we would have liked to see Wednesday interact more with the world of “normals”. But the 15-year-old’s journey through friendship, school, dance, first love, and the monstrous mystery surrounding Nevermore Academy is well worth watching.


Wednesday: Netflix TV series, plot, cast, review | Friend