10 Different Vampire Movies To Watch In October

October is horror month, and the best thing to do this month (besides going to costume parties and trick-or-treating) is to watch horror movies. We recently introduced you 10 zombie movies that moved away from the clichés that we usually see in this kind of cinema . But what if they don’t like zombies? What if his favorite monsters are another kind of undead?

By Julian Ramirez // @Sir_Laguna

Vampires are the rock stars of the horror world. Bloodsuckers took over our fantasies; we fear them, we want to be like them, they even dictated the fashion trends of entire subcultures. But they are also victims of clichés. We’ve seen all kinds of vampires in all kinds of possible stories. It doesn’t matter if they are ancient Eastern European aristocrats, souls tormented by eternal life, rebels relishing their power over humans, or romantic fantasies for teenagers, we have seen everything that the non-life of the night lords gives us. offers… or maybe not?

Here is a new list of 10 “different” vampire movies. Somehow or another they break with the stereotypes implemented by dracula, Nosferatu, The Horror Show, Interview with the Vampire, Blade, Twilight and many other popular stories. In addition, we promise that, unlike the previous list, this time most of them will not be comedies.

Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

Nosferatuthe 1922 German expressionist film, is considered one of the greatest horror works of all time… but did you ever think that the actor Max Schreck, who played the terrifying Count Orlock, was too horrifying for you? human being?

This film starring John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe narrates the events of the filming of this impressive work, but with a difference; Director FW Murnau was so obsessed with creating a realistic film, that he convinced a real vampire to participate in the production of it.

Let Me In (2008)

Oskar, a boy with a complex about the abuse he suffers from his peers and the neglect of his parents, has a new neighbor; a strange girl (apparently) her age with whom he begins a beautiful friendship relationship… but Eli is not a normal girl, and a trail of corpses forms in her wake.

This Swedish film is considered by many to be the best vampire film in the world; but beyond the presence of an immortal bloodsucker is a beautiful and violent film about a bond between two people that is as tender as it is terrifying. The pool scene is something that won’t be erased from their minds for a long time.

Vamp (2012)

This comedy from the director of No idea introduces us to two vampires who have become best friends and try to enjoy eternal youth in New York. But one of them has been in this life for more than 150 years and she is tired; she wants to leave it all behind while the other begins a relationship with a human son of a vampire hunter.

Though vamps It may seem like a silly and superficial comedy, but at its heart it is a moving look at what it means to live and the burden of doing so for a long time. The characters are likeable and it’s probably one of the most relaxed looks this century has been given to vampire history.

Thirst (2009)

The director of films as impressive as Oldboy, The Maiden, Y Wicked Ties He also made his contribution to the vampire myth in Thirstwhere a Catholic priest becomes a being that must feed on human blood in order to survive.

But far from being a film that explores the religious guilt caused by feeding on the lives of others, this film goes on an even more interesting side: that of lust. Sang-hyun, the protagonist, and Tae-Ju, the wife of his best friend, fall in love and take advantage of his supernatural nature to give free rein to his passions and desires, unleashing tragedies for themselves and for everyone. that surround them.

Daybreakers (2009)

If a vampire bites a human for food and the human turns into a vampire… what will happen when the humans run out? What will the new dominant species feed on? daybreakers is the film that explores that kind of world. What little human blood remains is controlled by corporations and scientists are desperately searching for a substitute.

With this interesting approach we have a science fiction movie like very few; and the best thing is that it does not neglect horror or violence. Some vampires become monstrous beings and the presence of blood is not lacking… a lot of blood.

Chronos (1993)

Guillermo del Toro’s first film (director of The Shape of Water Y The Pan’s Labyrinth) is also an interesting take on what it means to be a vampire. Here we meet Jesús Gris, an antiques dealer who discovers a strange mechanism that “infects” him with eternal life, but in exchange for an unbearable thirst for blood.

Chronos explores, in a much more serious way than vamps, people’s reaction to old age and the prospect of eternal life, but it also allows us to reflect on vanity and the importance of the family; The relationship between Jesus and his granddaughter is the center of this film that shows vampirism in a truly original way.

A Girl Comes Home Alone at Night (2014)

Now we are entering the field of art cinema. In this film by Iranian director Ana Lily Armipour we meet a vampire who wanders the streets of a “bad city” among drug dealers, murderers, thieves and prostitutes. The plot takes its time and the characters are complex, so it can be a movie that bores many.

Nevertheless, A girl comes home alone at night It’s a mesmerizing film, with gorgeous black-and-white cinematography and a memorable leading lady, yet only a certain class of audience will be able to fully appreciate it.

Byzantium (2012)

Neil Jordan, the director of the great Interview with the Vampire returns to tell a story of blood drinkers with a very different, specifically female approach.

In Byzantium the protagonists are a mother and her daughter, vampires who travel from one place to another fleeing from other beings of the night who want to destroy them. Both have different approaches towards their condition; the mother does not mind feeding on criminals and scum of society, while the daughter decides to help those who suffer and want to end her life.

Although at first glance it seems like another film about “the pain of the immortals who suffer for having to feed on the lives of others”, this one has a strong subtext about the suffering of women due to the manipulation of the patriarchal society. In addition, it has one of the most interesting and mysterious myths about the origin of vampires.

Only Lovers Survive (2013)

Independent director Jim Jarmush captivates us with this tale of two vampire lovers in a relationship that has spanned hundreds of years. Adam and Eve, masterfully interpreted by Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor) and Tilda Swinton (The Old Teacher in Doctor Strange), they couldn’t be more different; he is a tormented artist who is fed up with everything, while she is increasingly fascinated by the world and humans.

There is no great adventure in the development of this film, just a fascinating and very personal exploration of life (or rather, “non-life”), the way they complement each other, and the thirst for blood of these two. eternal beings.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

If you are going to see only one movie on this list, please let it be this one.

This fantastic comedy by Taika Waititi (the director of Thor: Ragnarok) is intended to be a documentary about four vampires who share a home in Wellington, New Zealand. Each one of them represents a vampiric archetype (the elegant romantic dandy, the bloody old aristocrat, the monstrous “nosferatu”, and the rebellious “bad” boy) and the way they relate to each other and to the outside world is hilarious.

But this isn’t a sneer at vampire movies; on the contrary, it is a true demonstration of love towards these types of characters and everything that has made us love and fear them through the years.

The vampire subgenre is immortal. No matter how many times we give him up for dead, he always comes back a few years later stronger than ever and with new fans ready to be bitten. As long as there are movies as smart, scary, or funny as you are, Dracula and his brood can sleep easy in their coffins.

10 Different Vampire Movies To Watch In October