Witches and demons invade Granada to celebrate Halloween

Granada has dressed in Halloween throughout the bridge. Although on Saturday the first vampires and the first witches could already be seen on the streets, it was not until this October 31 when the streets of Granada have taken on an authentic atmosphere full of terror.

This party began in the morning when hundreds of children dressed as their favorite horror characters visited different areas of the capital with their families. The atmosphere was already beginning to take on that characteristic color that ranges from orange, which come from the popular pumpkins, to black, with darkness being the main ally of the evil lords who roam the streets. Granada streets.

Already in the early afternoon, and almost entering the night after the time change, the first young people and adults began to go out into the street showing their scary vestments. So witches, werewolves, demons and bloody murderers walk the streets towards a party or looking for a place with atmosphere.

On the other hand, some students were already preparing to commute to the place where they had organized the party. “We have decided to go to a farmhouse in the town where one of our friends comes from,” said a young university student while they waited for the other members of the group. “We like to paint ourselves and go out at this time of year. We have a good time and we like it, so if we can, then we do it”.

But not only those who could enjoy the afternoon off were dressed for the occasion. Many of the shops that were open also had staff dressed as some horror character.

In this way he was in the newly opened store of wawel stuffed animals. Here one could find laughing witch that she had been injured. According to this fantastic character, her broom had broken down and one of her sisters, in her place, and in order to modernize her means of transportation, had given her a ‘Rooomba’ (an autonomous vacuum cleaner). Apparently it did not turn out to be what she claimed and, when mounted, it exploded, since it really was an anti-personnel mine. Fortunately, she only had a small bruise on her nose, which was fixed with a bandage.

This nice witch, who has only been open for two weeks, comments that “during the morning we have been able to see a lot of movement, especially children who have gone out with their families. Almost everyone was dressed up. In the afternoon, it is true that fewer people are animated, but I am sure that as soon as night falls, Granada will be filled with all kinds of terrifying characters”.

For the areas of Pedro Antonio de Alarcon there were plenty of pubs adorned with all sorts of terrifying motifs. Thus cobwebs, blood and even zombie dolls and skeletons decorated the premises to create that atmosphere so characteristic of Halloween.

Strolling through the different adjoining streets, you could see how the first people in disguise were arriving in search of good food. ambient Y fun. Abigail, Public Relations holy mother pub, commented that “during the early hours of the afternoon there were hardly any people in costumes. Most will wait until evening to dress up or dress up as a character. Of course, some have already been encouraged and have begun to arrive in disguise. We have decorated the premises during this long weekend and we all dress up for the night”.

Another area where the party, the atmosphere and the costumes make an appearance as soon as darkness appears is around the Angel Ganivet Street. Some of the waiters and waitresses in the many pubs in the area were perfectly matched. In addition, some diners were themed, such as a group of witches they were enjoying a drink or a soft drink on one of the terraces.

“We’ve been dressed up all day. We have been in the office like this, as we are now dressed” comments one of them. “The truth is that our boss was a bit surprised” she continues “because he hasn’t dressed up, although we didn’t tell him beforehand either, that’s why he put on his surprised face” she said while the whole group of witches I started to laugh.

Witches and demons invade Granada to celebrate Halloween