Witches and ghosts in Leolandia: HalLEOween arrives

Leolandiathe first Italian theme park dedicated to families with children a Capriate San Gervasio (Bg), is preparing for the scariest time of the year by transforming itself from September 23 in HalLEOweena magical world populated by bungling witches, talking pumpkins, vampires and monsters, ready to make everyone laugh out loud!

So many surprises in store

There are many surprises in store for young and old, starting with the presence of the web-star couple DinsiemE who on Sunday 25 September will take part in the celebrations for the start of HalLEOween presenting all their hits such as Perfect Summer, Non Takes the Cell and the recent Pop It, interspersed with sketches inspired by their social events. Erick and Dominick, these are the names of the two youtubers who have more than 2 million followers, will meet their fans during a mini-live show open to all visitors to the park in the early afternoon, and then perform in an exclusive show.

Sweet life

All theme rides

There HalLEOween’s theming will involve all areas and rides: for example, you can fly over the park on Wild Vultures, which allows you to experience the thrill of flying in a horizontal position, or challenge a crazy gorilla that makes all those who try to get close to Strabilia Kong spin very fast. The Magic Broom Festival is also waiting to be discovered, dealing with flying lessons, while in the afternoon an unmissable appointment with the choreography and colorful characters of the HalLEOween Parade.

Traveling shows and animations

And speaking of parades, this year HalLEOween will feature traveling shows and animations that will involve children throughout the day, making them dance and play between one carousel and another. The Galleon of the Riva dei Pirati, for example, will be the setting for the musical I Fiori della Magia which tells the story of a sweet little witch struggling with a ghost piratess, ready to take her flowers to make them evil. In Leo and the Scarecrow’s Ball, children will let loose in a new babydance together with Leo and a group of wacky characters to save the harvest of the pumpkins of Leolandia from the clutches of strange and evil creatures, the aspiring vampires will be able to participate in the lessons of the ‘Accademia dei Vampiri, a show staged at the LeoArena, reconfirmed by popular demand after last year’s success.

Even in the HalLEOween period, the park will host all the darlings of the little ones: the PJ Masks – Superpjamas at PJ Masks City, the only themed area in the world dedicated to the beloved TV series, Masha and the Bear in their Forest and, directly from Miraculous, Ladybug and Chat Noir, protagonists of the Award Ceremony, a live performance high adrenaline! The little ones can play with Bing and Flop, meet JJ from Cocomelon and visit the park aboard the Thomas Train wagons. Also confirmed the show Really Exists! novelty of 2022, which brings together all the cartoon characters on the same stage for the first time in an Italian theme park.

Info and tickets

Leolandia is also confirmed as the reign of convenience: to double the fun, all those who purchase a fixed date or free date ticket during the HalLEOween period will be entitled to a second free admission. All information, including details on the days and opening hours of the park, the schedule of the shows and the methods of access are available by consulting the site of the park

Witches and ghosts in Leolandia: HalLEOween arrives