21st century vampires

Jose Maria Leiva Leiva

Vampires “can be terrifying, beautiful, horrible, good, bad, sinister, disturbed… They all share a hunger for blood, for beauty, contempt for our society and are immortal.” Approaches to this horror cinema from the current century, and taking into account a debatable quality among them that I am not interested in referring to, since I leave it to critics and moviegoers, we find them in: “Blade II”, a 2002 superhero film starring Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson. It was directed by Guillermo del Toro and is a sequel to “Blade”, the film directed by Stephen Norrington in 1998.

Blade II”, “follows human-vampire hybrid Blade (Wesley Snipes) in his effort to protect humans from vampires, finding himself in a fierce battle against a group of extremely savage and powerful vampires, dubbed the Reapers, who seek to commit genocide. of both the human and vampire races. The Shadow Council, a group of vampires who fear for their survival and based in Prague, contact Blade to finish them off.” see Wikipedia Y filmaffinity.

In “Blade III”, directed in 2004 by David S. Goyer, “a new challenge awaits the famous hunter, Blade (Wesley Snipes), when a group of vampires succeed in resurrecting the great vampire of all vampires, Count Dracula (Dominic Purcell). Blade will start a search to kill him, but this time he will not be alone since he will have the Nightstalkers, a group of vampire hunters made up of Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) and her partner Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds), Together they will start a new battle vampiric”. https://www.sensacine.com/

Underworld”, is a series of science fiction and action cinema films created by Len Wiseman, Patrick Tatopoulos, Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein. The first film (2003), tells the story of Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a lycanthrope hunter, who pursues Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), a doctor, a human, himself, persecuted by the lycanthropes. Selene will try to find out why they are after her and will end up revealing a plot against the vampires as well as a terrible truth about Viktor (Bill Nighy), her creator and murderer of her family. They are followed by: Underworld: The Evolution (2006); Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009); Underworld: The Awakening (2012), and Underworld: Blood Wars (2016).

Van Helsing: The Monster Hunter”. It is a 2004 American film directed by Stephen Sommers, whose main character is closely inspired by the character of the Dracula novel, Doctor Abraham van Helsing. It stars Hugh Jackman (as Van Helsing), Kate Beckinsale (as Anna Valerious), David Wenham (Carl, Van Helsing’s assistant monk), and Richard Roxburgh (Count Dracula). The special effects of the film are the product of the company Industrial Light & Magic.

“In the Carpathians is the mysterious and mythical region of Transylvania, where the Evil that is present when the sun sets lives, and where the monsters that star in the nightmares of men take shape. Sent by the Vatican, Van Helsing begins his fight there against Count Dracula and the creatures under his control. (filmaffinity).

Twilight”, is a 2008 American romantic fantasy film based on the 2005 novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the film stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. It is the first film in the film series. Twilight the saga. This film focuses on the development of the relationship between Bella Swan / Kristen Stewart (a teenager) and Edward Cullen / Robert Pattinson (a vampire), and the subsequent efforts of Edward and his family to keep Bella safe from a group of evil vampires”. Wikipedia. It is followed by 4 more parts: “New Moon” (2009); “Eclipse” (2010), “Sunrise” (part one, 2011) and “Sunrise” (second part, 2012).

Priest. The Avenger”. It is a film adaptation of “Centaurs of the desert”, by John Ford (1956) replacing the Indians with vampires, based on the manhwa (Korean comic of the same name), directed by Scott Stewart in 2011 and starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Karl Urban, Maggie Q, Lily Collins, and Christopher Plummer (as Monsignor Orelas). Wikipedia.

Its argument is set in a post-apocalyptic world “ravaged by centuries of war between man and vampires, where a legendary warrior (Bettany) who stood out during the last Vampire War, has become a priest who lives in community in the walled Church-controlled cities. However, when his young niece Lucy/Lily Collins (who is actually his daughter) is kidnapped by a group of vampires living in the wastelands, the priest breaks his sacred vows and sets out on his quest, determined to take revenge on them, especially of its brutal leader (Karl Urban). He is accompanied on this adventure by the girl’s boyfriend (Gigandet), a sheriff, and a priestess (Maggie Q) who belongs to the legion of vampire slayers and possesses supernatural combat skills. (filmaffinity).

Dark Shadows”. It is an American supernatural drama comedy film, based on the gothic television series Dark Shadows, directed by Tim Burton in 2012 and starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green and Chloë Moretz among others. “In 1752, the Collins and their son Barnabas set sail from Liverpool for America to rid themselves of the mysterious curse that hangs over their family. Over the years, Barnabas (Johnny Depp), an unrepentant playboy, becomes a rich and powerful man who makes the mistake of breaking Angelique Bouchard’s (Eva Green) heart. She, who is a witch, condemns him to a fate worse than death: she turns him into a vampire and buries him alive. Two centuries later, in 1972, Barnabas manages to get out of his tomb and finds himself in an unrecognizable world”.

21st century vampires