Wednesday, review: Mystery, romance and dark comedy, Tim Burton’s series is pure entertainment

The first live-action series from the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas arrives in streaming on Netflix on November 23rd. A cauldron that mixes investigative yellow, gothic and Gen Z pop aesthetics, but it works: our review from Wednesday in preview.

What comes to mind when you think of Wednesday Addams? A shrewd girl, with a ready joke, covertly threatening, with two long braids and a passion for the occult sciences, probably. Wednesdaythe series Netflix which brings the iconic de character back to the screen The Addams family (here played by the good girl Jenna Ortega) then it will not disappoint you. Because this series, created by Alfred Gough And Miles Millar and direct from the iconic Tim Burton, does not betray tradition at all, on the contrary it wallows in it. Stream coming soon November 23rdthe mystery presents Wednesday as a deliciously dark, vengeful and witty teenager but puts her in a whole new context, that of Nevermore Academywhich offers many ideas. Starting from a series of unexplained murders that Gomez and Morticia’s daughter investigates like a new Nancy Drew, passing through some typically adolescent romantic intrigue, up to a mystery that involved her parents in those same walls 25 years earlier .

Wednesday, the plot: Le freak c’est chic

Wednesday retraces Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy, a school for special kids, because they have supernatural powers. And for this reason also feared, and therefore rejected. In fact, we soon discover that the protagonist also has a specific paranormal ability that makes her similar to her schoolmates. Between werewolves, vampires, mermaids and gargoyles the problem is being able to control it. Luckily Wednesday can count on a respectable gothic culture, from admirer of Edgar Allan Poe and fan of autopsies, and a remarkable intuition that comes to her rescue when multiple murders terrorize the local community of Jericho. Within the walls of the Nevermore, however, the events of the present intersect with those of the past, when Wednesday has to resolve a mystery involving his parents 25 years earlier and, at the same time, manage the complicated relationships with his classmates.

The cast: All eyes on Jenna Ortega

It is only natural that Jenna Ortega (twenty-year-old actress seen in the Netflix series YOU) steal the show. His Wednesday is ironic, daring and splendidly dark. Not surprisingly, Tim Burton himself praised it, saying he couldn’t imagine another Wednesday anymore. Looking at it, one soon forgets about Christina Ricciwho had played the character in the iconic films de The Addams family released in the 90s and who is also present in this series as a teacher, Miss Marilyn Thornhill; a role that however does not fully do her justice (but something makes us think that she could surprise us in the last episode, the only one that we critics have not previewed for review). Well centered too Gwendoline Christie as the school principal Larissa Weems and Emma Myers in those of the colorful Enid, Wednesday’s roommate; the friendship relationship hate and love that establish the two companions is one of the nice surprises of the series. Two splendid ones close the ensemble Luis Guzman And Catherine Zeta-Jones as Gomez and Morticia Addams, a couple who, seen through the eyes of their eldest daughter, appear very comical and offer some of the funniest moments of the series (along with the iconic Mano that we would like to see immediately the protagonist of a spin-off dedicated to her).


Review: What works and what doesn’t, the Tim Burton factor

Wednesday is a fully pop series that everyone will like, because it doesn’t differ much from the many teen mystery titles that Netflix loves to churn out one after the other. The engine of the action, which will challenge each binge watcher by profession, is Wednesday’s investigation, determined to find out who is behind the murders that worry the community of Jericho and the students of Nevermore. And while we too set out with her on the trail of the murderer, as in the most classic of mysteries the authors are very good at misleading the viewer, leading him to suspect now of one character and now of another. Episode after episode, however, Wednesday loses a bit of his temper, begins to lower his defenses and gives in-naturally in his own way and on his terms-al romance. Jenna Ortega’s features soften, a certain veil of mystery falls that covers her character in the first episodes and, not surprisingly, the direction passes from Tim Burton to Gandja Monteiro (Episodes 5 and 6) e James Marshall (Episodes 7 and 8). It is natural that the added value of this series is Tim Burton who brings all his world and personal experiences to the project. His contribution is tangible and gives the series those gothic fairy tale atmospheres of which he is the master. But the feeling remains that under this patina of author series is hiding an extremely commercial product and faithful to the famous Netflix algorithm.

Wednesday, review: Mystery, romance and dark comedy, Tim Burton’s series is pure entertainment