10 best shows of 2022 and where to watch them

As the year draws to a close, what better time than now to round up the best shows of 2022? With such a wide range of TV shows produced throughout the twelve months of the year, from traditional cable TV to streaming platforms, it can be quite chaotic.

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What makes a show worth watching? Compelling storylines with relatable characters and well-developed character arcs. We’ve all watched a ton of shows this year, and it’s safe to say that 2022 didn’t disappoint. This year brought back some truly amazing TV shows, while also introducing new stories and characters that we can’t help but fall in love with. From sci-fi to sitcoms to dramas, the lineup was truly outstanding.

For all mankind

– Where to watch: Apple TV+

– Cast: Jodi Balfour, Shantel VanSanten, Wrenn Schmidt, Joel Kinnaman, Krys Marshall

Set in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union successfully landed the first man on the moon – the United States remained in the space race to continue “friendly” competition between countries – for decades. Technological progress and social/racial equality are pushed forward accordingly.

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In the last season of For all mankind, viewers are taken to the 1990s and shown the inclusion of Koreans near the end, with Ellen stepping out across the United States after learning about Pam’s sacrifices. The writers do an amazing job crafting the storylines – each character gets their own complex and well-thought-out developments over the seasons.

A league apart

– Where to watch: Amazon Prime

– Cast: Abbi Jacobson, D’Arcy Carden, Chanté Adams, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Roberta Colindrez

After the World War II Women’s Baseball League trip – Carson Shaw travels to Chicago to try out for the league. Surrounded by like-minded women who also dreamed of playing professional baseball. The series follows the Rockford Peaches as they make meaningful connections – forging a path for themselves and all the women around them.

Based on the 1992 film of the same name – A league apart contains a roster of some of the most diverse cast, paired with rich, well-thought-out character arcs and storylines. Not to mention that queer representation is quite brilliantly integrated and brought center stage. There’s absolutely no way not to support the on-screen women’s group.

First murder

– Where to watch: Netflix

– Cast: Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis, Elizabeth Mitchell, Aubin Wise, Gracie Dzienny

A supernatural drama centered on star-crossed lovers Juliette and Cal of the Fairmont and Burns families. Falling in love is always tricky, but it especially gets trickier when one is a vampire and the other is a vampire hunter.

The series takes a dramatic teenage perspective, telling the story of lovers falling in love, the effects of their romance on both families – all trivial matters that unfold in the season’s eight episodes.


– Where to watch: Netflix

– Cast: Michelle Monaghan, Matt Bomer, Daniel Sunjata, Karen Robinson, Jonathan Tucker

Identical twin sisters Leni and Gina decide to live a double life – secretly switching identities since they were children and in their adult life. Disastrous consequences ensue when one of the sisters goes missing, causing their lives to crumble – everything in their perfectly planned worlds turns into chaos.

Michelle Monaghan does an incredible job as twin sisters, Gina and Leni – their personalities are so distinctive and their storylines intricate. The series is full of twists and turns that keep audiences wondering what’s next.

Sex life of college girls

– Where to watch: HBO Max

– Cast: Renée Rapp, Alyah Chanelle Scott, Amrit Kaur, Pauline Chalamet

Four roommates navigate their new found freedom on the prestigious Essex College campus in Vermont. The college girls are just as adorable, but infuriating – their sexually active lifestyles are a set of hormones and contradictions.

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The final season centers on the four girls as they navigate their second year at college – the stories are down-to-earth and relatable. Each of the characters are given arcs that help develop them as three-dimensional characters, individuals who are all unique in their own way.

Abbott Elementary School

– Where to watch: Hulu/HBO Max

– Cast: Quinta Brunson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Janelle James, Lisa Ann Walter, Tyler James Williams

The fake sitcom follows a group of dedicated and passionate teachers and a deaf principal as they are reunited at one of the worst public schools in the country – despite all the odds against them, they strive to help their students succeed.

Think “Officebut with a more diverse cast. The stories are so well written, with jokes that relate to a wide range of audiences.

harley quinn

– Where to watch: HBO Max

– Cast: Kaley Cuoco, Lake Bell, Ron Funches, JB Smoove, Alan Tudyk

Newly single Harley Quinn arrives in Gotham, hoping to make it on her own — as a queen of crime. The series follows the anti-hero on his misadventures after breaking up with the Joker, realizing he never really loved her.

One of the most encouraging additions to the DC Universe – in a devilishly clever and emotionally textured way. The series does an amazing job of drawing inspiration from the comics, while also blazing a trail for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s almost unreasonably too good and fun of a series.

leopard skin

– Where to watch: Peacock Original

– Cast: Carla Gugino, Gaite Jansen, Amelia Eve, Ana de la Reguera

A criminal gang flees a failed jewelry heist and must hide out in a secluded beachside estate – taking the two women who live there and their guests hostage. Their worlds turn into a greenhouse filled with tension as deadly secrets, heartless betrayals and shocking desires rise to the surface as everyone awaits their fate.

Interesting, sexy and stunning. Such solid performances from all the actors involved in the project. The series incorporates so many twists and turns that it makes audiences wonder what exactly is going on and how it got there. Leopard Skin is more of an art movie than a conventional TV series that we are all so used to watching. It’s not for everyone, but at the same time, everyone should give the project a chance.

You better call Saul

– Where to watch: Netflix

– Cast: Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks, Kerry Condon, Michael Mando

The crime and legal drama tells the story of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill – all the trials and tribulations he has been through over the years. Before becoming Saul Goodman, the attorney for meth smuggler Walter White, he was a small-town lawyer trying to make a name for himself – an outsider whose morals and ambitions often clash.

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You better call Saul about who we are, what others expect of us, and what we want to become. The series is a dark, funny and vividly realized masterpiece – so well-balanced and well-crafted, telling a compelling story that is quirky, dark and tragic.

The White Lotus

– Where to watch: HBO Max

– Cast: Meghann Fahy, Jennifer Coolidge, Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, Alexandra Daddario

Located in the tropical resort, The White Lotus – various guests and employees unleash their worst and most privileged impulses in the span of a week. Individuals are affected by the various dysfunctions – with each passing day, a darker complexity emerges in the perfect vacationers, cheerful employees, and idyllic locals.

A satirical drama with a twisty, compelling and uncomfortable storyline – exposes the insidious power of wealth and whiteness, and the corrosive influence of carnal desire. The series is nothing but over the top – exquisitely written dialogue, delivered in the most impressive performances from the actors.

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