WTF DC Spain #37

Welcome to WTF DC Spain #37. Summer ends and new collections and story arcs are born and die. The publisher does not rest and continues with its well-nourished catalog of news.

Some that face important numbers, others that drown on the shore and many that make it difficult for us to know where they are going.

A normal month, in short, for us readers.

Be welcome, from all the DC team.

Batman #11

wtf dc Batman 2021 Annual no. 1, DC Love is a Battlefield (Extract Perfect Matches) USA.

this month in Batman the illusion overwhelms us, the joy does not fit in us, with joy we show off our best clothes and celebrate our best banquets as we attend a new chapter dedicated to Ghostmaker. We are not worthy of such happiness.

Spoiler alert

Ghostmaker, a conflicted child, already with his lack of empathy at full capacity, worries his parents, involved in shady deals.

wtf dc

In a fight, together with Batman, against Firefly, he begins to count his battles. Very interesting.

wtf dc

It is a character that should be taken as a parody since it is the only way to accept it.

The following story included (DC Love is a Battlefield) narrates the wedding of Maxie Zeus. “Zeus? – Zeus, yes, Zeus! Like the one on Olympus! The one where you don’t touch my balls, I’ll put a lightning bolt up your ass! Zeus!”

Spoiler alert

Batman Matches Malone and Catwoman attend the party as a couple on a boat.

wtf dc

Selina touches on a touchy subject.

wtf dc

Flash #11

wtf dc The Flash no. 778 US.

Flash is still in Gemworld surrounded by the Dark Justice League in the midst of fighting Eclipso. On Earth, Irey experiences the insurrection and the pleasures, fears, and guilt that come with it.

Spoiler alert

How could it be otherwise, the villains Shimmer and Mamut spoil the youth experience and catch the former Impulse. Jai has seen what happened and is ready to act.

wtf dc

Thanks to his speed and intelligence, Flash is able to deal with the Eclipso-possessed JLD.

wtf dc

A dazed Irey has no choice but to share the speed force with her brother, with a strange side effect, seeing her father’s troubles on Gemworld.

wtf dc

Are the Wonder Twins coming to the rescue? No, those are others!

Robin #3

wtf dc robin nos 7-9, Robin Annual 2021 no. 1 USA

Damian has a complicated relationship with Fatline. The white-haired, pale-skinned young woman ripped his heart out of his chest, literally. Oh, relationships in superhero comics, always so complicated. Given the perspective of the importance of the character, his origin is told.

Spoiler alert

Fatline inherits powers by lineage (although her family is unaware) and refines her skills with Lord Death.

wtf dc

The mysteries of Lazarus Island begin to unravel. Mother Alma is the mother of Raś Al Ghul, grandmother of Talia, great-grandmother of Damian.

wtf dc

Connor and Damian have their long-awaited match.

wtf dc

A mythological dragon monster from the island makes an appearance.

wtf dc

Furious at seeing her plans foiled, Mother Alma sends Robin back in time…where she meets a very young Ra’s Al Ghul.

wtf dc

night wing 11

Nightwing Annual 2021 #1 USA and DC Love is a Battlefield #1 USA

The Annual is here, Nightwing’s Summer special. This is a very special collection and despite not taking any Eisner, we cannot deny that it is one of the most pleasant and grateful series on the current scene. For this reason, DC characters do not stop walking through its pages with the aim of relaunching their series, evaluating its reception among the public or launching it for future events. This time we have Red Hood.

Spoiler alert

Things start hot. Babs and Dick watch a video of him murdering a police informer named Lineker (Gary?) and three federal agents.


in this series taylor focuses on the characters more than the plots (which are also nothing from the other Thursday despite some cliffhanger). we go to a flash back in which we see how Dick tries to cheer up a Jason whom Batman has punished for not reaching the level of his predecessor. Nightwing’s idea is to go on a mission with Robin with the approval of an Alfred who always knows what he should say and do.

Both embark on a mission with a few vignettes-tribute to comics from the eighties. Too bad the drawing is so functional.


It is very funny how behind Batman’s back, so many times his wards and his butler disobey him and plot behind his back. Not knowing anything is very consistent with the trajectory of the character who devised a protocol to defeat each member of the League and who has like a hundred different ways to stop Superman.

We return to the present moment. NW meets Red Hood who claims not to be the killer. Dick believes her but not much and inspects her body to see if her bruises match what the assailant should have.

A tip from Babs puts them on the trail of the fake Red Hood, it is about Clayface who obeys the orders of an old acquaintance of Jason, Wolfgang Bylsma.

The heroes go and stop him, but not before giving us a stunning scene in which we see how the Batmobile runs over a plane.

The number is complemented by a short story in which we see a reunion between Starfire and Nightwing in which they face a species of intergalactic carnivorous plants.

It is not a comic that will go down in history but it allows you to pass the time.

Superman no. 11/116

Superman: Son of Kal-El Annual 2021 #1 USA, DC Cybernetic Summer #1 USA

We have a special (ie more expensive) staple with the Son of Kal-El Annual and a filler plugin. On this occasion we are missing the very entertaining and hypervitaminized Action Comics, a comic in which tow is distributed beautifully, and that is always appreciated.

In the Superman Annual taylor does something weird. On the one hand, it seems that he wants to write a comic in homage to the silver age and on the other, like someone who doesn’t want the thing, he questions the very basis of that time.

Let’s see.

Spoiler alert

The Annual opens with the League catching super-intelligent Lex Luthor with blushing ease. It seems that Taylor didn’t feel like killing herself writing this little intro either.

Once in jail, Lex offers Superman (Clark) a game of chess. The lightbulb-headed villain brags about his knowledge of a clumsy Superman. The hero questions Lex about why his actions, why such a rich and intelligent guy is so evil. Are we still with these? We are in 2022 (although the Annual is from 2021) what is the point of Superman asking this question whose answer would destroy the foundations of the genre? Why is Taylor asking this pointless question? Is he asking for help?

Obviously, it remains unanswered.

All this first part is a Flashback. In the “present” Jon is spending a pleasant evening with Lois when, look what’s coming because he is one of the most transgressive elements of the genre, Batman shows up knocking on the door. He gives a message from Clark to Jon that he will only be able to see in the Fortress of Solitude.

Along the way, Jon saves a polar bear. He then interacts with his father to express his concern about climate change (a concern he does nothing about). But Superman-Clark is not for nonsense of hippieshe wants to talk about Lex.

It never ceases to amaze how worried Jon is about Clark in the former’s collection regarding the trip to World-War and how unconcerned he feels about his father’s death in Dark Crisis. Then if they are my things.

The horrible villainy of Luthor that Jon must stop is that he has put his name on a building that casts its shadow on the Daily Planet. We haven’t read anything this scary since Batman and Robin had to find out who was stealing the bottles the milkman had delivered.

Luthor gets into trouble trying to blackmail other villains (Blockbuster among them) and must be rescued by Superman.

Lex, who at times like the one to come looks like an operetta villain, asks Jon to continue the chess game. Superman agrees on the condition that if he wins he will remove the letters from the building.

As they play, they chat, a little more maturely, about Lex’s motivation and excuses. He is curious as a fairly flat character and there are nuances like the original Superman, he acquires in contrast to his son (who is also a piece of bread) a deeper dimension.

Jon wins the chess match against a stunned Luthor (he’s not exactly the smartest guy in the world). Superman explains that the time he’s had while Lex set up the table has given him time to study millions of chess games. All very plausible.

The comic closes with a short story set in the sweet times of Superboy and the Legion (silver age). Superboy assembles a robot to impersonate him and it falls in love with and dazzles a girl from high school. Remarkable drawing, story to pass the time.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow no. 7 of 8

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow 7 USA

With her father’s killer tied up and defeated, Ruthye struggles with what to do with her life, while Kara faces the villain’s companions with little hope of victory.

Spoiler alert

The little girl has to listen as the man who destroyed her childhood narrates the murder without shame and shame. The determinism of the west and the wild and primitive side breaking with everything. Finally, she does not dare or does not want to kill that cowardly man whose name does not even deserve to be spoken.

Across the river (or space) Kara is captured. After an epic battle narrated by Bilquis Evely with the pulse of the great masters of superhero comics. Another ten for her this month.

DC vs. Vampires 3 of 14

Vampires are loose on the streets of Gotham City. Meanwhile, Batman’s investigation continues. Where is Andrew Bennett? What secrets are hidden under the Hall of Justice? The fall of another hero marks the beginning of the war for survival.

Spoiler alert

Another number that lacks blood, in our humble opinion. And he has a certain plot of elongated politics left over… But we’ll see how he continues here.

We remember the end of the previous chapter, with the death of a certain sprinter who should have remained dead. We know who did it, but our heroes don’t seem to know. More now with this “revelation” that, yes, leaves us a moment.

WTF DC Spain #37