10 Vampire Movies

Vampire films are more than fashionable but this theme has long been addressed in cinema. A quick look back at the most outstanding feature films*, there is something for everyone.

The Vampire Ball

Thirst, this is my bloodby Park Chan Wook (2008)

Asians are very good at the bloody kind. South Korean Park Chan Wook offers us a unique thriller in which a priest becomes a vampire after testing a vaccine. Pushing his film to the extreme, the director redoubles his efforts to make the whole thing more astonishing with each scene, without ever leaving aside this poetry which sticks to the myth of the vampire.

Interview with a Vampireby Neil Jordan (1994)

Neil Jordan takes us on a journey through time, through the eyes and thoughts of a man who has become a vampire. This cult film is an adaptation of Interview with the Vampire of Anne Rice, famous novelist of the 20th century. This film is frankly worth the detour (it’s not for nothing that it received 2 Oscars) if only for the acting (Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise in the lead) and the amazing staging, sometimes cold , sometimes warm. However, some passages are long, you have to hold on.

Draculaby Francis Ford Coppola (1992)

Ultra romantic, this Dracula shows us the despair of a man after the suicide of his fiancée. Sumptuous sets and costumes, and a perfect realization as always with Coppola. The director shows us that he excels in directing, creating a dark and erotic atmosphere that perfectly matches the melancholy and poetic vampire in the grip of loneliness. The cast is enticing (Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves, Monica Bellucci, Anthony Hopkins) and helps to make this masterpiece very special.

Walrus, by Tomas Alfredson (2008)

Straight from Sweden, Walrus amply deserved its awards at the Gérardmer Fantastic Film Festival in 2009. The film immediately stands out because it features pre-adolescents as the main characters, in an icy and dark universe. A beautiful story of friendship, despite terrible secrets, between a very marginal boy and girl.

Twilightby Catherine Hardwicke (2008)

There is something for everyone, we said. Well, what to say? A good film for young girls, nice to get an eyeful (masculine abs dotted everywhere throughout the saga), an annoying heroine unable to let go of a small smile… Aside from a few clumsy scenes of ridicule (the couple climbs trees like a little monkey, runs stupidly in the forest way little house on the prairie) it can be looked at.

Nosferatuby Friedrich-Wilhelm Murnau (1922)

Creepy and unhealthy atmosphere, pale and creepy characters… enough to have the chips, even several decades after its release. This silent black and white film has everything of a horror cinema classic and it is quite incredible to see that at the time, with few means, it was already possible to mark the spectators for life.

30 days of nightby David Slade (2006)

In a much less romantic register (not at all, in fact) we have 30 days of night. The whole thing is stressful and has good scenes of anxiety in store for us. We also appreciate the original context in which the plot takes place, a village lost in Alaska. The inhabitants are therefore alone against the enemy and it is impossible for them to escape. Enough to raise the tension a notch higher. The end remains predictable, even if efforts have been made to make it less banal.

Vampire, did you say vampireby Tom Holland (1985)

We add to the list a not exceptional horrific/comic teen-movie but which still remains in the annals of the 80s. FrightNight has an average script, an average cast, few twists, but stands out at the time with impeccable costumes and makeup that make the vampires frankly atrocious.

The Vampire Ballby Roman Polanski (1967)

Polanski signs one of the best films of his career with The Vampire Ball. Despite its age, this horrific comedy is aging well, in particular thanks to all the details that the director took care to dwell on (sets, costumes, staging, script, casting, humour, etc.).

It’s your turn to tell us about the vampire movies that have marked you the most!

This list is not a ranking*.

10 Vampire Movies – Movie Review