When does Let Me In 2 come out? Official date, cast, news

In the cauldron of Christmas releases, alongside the now classic Sky channels and platforms Prime Videos and Netflixanother subject has been inserted: it is about Paramount Originala new platform in Italy for a few weeks and which tries to scratch the subscribers of its historic competitors with interesting content and new series.

The release date

Among these there is a production that has been included in the catalog for horror fans. It’s about let me ina series that is signed by the US major with the Paramount Original label and which in the original language is entitled Let The Right One In. Let’s find out more.

The release was so awaited that many have actually already gone further, even hypothesizing a second season. Hypothesis that certainly seems not far-fetched, given that Paramount has also hinted for other productions that it wants to continue to dredge the market, offering ideal titles to lovers of the paranormal genre. In case even the hypothesis of seeing a second season should become reality, we could see Let me in 2 not before autumn 2023.

Should the finish line for the transmission really be the final glimpse of the calendar year that is about to open, production should already begin to start the procedure for setting up sets and completing the casting. In a hurry, even with post production, a year seems like a reasonable time for the sequel. Fans are waiting for nothing else, at least those who have already rushed in front of the TV in recent weeks to watch the first season.

The plot

The series signed by Paramount is inspired by a very successful novel and born in Sweden, where it became a best seller before undergoing the transformation into an audiovisual product. The script is based on the life of Markwho in the series is played by Demian Bichir and from his daughter Eleanor which has the face of Madison Taylor Baez. The latter is the real protagonist, as she undergoes a change into a vampire 10 years before the setting of the series.

The little one, following this transformation, has been kept segregated since she was just 12 years old. Eleanor can only go out at night and her secret is kept by her father who takes care of her. To make her survive, he brings her human blood, but the situation is certainly not easy to manage. Without wanting to spoil anything for those who have not yet seen the series, we can still highlight how, in the finale of this first season, father and daughter decide to ask other people for help.

The two try to get involved in their plan Claire and Peter. Other important characters also move in the background such as Naomiwhich will be decisive in discovering a great secret, e Debra. They are part of the cast, in addition to the aforementioned protagonists, too Jacob Buster, Anika Noni Rose, Kevin Carroll and Grace Gummer.

The first season consists of 10 episodes: each episode has an average duration of 50 minutes, as in the classic streaming TV series format.

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