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Two months ago, web personalities and Buzzfeed Unsolved hosts Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej debuted their new ghost-hunting show, simply titled Ghost Files. Bringing their usual wacky humor and factual approach to the table, the two hosts manage to create an immersive paranormal reality show joining a long list of beloved and infamous entries in this polarizing genre.

This diversity is even evident on Reddit forums where many have professed their love for cult classics such as MTV’s Fear as well as parodied shows like The Mystery of the Skinwalker Ranch.

MTV’s Fear (2000-2002)

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One of MTV’s best shows of the 2000s, MTV’s Fear or simply known as Fear was quite revolutionary for its time, arguably spawning the paranormal reality genre in its modern format. Even though it only lasted two years, the MTV original has become a cult classic with its premise that contestants spend two nights in supposedly spooky houses and figure out whether or not they’re actually haunted.

Praising the show’s concept, Redditor delet0bsolete comments, “MTVs Fear was pretty fun. It usually didn’t provide much evidence, but putting themselves in some of the situations they encountered would be crazy. Similarly, sre01 adds, “Some of the challenges they would face were quite intense.

Terror in the Woods (2017-)

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The investigative documentary series Terror in the Woods features inexplicable encounters in the forests, with real-life accounts of people who have had traumatic experiences with the unknown in the dark desert.

A major element of the making of the film included cinematic re-enactments with a dash of archival footage. While it certainly doesn’t seem like the most accurate paranormal series by recent standards, the show still has its share of fans. As Redditor livatesselaar puts it, “Terror In The Woods was fun. Reconstructions with photographic evidence. »

Ghostbusters (2004-2020)

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With 11 seasons, 230 episodes and 10 specials, Ghost Hunters is probably one of the longest running paranormal ghost hunting TV shows. While its original run ended in 2016, the show got a revival in 2019 with the central premise revolving around the daily exploits of a crew of plumbers by day (and a paranormal investigation outfit by night). ).

Ghost Hunters’ long run has allowed the Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) to become mainstream celebrities among paranormal reality TV fanatics. Commenting on the show’s original run, MRB1007 states, “The original Ghostbusters will always be the best, the new reboot is actually a bit lame.”

Paranormal State (2007-2011)

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The Paranormal Research Society college club, run by students at Pennsylvania State University, travels to haunted locations near their campuses, investigating all manner of haunted phenomena while helping everyday people along the way.

Like many horror reality shows, Paranormal State’s degree of authenticity can always be questioned by viewers, but it’s the humanization of the episodic arcs that has resonated with some fans. Reddit user Flirpen summed up the realistic angles: “I think the fact that they help normal people really shows how terrifying it can be to happen to you. »

Unresolved Supernatural BuzzFeed (2016-2021)

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As part of the shows in the Unsolved franchise, the duo of Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara have embarked on several adventures to uncover the truth behind some of the weirdest mysteries ranging from true crime cases to paranormal activity. These are tackled in BuzzFeed Supernatural, an approach to investigating supernatural cases while challenging the line between fact and fiction.

Redditors loved the multiple approaches taken by the series as well as the contrasting personalities conjured up by the two hosts. “BuzzFeed Supernatural got some crazy mind box stuff. Shane is the denier and Ryan is the believer. commented WanhedaKomSheidheda. Meanwhile, a now-deleted username also comments on how the show also gets “so hilarious during scares.”

Ghostly Encounters (2005-2011)

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Blending personal interviews and dramatic recreations, Ghostly Encounters lives up to its name by recounting instances in which both people believe or deny the presence of supernatural entities.

Commenting on the recreated narratives and other elements of the show, CJTheFilmBuff13 professes his love for the Canadian series, “Ghostly Encounters was original and way ahead of its time with reality recreation-style paranormal shows. This show also had a really cool instrumental intro. »

The paranormal filmed (2019-)

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Instead of focusing on a single set of ghosts and ghost hunters, Paranormal Caught On Camera compiles videos from around the world focusing on otherworldly phenomena in eyewitness recordings. While the witnesses offer their insights, it’s hard to take some accounts seriously, with some scenes playing out in unintentionally funny ways.

Commenting on this unintended comedy of the show, damienkarras1973 says it’s what makes it one of the most memorable paranormal television shows on Discovery+. “Paranormal Caught On Camera is downright hilarious at times. Some of the things they say are paranormal or oddities that are filmed. The one that always made me laugh the most was the ‘hiking’ couple who had no scientific explanation for this plant moving wildly.

Paranormal Nightmare (2020-)

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The Fourman Brothers embark on cross-country trips all over America, finding ghosts and rescuing people from them. Most of the time, their cases might just be based on speculation, but the road trip angle is what makes this viral YouTube series worth watching.

Redditor staymeta details how their various encounters include searching for a paranormal contact murderer, familiar haunted mansion scenarios, and Ghostbuster-like cases with people calling them personally to resolve paranormal issues. “They aren’t overdone either, so give them a try. »

The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch (2020-)

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The infamous Skinwalker Ranch is a common hub for conspiracy theorists, many of whom claim to be a hotspot for UFO sightings and other paranormal occurrences. The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch documents such investigations by a team of scientists and other experts in supernatural studies.

While the show has had its following, others find it too over the top compared to other paranormal shows on Hulu. So, while a Reddit user sre01 condemns him saying, “The secret of the skinwalker ranch is that there is no secret. another Redditor Mrmanguydudeboy simply reaffirms, “Skinwalker ranch secret is interesting.”

Paranormal Lockdown (2016-2019)

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To quote the opening lines of the British paranormal reality show Paranormal Lockdown, “72 hours of confinement…in the most haunted places…in search of groundbreaking evidence”. These two-day adventures in haunted mansions (bringing back the concept of MTVs Fear) featured paranormal investigators Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, both of which garnered their own fan following.

“Paranormal Lockdown is really awesome. They actually found very good evidence, they would have liked to continue the series,” edgardog01 wrote while expressing sadness at its short duration.

10 Best Paranormal Reality TV Shows, According to Reddit | Pretty Reel