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While the Halloween season is the perfect time to enjoy a horror movie, there are also plenty of horror-centric TV shows for fans to enjoy. But while the occasional scare can be a lot of fun, some of these shows were truly unsettling for fans and almost too much to handle.

Fans on Redditor highlighted some series that inspired them the most fear. Some of these shows are firmly in the horror genre while others just feature terrifying elements. Some are fictional while others are based on reality in disturbing ways. But all of those shows were almost too scary for the fans.

10/10 Are you afraid of the dark? (1990-1996)

Thinking about the shows that really threw them off, fans will usually remember certain shows from their childhood. But when you’re afraid of the dark? aimed at a younger audience, it could sometimes be scary.

The series followed a group of children who gather in the forest to tell scary stories around a campfire. While the stories vary in how creepy they are, new cowboys on Redditor remembered that they “had a few with me.”

9/10 Indemnity (2022-)

Already considered one of the best new shows of 2022, Severance is a bizarre and thoroughly compelling series that blends drama, comedy, sci-fi, and even some horror elements into a unique experience. It centers on the employees of a mysterious corporation who choose to undergo surgery that separates their consciousness in the office from their consciousness outside the office.

While the series never goes straight into horror territory, it’s an unsettling premise and the series has an eerie tone. Redditor LongFeesh found it especially scary “If you’ve ever worked in the corporate world. »

8/10 Unsolved Mysteries (1987-2002)

True crime continues to fascinate fans to this day, but there’s something even scarier about unexplained events in the real world. It’s something Unsolved Mysteries delved into as each episode tackled true stories of unexplained and mysterious events, some with a supernatural twist.

Stories can range from hard to believe to downright scary. And as if the stories weren’t enough, Redditor Bwills39 describes the mix of the theme song and the sound of host Robert Stack’s vocals as “a weird and disturbing combination.”

7/10 I Survived (2008-2015)

Another show inspired by real life is the show I Survived which dealt with people’s brushes with death. The series took interviews with real people and recreated some of the events leading up to the near-death experience.

These cases ranged from averting natural disasters to near-murder. Redditor Guy_de_Interested admits that some of the details explained they “found legitimately brutal” and left a lasting impact despite the story’s ultimate happy ending.

6/10 The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Although some believe the series would have made a better movie, The Haunting of Hill House has proven to be one of the most gripping horror stories on recent television. From modern horror master Mike Flanagan, the show follows the adult siblings of a fractured family who must come to terms with the horrors of their past.

With dramatic characters as well as unsettling supernatural elements, The Haunting of Hill House is sometimes an overwhelming experience. Redditor jlanger23 claimed it was “the first show to really piss me off.”

5/10 The Exorcist (2016-2018)

Taking on the task of telling a classic horror movie is daunting either way, but telling the story on network TV is quite the gamble. That was the take on The Exorcist, a series that followed two priests investigating demonic possessions.

The original movie is considered one of the scariest films of all time, but the series surprised many by doing justice to that story as well as the terror. Redditor EndlessMeghan admitted that they were watching “the last episodes of the first season and had to stop” after being too scared.

4/10 Chernobyl (2019)

Sometimes supernatural threats and monsters aren’t as scary as grounded, real-life horrors. Chernobyl is a limited series based on the true story of a nuclear reactor meltdown in the titular Russian city and the efforts to prevent it from turning into a bigger disaster than it was.

It’s a very human story about the real pain and terror that these people went through. Redditor SpocktorWho83 agreed that the show is “not supernatural, but still absolutely haunting” in how it portrays the victims and aftermath of such an event.

3/10 Twin Peaks (1990-2017)

David Lynch is responsible for some of the most disturbing films ever made and he hasn’t shied away from bringing his unique storytelling to television. Twin Peaks is a detective series about an investigation into the murder of a young woman in the titular city.

While this might sound like a premise fans have seen countless times, there’s so much more beneath the surface. The show returned in 2017 to great acclaim, with Redditor redcommodore admitting that there were “parts of the new season that I still don’t want to watch on my own”.

2/10 Black Mirror (2011-)

Black Mirror is another anthology series that has caught the attention of fans. The show explores how technology plays a role in society with looks into the near or distant future and some of the disturbing ways these advances can turn horrific.

While fans will debate the best episodes of Black Mirror, there are sure to be some that will bother audiences considerably. A Redditor found the series to become even more disturbing over time “because we’re going in the direction of what some of the episodes depict.”

1/10 Midnight Mass (2021)

The Haunting of Hill House wasn’t the only twisted TV horror story Mike Flanagan had in store for fans. Midnight Mass was perhaps even more acclaimed and at least as unsettling to watch.

The show is set in an isolated island community where the arrival of a new priest brings miracles and ominous omens. The show has been praised for telling a dark and compelling story without needing to be scary. Redditor Nazztradamus_ claimed that “the show disturbed my mind something fierce”.

10 scary and nightmarish TV shows, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel