” Wednesday “. Three good reasons to watch the Addams Family series streaming on Netflix

After drawings, books, series or even films, the Addams family is back on Netflix on November 23, in a brand new adaptation. Centered on the character of young Wednesday, the series takes place at Nevermore Academy, where the young woman will try to adapt to the midst of vampires, mermaids and other werewolves, while investigating murders that terrorize the little girl. town. At the same time, Wednesday will try to solve the mystery in which his parents were involved 25 years ago in this same school.

This mythical disturbed family has accompanied us since its creation by Charles Addams in 1938 but this version 2022 has a few assets that are worth a look.

1. The “return” of Tim Burton

Even if the series was created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, we find in the realization and production of Wednesday the prestigious name of Tim Burton. Master of Gothicism in the cinema during the 90s thanks to films like Edward Scissorhands Where sleepy hollowwho better than him could stage the adventures of the dark and tortured Wednesday Addams?

If Tim Burton has, in the end, directed only four out of the eight episodes of this season, the result does not disappoint and his style is recognizable everywhere. Difficult social relations between the characters, aesthetic melancholy, awkward adolescence, references to horror films, dark humor and child’s soul, monsters and Gothic settings… The director seems to be returning to what made him famous, for our greatest pleasure.

Under his direction, the Addams family finds its basic recipe: a good dose of sadism and darkness, offset by a nice dose of light humor. All wrapped up in wacky and successful characters like The Thing or a cheeky fetid uncle.

If in recent years, Tim Burton seemed to have gotten a little lost in large sanitized productions with more than questionable visual rendering, his gothic spirit is indeed back in Wednesday. Of course, the “contract netflix must be respected, so the series sometimes gets lost in uninteresting teenage love stories. Despite everything, in front of the first series in real shooting of Tim Burton, we spend a very good time to chain the episodes.

2. Music by Danny Elfman

But it’s not just the reunion with the spirit of Tim Burton that gives pleasure. Because what made the success of the director’s films was also his duet with the talented composer Danny Elfman. Together, their scores elevate the works and often take us into an imaginary world.

The composer ofNightmare before Christmas from Mr. Jack or some funeral wedding also meet with Wednesday a certain darkness that suits it perfectly. Under his notes, Mercredi grabs his cello and captivates his comrades as much as the spectator. The Elfman “paw” is also recognizable from the start of the series and in each scene thereafter. So much the better, since the music is omnipresent in the episodes and carries the game of the actors, even if the latter did not necessarily need it to shine.

3. A four-star cast

Because in the end, what we ultimately prefer in the stories of the Addams family is the Addams family itself. If the spectators here will perhaps be frustrated to see only very few of the other members of this family, Jenna Ortega (You, Scream) brilliantly carries the series on his shoulders. Cold but endearing, imperturbable and slightly sadistic, Wednesday is certainly modernized but keeps thanks to this interpretation all that made its original charm.

Christina Ricci, famous Wednesday of the films of the 90s, has also praised the young actress in numerous interviews. In the form of a nice wink role, Christina Ricci is also in the credits of the 2022 version. Fans will appreciate.

The rest of the cast is no less interesting. Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth in Game Of Thrones ) is the mysterious principal of the Nevermore school. As for the rest of the Addams family, Catherine Zeta-Jones just seemed born to play Morticia Addams and Luis Guzmán is the perfect actor to look like the Gomez Addams drawn by Charles Addams himself.

In summary, Netflix signs a nice shot with this new version of Wednesday, which will satisfy young and old, even if the episodes are not recommended for children under 13 years old.

Wednesday, 8 episodes of approximately 45 minutes available from November 23 at 9:01 a.m. on netflix

” Wednesday “. Three good reasons to watch the Addams Family series streaming on Netflix