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The news of the week deciphered by Conspiracy Watch (week from 05/09/2022 to 11/09/2022).

ERIC VERHAEGHE. In a video published on September 6, blogger Éric Verhaeghe returned to the recent 24-hour police custody to which he was subjected. It would have been, according to him, a “bullying operation” from ” Power “that its publications relating to “The Bridget Affair” would have made ” very nervous “. Active in the complosphere and accustomed to fake newsthis former enarque notably took over the rumor that Brigitte Macron was in fact a man named Jean-Michel Trogneux who then changed sex (source: Conspiracy WatchSeptember 6, 2022).

SÉGOLÈNE ROYAL. ” I was wrong “ : contacted by CheckNewsSégolène Royal finally admitted a ” mistake “ in his words. 1er September, the former socialist candidate for the presidency of the Republic had provoked indignant and sometimes dismayed reactions, by questioning the reality of several Russian atrocities in Ukraine, in particular the bombardment of the maternity hospital in Mariupol, of which she had suggested that he had no casualties (source: ReleaseSeptember 5, 2022).

FRANCESOIR. The Paris Commercial Court dismissed the site FranceEvening, which accused Google of having cut advertising and no longer referencing it in its news service because of conspiratorial content, in particular in connection with the Covid-19, infringing its rules. Shopper Union, the site publisher FranceEveninglost on all of its claims and was ordered to pay 70,000 euros to Google, in respect of the costs incurred by the American group for its defense (source: BFM-TVSeptember 7, 2022).

Didier Raoult. On September 5, the government published the result of a vast joint investigation by the General Inspectorate for Social Affairs (IGAS) and the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR) on the IHU Mediterranean Infection. This final report, a document of nearly 600 pages, highlights serious dysfunctions of the institution led by Professor Raoult (source: The Express, September 8, 2022). The latter chose Jean-Marc Morandini’s show on CNews and the controversial media FranceEvening to explain, Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 September. For their part, the supporters of the Marseille infectious disease specialist are numerous to denounce, like Emmanuel de Villiers, “a rude and unworthy cabal”.

ELIZABETH II. He was an alien who could change his appearance; she had been replaced by a boy at birth; her husband was a vampire… Queen Elizabeth II has been the target of the wildest conspiracy theories. Until her death, the sovereign with exceptional longevity unleashed conspiratorial passions (source: Release, September 9, 2022). On Telegram, antivax conspirator Astrid Stuckelberger describes the queen as a “Khazar of German descent”, using a term regularly used by conspiratorial and anti-Semitic propaganda to stigmatize Jews. To read again, an article published in the media Slate last January analyzing the reasons for the success of a theory according to which Elizabeth II would have been secretly dead for a long time (source: Slate, January 11, 2022). Last July, Gala published an article about another theory according to which the now new King Charles III would be a vampire (source: Gala, July 26, 2022). The new monarch, reports The Express, has long been a follower of so-called “alternative” medicine. In particular, he had tried to market food supplements with a “detox” product, based on artichoke and dandelion (source: The ExpressSeptember 11, 2022).

FRANÇOIS CLUZET. Guest of the program “C à vous” on France 5actor François Cluzet once again warned of the danger that conspiracy represents in his eyes in a democracy like France: “For me, conspirators are a bit like collaborators. Some are almost putting on shows with anti-Semites, others are questioning the attacks in New York… It’s not possible after all! » (source : C to you/TwitterSeptember 8, 2022).

INTELLECTUAL SELF-DEFENSE. In a column published in Le Figaro, Aurélie Jean, doctor in materials science and digital mechanics, invites her fellow citizens to embrace the scientific method. It is, according to her, the best weapon of intellectual self-defense for those who wish to think against themselves and avoid being deceived (source: Le Figaro, September 8, 2022). To listen again, episode n°5 of our series “Les Déconspirateurs”, including the scientist, author of the essay Do algorithms make the law? (Éd. de l’Observatoire, 2021), was the guest.

Eva Bartlett. Canadian blogger Eva Bartlett, now based in Moscow, has joined a parody court supposed to try Ukrainian war crimes. A consecration after years spent spreading false information and conspiracy theories for the most authoritarian regimes on the planet. The one who believed, a few years ago, that Syria was not living a civil war but “a foreign plot aimed at the fall of Bashar el-Assad” produces disinformation that could well turn into an official act of execution… (source: Conspiracy WatchSeptember 9, 2022).

LCI. A journalist from the channel LCI was ironic about a report from Russian television, accused of having invented a demonstration to make people believe in the discontent of the French. Problem: the demonstration of the Patriots movement, led by Florian Philippot, did take place on Saturday, September 3. The politician complained to the channel, trying to raise the hashtag #LCIGate. On his side, Xenia Fedorova, Information Director of RT Francesuspended from the air in Europe since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, jumped at the chance to lament that ‘sWithout any media to contradict them, the mainstream media return to their usual “manipulation of opinion”. » The implicated LCI journalist ended up recognizing, in a tweet, a “regrettable error” (source : ReleaseSeptember 6, 2022).

THOMAS PESQUET. “When the wise point to the Moon, the conspirator looks at Twitter”. While Thomas Pesquet saw his remarks shortened, taken out of context and manipulated by three influencers emerging in the sovereignist conspiracy (Idriss Aberkane, Fabrice Di Vizio and Alexis Poulin), the latter backpedaled, suggesting that we will have misunderstood what they meant and that the French astronaut would have sinned by clumsiness. A classic accusatory inversion that can only be explained by bad faith and the concern to escape public humiliation (source: MaverickSeptember 7, 2022).

ARGENTINA. Accusation of staging, infox on the profile of the assailant, questioning of the media … The attack against the former Argentine president Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015) ignited social networks. Barely two hours after a man pointed his gun at the stateswoman, hashtags flourished on Twitter, doubting the veracity of the facts, or accusing the vice-president of instrumentalizing them: #TodoCirco (a whole circus) , #NoLesCreemosNada (we can’t believe it) or even #OperetaK (operettaK)… (source: The ExpressSeptember 7, 2022).

BELLINGCAT. Russia’s pet peeve, the international investigation site Bellingcat has been multiplying the scoops since 2014. Its investigative techniques in open-source, mostly online, pierce the best-kept secrets of intelligence services. Passing through Paris, Christo Grozev, head of investigations on Russia, answered questions from The Media Review of the INA on the “Bellingcat method” (source : The Media Review, September 7, 2022). Christo Grozev was also the guest of the inaugural lesson of Science Po, on September 5, which was the subject of a recording (source: Political scienceSeptember 5, 2022).

TWITTER. In the weeks leading up to Twitter’s 2021 launch of Birdwatch, a fact-checking program to combat misinformation, the company’s experts warned officials that the project could be easily exploited by social theorists. conspiracy. In vain. On the eve of the launch, engineers and managers learned that they had inadvertently accepted a QAnon conspiracy theorist into the program, which would have allowed him to intervene on tweets related to the news. to help people determine their veracity… (source: The Washington PostSeptember 4, 2022).

ISLAMIC STATE. The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) has just released a report that looks at the disinformation networks and platforms used by Islamic State militants, focusing on popular social media as well as messaging apps encrypted. These disinformation networks create media with tens of thousands of subscribers, and often with innocuous names like “Global Happenings”, “DRIL” or “Media Center”, to escape moderation and takedowns (source: ISDSeptember 7, 2022).

SEPTEMBER 11TH. The attacks of September 11, 2001 constitute the deadliest terrorist act ever committed on American territory and the bloodiest in the entire history of international terrorism. For more than twenty years, this mostly misunderstood event has sparked countless conspiracy theories, questionings and revisionist commentaries. Consult our dossier on 9/11.

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