12 Mexican horror movies (in black and white) that you can easily find on the internet

We present these black and white Mexican horror films for you to review the most classic stage of the national horror cinema.

In Mexico we like fear. A proof of this is the mexican horror movies, which has been accused of not being as abundant compared to other films. However, it does have a notable legacy worldwide that can be seen with this selection of 12 Mexican horror movies in black and white.

This is a good opportunity for you to review the most classic and nostalgic stage of national horror cinema. It features characters such as ghosts, vampires, dark women and more that will give you long hours of entertainment, occasional laughter and… chills.

two monks (1934)

In a 19th century monastery, two monks get into a fight. As they are called to confession, each tells a different version of the same story. with a clear vein expressionistthe film directed by Juan Bustillo Gold is one of the great classics of horror made in Mexico whose influence is permanent. the famous surrealist Andre Breton praised the film, calling it “a bold and unusual experiment.”

the ghost of the convent (1934)

Guided by a mysterious monk, three friends arrive at a convent in the middle of a stormy night to ask for help. There they are received by the brothers of the Order of Silence. Eduardo is afraid to enter the building, but Cristina and Alfonso, who maintain a forbidden idyll, convince him to spend the night there. A series of supernatural events will cause the lovers to repent. This is one of the black and white Mexican horror movies that you can’t stop watching.

The mystery of the pale face (1935)

In The mystery of the pale face a doctor expresses his desire to investigate the land of Lago Negro, occupied by a hideous pale-faced tribe of people that drives away even the natives. A young woman realizes, to her terror, that the doctor is trying to marry her to the spirit of her dead son. The atmosphere of this production is one of the most oppressive in national horror cinema

The faceless man (1950)

Juan Bustillo Oro returned to the fray with The faceless manwhich tells the story of a doctor who gives up his profession because he is terrified of a murderer who kills random prostitutes. Under the hypnosis of a psychiatrist, the doctor sees the killer and kills him, but realizes that he has no face. This film could be described as the first slasher Mexican with a clear vein cinema giallo Italian.

body snatcher (1956)

In what is perhaps the first fusion of Mexican terror with wrestling, an evil scientist responsible for a series of murders captures a masked wrestler and replaces his brain with that of a gorilla, then sends the ruthless creature into the ring. This is one of the funniest black and white Mexican horror movies you’ll ever see.

The Vampire (1957)

Considered one of the great jewels of Mexican terror, The Vampire presents a twist to the vampire legend. A young woman returns home to organize her aunt’s funeral, but she soon discovers that the entire town may be infested with vampires. The Vampire is starring German Robles in the role of the bloodsucker, and Abel Salazar as a writer, actor and producer. The film is believed to be the first in which the vampire appears with long fangs.

the vampire coffin (1958)

A group of grave robbers find the coffin of a vampire. A doctor tears out the stake through the monster’s heart, bringing it back to life. Now these thieves are transformed into a kind of automata, whose only mission is kidnap beautiful women for the vampire’s pleasure. Although it does not achieve the quality of its predecessor, it is a film that cannot be missed.

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infernal dolls (1961)

Also released as The Devil Doll Men in English, infernal dolls tells the story of four men who steal a sacred idol from the temple of a voodoo doctor. In retaliation, the witch doctor unleashes an army of “dummy men” to kill the four men and their family members.

The curse of La Llorona (1961)

Based on the popular legend of La Llorona, this film tells the story of a married couple who take a carriage through a foggy and frightening rural area to meet her aunt, a strange witch with holes where her eyes used to be. Ghosts, bats, screams, spider webs and a lot of dust is what we will see in this terrifying film.

The Baron of Terror (1961)

Cult film starring Abel Salazar in the role of the baron vitelliuswho was burned at the stake by the catholic authorities in 1661 in Mexico City. Just as a comet passes by, the Baron vows to return for revenge the next time the comet passes by.

Indeed, Vitelius returns with the comet in 1961 as a normal-looking man but who transforms into a vampiric being to kill people who cross his path.

witch’s mirror (1962)

a kindly witch, Sara, charm a mirror to reveal the future. Thanks to this artifact, her boss finds out that her husband wants to kill her to go with another woman. Sara will try to save Elena with a spell not to die, however, cannot avoid it. Then the witch will decide to avenge the girl’s death with all the magical means at her disposal.


the scapular (1968)

Anyone who does not believe in the power of the mysterious scapular who owns an old woman will die. In the time of Mexican Revolution, a dying old woman sends for a priest. Before he performs her last rites, she interrupts him and tells him about a miraculous scapular that has been in her family all her life. A fundamental film to understand the evolution of Mexican horror cinema.


12 Mexican horror movies (in black and white) that you can easily find on the internet