Will The Mosquito Coast have a season 3? The confidences of Melissa George: “There are so many other things to tell”

Margot was much less passive in this second season of Mosquito Coast. A change that must have delighted you…

Melissa George : I was very happy. Margot is like an onion, whose different layers are revealed as they go. She was discovered as a loving mother and wife. And I was wondering “Why doesn’t she do more?“But later, she calls her mother, she gets caught, then makes her children escape… Slowly, we discover the real Margot, whom she had tried to bury.

Is it inspiring for an actress to play such a woman?

Completely ! I think when you spend six months in the shoes of a character that you love, you necessarily keep a part of it in you. The more I interpret Margot, the more I like her: she stands up to her husband in the right way, she is expressive… If she existed, she would probably be my friend.

During the filming of season 1, did you already know that Margot was responsible for the Fox family run?

Yes, I was in on the secret. Which is a very good thing, because it made me realize that when she was on the sidelines, letting her husband talk or go on all this madness, she was doing it on purpose. Because she couldn’t tell the truth to the children. Knowing that really helped me in my game.

What was your biggest challenge in this second season?

It wasn’t so much about the acting or the script, but about the distance between Mexico, where we were filming, and France, where I live. I must have made twelve round trips in total, spending half the time with my children, and the other half on set. For the first time in my career, I managed to find the perfect balance between my private life and my professional life. I even came out of it in better shape. It was a big win for me.

Did your Australian origins help you withstand the Mexican heat and humidity?

I think being Australian helps in any situation (laughs). When you’ve grown up surrounded by the scariest critters and animals in the world, you fear nothing.

How did you react to reading the final episode?

The last two weeks of filming, we were provided with different scripts every day. Which was great, because nobody knew what was going to happen.

Can we expect a third season?

I hope there will be a season 3, there are so many other things to tell.

Tell us about your collaboration with Justin Theroux…

I love it. He’s so funny and charming, the opposite of his character Allie. It was a real pleasure to share this experience in Mexico with him.

Did filming so far from home, for months, help you bond with him, and the two young actors who play your children, Logan Polish and Gabriel Bateman?

It was the only family we had there. Our daily life was like “I’m going to take a shower to clean the sand from the day of filming in the desert, and I’ll meet you in 5 minutes for dinner”. We never left each other. And when the going got tough, we were there for each other. The episode in the desert was particularly intense, but we were all a beautiful family.

We saw you last year in In his lifetime, by Emmanuelle Bercot. Can we imagine seeing you again soon in another French film, or perhaps a French series?

A French series, I’m not sure. But I will turn Canines, with Pauline Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet’s sister, editor’s note). We play a mother and her daughter, both vampires. After the short film, we made a longer version of it.

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The Mosquito Coast is a Fremantle production for Apple TV+

Will The Mosquito Coast have a season 3? The confidences of Melissa George: “There are so many other things to tell”